Hotel Artemis putlockers – Watch Hotel Artemis full movie online free

Watch Hotel Artemis full movie online free – Great to see Jodi Foster and Jeff Goldblum! Foster gives a gritty performance in this surreal comic book film meets Tarantino mashup. Although it borrows from a few other stylistic films and directors it’s all put together in an original and appealing way with several clever twists and turns. Supporting cast are all fun to watch especially Sofia Boutella and Sterling K. Brown.

Hotel Artemis putlockers – Watch Hotel Artemis full movie online free

Hotel Artemis review by Subxerogravity – Original Plot in a concept I’ve seen before makes for an odd film that you have to get use to.

You seen this story before. Especially if you seen John Wick. Hotel Artemis is just like the Continental, it’s a complete safe heaven for the criminal element of the city.

The concept is different as it takes place in a very near future in which society has broken down in LA and there is rioting in the streets, and the Hotel is a Hi-tech hospital (by 2018 standards anyway) for any criminals with the right health insurance.

Honestly, the future dystopian plot does not do much to help the story or making the film that much more interesting (in comparison if it took place in the present). I feel like they did a weak job trying to bring originality to a story I’ve seen before.

At first I thought that the film was going to be an anthology with many different stories, but everything was intertwine and connected together including the all-star cast that was kinda wasted on this film. All except Dave Bautista who was amazing in this film. He does not do much action in a movie that could have used him hitting things hard as much as possible, but honestly his abilities as an actor are impressive for a wrestler, so much that he’s still worth seeing without the wrestling moves.

Someone tried to make Pulp Fiction and Reservoir dogs, but was so focus on trying to come up with something original that they forgot the basic core. It is an original idea, I give it that and that’s worth a lot, but it could have been more entertaining.

Hotel Artemis review by CANpatbuck3664 – Great Concept, Compelling Characters, Solid Screenwriting and Mixed Execution

The biggest star of Hotel Artemis is the central premise. The Nurse (Jodie Foster) and her orderly Everest (Dave Bautista) run an exclusive hospital for criminals. This leads to an interesting clientele including a bank robber named Waikiki (Sterling K. Brown) and his brother Honolulu (Brian Tyree Henry), an assassin named Nice (Sofia Boutella) and an angry/arrogant arms dealer named Acapulco (Charlie Day). Taking place in the near future during large riots over water prices, the place is a fortress under the guise of being a hotel. I loved this idea even if its similar to the Continental in the John Wick franchise. These extreme and dangerous characters bouncing off each other was what made the movie fun. They’re almost trapped together and each is used to being the alpha male/female so there’s lots of tension. Each character is unique and has their own motivation and with the arrival of the Wolf King (Jeff Goldblum) imminent, this leads them into making dangerous decisions to escape what should be their sanctuary. I thoroughly enjoyed spending time with all of these people even if I wouldn’t want to be in the same room with them in real life. Hotel Artemis reminded me a lot of a 2016 movie named Free Fire, most of the characters are awful people trying to escape an unbelievable situation (Hotel Artemis is in the noir genre where Free Fire was more action oriented).

I was surprised that Hotel Artemis wasn’t set in modern day. The movie doesn’t fit into the science fiction genre but there effectively use some fragments of it. The characters are stuck in the Artemis because of riots over water shortages, that’s not impossible in the future if you’ve been following the news about the drought in California. They also automate a lot of the medical procedures and are using 3D printers to produce organs, this may not be available now but again, its not as far away as you think. There’s a lot of creativity when it comes to finding out how this hospital would work and I appreciated the thought that went into it. Add in that the production design was great and you have an appropriately grimy movie with imagination and solid cinematography.

If you love movies, I think you’re going to see the names in this cast and be a little intrigued. You’ve got some TV stars in Sterling K. Brown, Charlie Day and Brian Tyree Henry and some memorable character actors from summer blockbusters in Dave Bautista, Jeff Goldblum, and Sofia Boutella. At the centre is Jodie Foster as Nurse and I was really impressed with the work she did here. I thought she vanished into the character and performed well in a very atypical role for her. I thought Sterling K. Brown was great, his performance was so good I was wondering how he hasn’t become a leading man in film yet. Sofia Boutella is playing a role suited to her as Nice but she does it well. She also gets a decent action scene toward the end. Charlie Day is also good at playing a scumbag and while his character’s arrogance was irritating and I got tired of him shouting all his lines, that was the intended effect. Dave Bautista continues to grow as an actor and he actually had a lot of chemistry with Jodie Foster. Jeff Goldblum was pretty solid in an all too brief appearance and Jenny Slate was fine despite her character being lacklustre.

Getting to what I didn’t like about Hotel Artemis, there are times I think the script for this really shines but there are points of more mixed execution. There are some really funny jokes but there are just as many times where the jokes or the dialogue falls flat. Hotel Artemis also has some characters that feel tacked on. I liked Jenny Slate’s performance and I appreciated Zachary Quinto trying something different but their characters both could have been cut out of the plot. They also hype up the arrival of the Wolf King but his screen time is short and considering all the buildup, his arc fizzles instead of working like other parts of the Hotel Artemis plot.

Hotel Artemis features a great premise, some interesting characters and committed performances. It falters at points, the trailers sold a bunch of action that is barely present and I didn’t think Hotel Artemis fully delivered on the potential it had. But I still enjoyed Hotel Artemis way more than I didn’t, I think it stands out from similar titles (namely John Wick) and the focus on the characters pays off. It’s a fun noir romp with some sci-fi touches thrown in. If you think the trailers are interesting or looking for something more low-key to take a break from blockbuster season, I would definitely recommend this.