Thoroughbreds 123movies – Watch Thoroughbreds full movie online free

Watch Thoroughbreds full movie online free – This film is incredbily entertaining and intriguing from beginning to end. Our two lead actresses both give fantastic performances, as wealthy teenage girls from suburban Connecticut. The story unfolds in a very interesting way and the ending left me satisifed. The cameraweork is stunning, and the direction is great, especially for a directorial debut. It manages to be both comedic and dark and balances the tone quite well. There is one plot line including Anton Yelich that I would have liked to see wrapped up a little better, but it definietely does not take away from the overall enjoyment of the film. This film is intriguing and brings a much-needed spin to a genre that often produces subpar films. You should definitely go watch Thoroughbreds, you will not be dissapointed.

Thoroughbreds 123movies – Watch Thoroughbreds full movie online free

Thoroughbreds review by MartinHafer – Quite chilling….

Jill (Anya Taylor-Joy) seems to have it all…a huge and ultra- expensive home, an expensive prep school education and more. Why, exactly, she’s tutoring Amanda (Olivia Cooke) is uncertain…as it isn’t like she needs the money. And, the pair seem incredibly mismatched. Jill looks like a cover model for Young Debutante Magazine while Amanda is clearly mentally ill…but not in a conventional sense. Instead she has a cluster of personality disorders…most likely an Antisocial Personality and a Schizoid Personality. This means that she doesn’t particularly like people…nor does she hate them. She is disconnected and has learned to pretend she has normal emotions but down deep she simply doesn’t care about others. But, oddly, the pair finally do begin bonding…and Jill would like her antisocial friend to give her advice on how to murder her step-father!

Apart from being Anton Yelchin’s final film, it’s well worth watching because it shows a very rare sort of person…but one who does exist out there and could potentially be a danger to others. Fascinating throughout with some standout performances…my only quibble, and it’s a little one, is that the resolution at the end seemed a bit hard to believe…entertaining but hard to believe.

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Thoroughbreds review by Elicopperman – A Unique Take on the Teen Thriller Genre

Ever wondered what you would get if you mixed American Psycho and Heathers? Well, this movie Thoroughbreds has answered said question, as new comer writer & director Corey Finley brings an all around unsettling albeit subtly humorous tale of two childhood friends, upper class Lily and sharp witted social outcast Amanda, who debate try to solve each others problems, no matter the cost. Along with a sharp screenplay and well directed moments of suspense, the actors really drive the film with how much depth and motivation they display. The film itself feels like a play from its structure, and it works from how simple and unpredictable the plot is.

Anya Taylor Joy and Olivia Cooke have excellent chemistry together as Lily and Amanda, merely from how they reconnect after years of being apart. Although different personality wise, the subtle humor derives from said contrasts, such as Cooke’s dry hilarity and emotionless stature, and Taylor-Joy’s conflicting role as a young woman trying to cope with her terrible step-father. Many scenes consist of the two, and while slow at times, they really help make the audience uncertain in how they’ll remind friends. Despite that, their friendship is genuine, and while the content is dark, the film surprisingly handles the gruesome parts offscreen. In an age where horror directors try to be shocking for the hell of it, Finley respects the audience enough to keep them disturbed without going too far when not needed.

As for the acting, Anya Taylor-Joy does a splendid job adding in angst and frustration to a rich girl who debates whether she wants to get rid of her step father, and it’s great how she gets them out from her interactions with Olivia Cooke who triggers emotional stigmas in her. Also, Cooke feels quite reminiscent to Winona Ryder’s Veronica Sawyer from her distraught presence, and even Anton Yelchin (sadly in his last role) practically screams Christian Slater’s J.D. from the unanticipated layers within Tim that he delivers. Some of the funniest moments come from his interactions with Amanda and Lily, but even then he shows signs of humanity when getting in their troubled situations. Paul Sparks keeps his role rather nuanced while coming off as condescending and bitter, and it’s not hard to root for Lily to get rid of him.

The actual humour is much more subtle than one would imagine, especially compared to the off the wall ludicrousness of Heathers. Where Heathers strove for campiness, Thoroughbreds chooses to keep things subdued and practical, which fits in the realistic tension between the arches between Lily and Amanda. Even the music score by Erik Freidlander comes off as eerie without screaming itself out, as it balances the realistic albeit creepy tone of the film when needed, aided by well shot scenes that add quiet gloominess and tension.

Finally, the film is only ninety minutes long, making it’s goal short, sweet and straight to the point. Too many films today run longer than needed, but this movie knows how long it needs and it keeps the momentum moving at just the right length, even if some moments are a little slow. And that’s the best way to describe this movie, subtle, slow, and entertaining enough without going too overboard or too long in its tone or length. While not the greatest teen drama, Thoroughbreds offers enough quiet atmosphere, amusing moments, and solid interactions with splendid actors to keep audiences enticed to wonder what will happen. By bringing us into a world of sterile mansions and girls who want to put the law into their own hands to add something new in their life, this film will definitely mark as a solid directorial debut for Corey Finley as he progresses with his tropes and characters to make even better films in the future.

Thoroughbreds review by bryanberrios96 – Strong Plot, slow storytelling

The concept of the movie is amazingly strong, and probably something that this generation of movies haven’t seen before, however the overuse of stablishing shots made the storytelling slow and a bit boring even though what was happening is extremely entertaining. It is still one of my favorite movies from 2018.

Thoroughbreds review by tspeight2000 – Amazing, Funny, Sad, Intense movie.

I was a little hesitant going into this movie at first. I thought that it may be one of those movies that tries too hard to be “cool” by having sped up footage or weird editing that tries to make the film seem more fast pace and other things that I won’t get in to. However this movie tell’s it’s story in a 4 chapter structure that actully really helps elevate the movie and each chapter leads up to something while also being what the previous chapter before it is setting up.

The Visuals in this movie are amazing, I’m surprised that this is Cory Finely’s first movie! He has a very cool style of directing and I’m looking forward to see what he does in the future.

Some things that I don’t like in this movie is the way the background themes are brought back up at the end it’s very subtle yet overbearing at the same time because a lot of it was not even remotely hinted at throughout the movie. Also a lack of character arcs from our 2 amazing lead actresses Anya Taylor-Joy and Olivia Cooke who did amazing jobs. The only thing that we remotely get to a character arc is hearing how they were in the past which works very well and sits well with me, but it only happens little throughout the span of the movie.

Many people going to see this expecting Heathers or Mean Girls will be disappointed, this is a much more smart movie than you typical edgy teen drama.

Thoroughbreds review by raven-sirius – NOT Heathers… Thoroughbreds.

Fantastic. An exploration of teen Sociopathy in today’s elitist and entitled upper middle class America. This film has angst in abundance which leads to coloured boundaries of wrong and right, avoidance being the method of dealing with many tropes of teendom, choosing to focus on the concept of absentee parenting and security.

This is a beautiful film. It looks good. Cinematography is of highest standard and the presentation of concept is rich. Powerful moments like the opening scene, or the outdoor chess board, live in the mind long after the gate clear and lights are out.

I did like this movie but for the last line being unbelievable to the maximum of credulity. It would be 8 stars, but for that line.

Thoroughbreds review by SnoopyStyle – coldly deadly

In upper class Connecticut, Amanda (Olivia Cooke) arrives at former classmate Lily Reynolds (Anya Taylor-Joy)’s mansion for a study session. Amanda reveals her inability to connect emotionally and Lily had actually been paid by Amanda’s mother for a playdate. When Amanda suggests killing Lily’s annoying stepdad, Lily ends the session. Lily had been kicked out of school and her stepdad is forcing her into a boarding school for troubled teens. In frustration, she accepts Amanda’s suggestion and blackmails struggling drug dealer Tim (Anton Yelchin) to do the killing.

The cold deadpan delivery of both leads gives this an unique emotional disconnection. There is a character discovery as to how damaged these girls actually are. The drawback is that the style leaves the energy at a lower level. The actresses’ deliberately flat performances is a hurdle to overcome. In the climax, there is an opportunity for a gruesome violent murder scene but the movie avoids it for either stylistic reason or filmmaking simplification. It would help to have the climax blow up in an explosion of violence. I found one scene being hilariously funny and I would like more humor. This is a terrific movie although it could still be better.

Thoroughbreds review by ryanbartlett-870-746486 – A strange movie, with strange characters, and a unique perspective.

The best description of this movie is just that, strange. With characters that bring high levels of awkwardness, and a direction that brings a unique and sometimes unsteady feeling to this awkwardness, Thoroughbreds lives right here. Olivia Cooke and Anya Taylor-Joy bring their best acting performances and truly embody who their characters are. The bring together the ability to show such little emotion that you would think they were robots, which really had to be difficult. Including long periods without blinking and not movie subtly at all. This was definitely an acting masterpiece. The story in itself is just as strange. A film where the plot is to kill your stepfather, but a movie that doesn’t show a dastardly plot and a team to think it out, or really any motivation to commit the crime other than they didn’t like him. It was truly strange, and truly you had no idea what was going to happen next, because the movie would continually break all of the “rules” that we have come to know and follow.

Thoroughbreds review by Smallclone100 – Well executed, well written thriller.

I enjoyed it quite a bit. It dissects teen happiness, or the lack of it in a wealthy suburb of Connecticut. There’s a lot to like about the Hitchcockian plot and camerawork with Director Cory Finley straying away from your normal teen drama and instead opting for a clever, intriguing style full of wry humour and aloofness. One scene in particular is brilliantly directed with a long slow zoom that cranks up the tension.

Anya Taylor Joy and Olivia Cooke are both brilliant as the young privileged teens who try to hatch a murder plot. And the script is really engaging. It’s been described as ‘Heathers’ meets ‘American Psycho’, which is pretty much on the mark. There are a few moments that don’t quite stack up and a little too much ‘trope’ comes into play at certain points but this is Cory Finley’s debut film, and there’s enough here to suggest he’s got some fine Directing chops.

Thoroughbreds review by Ryanjeffreymatheson – Watch out for Cory Finley

I’ve never written a review on here but this film urged me to. I’m going to keep this short and simple. Amazing performances by Anya Taylor-Joy, Anton Yelchin and most of all Olivia Cooke. I was compelled by the two lead’s chemistry as well as Finley’s direction. The Kubrik-esque tracking shots were delightful and the story was original. The first act was slow in my opinion but the pacing picked up soon after. Initially, the ending seemed as if it would disappoint but ultimately did not. I’ve been wanting to catch this flick for months and finally got to watching it and I was pleasantly surprised. I DEFINITELY recommend. Watch out for Finley’s next move. I’m sure he will surprise.

Thoroughbreds review by ok_english_bt – a puzzling film … but very watchable

Don’t waste your time getting hung up over the morality of ‘Thoroughbreds’ … I think I’d worked out the point of it all by the end, but the main thing is the unusual storyline and relationship between the girls. Leads Anya Taylor-Joy and Olivia Cooke both aced it playing spoilt and messed-up Connecticut high school majors, and were ably supported by the other cast members, particularly Anton Yelchin as Tim, a hapless, small-time hustler trying to move in the same ivy leagues. I hadn’t put two and two together about Yelchin’s accident in 2016 (when the film was finished). It’s such an amazing performance by the actor, sort of heartfelt and funny at the same time, what a tragic loss!

Anyway, my advice, for what it’s worth, is not to puzzle too much over this film, watch and enjoy!

Thoroughbreds review by rockman182 – Thoroughbreds (2018)

This one is kind of the under the radar dark comedic thriller that came, and not many people heard of. I saw the trailer for this and wanted to make it a mission to see it. Two young teenage girls with psychopathic tendencies? Count me in. After watching this film, I am satisfied although it was a bit below par of the expectations I had. Which is perfectly fine, as its quite a solid little work and an impressive debut for Cory Finley.

The film is about a girl named Lily who spends time with her schoolmate Amanda. Lily realizes that Amanda has no emotion; she does not feel empathy, happiness, and can fake cry using “the technique.” Lily hates her stepfather who is emotionally abusive. Lily and Amanda decide to plan the murder of the stepfather and even go as far as to enlist the help of a small time drug dealer through blackmail. Of course, things aren’t as easy as it seems and the plan is problematic.

Finley’s film doesn’t exactly tread any ground that film lovers like me haven’t seen before but it does a lot right. The film is stylistically alluring in the way that its shot and the way it portrays a dark and somber atmosphere. This is also complimented by a jarring score. Anya Taylor-Joy and Olivia Cooke are already budding young actresses and it is no surprise that both are in tune in Thoroughbreds. The film has violent events occur but never really depicts those scenes which keeps the film clean despite its very dark nature.

Rich people and their problems at full display here. Its slow and slightly funny but is a fun watch nonetheless. It was also nice to see Anton Yelchin here in his abrupt final film role. I don’t expect a whole many people to have heard of or go out of their way to watch this film. Its great though. Something that may have a cult status in a few years and something I might want to re-visit. Side note, the film posters for this film are phenomenal.

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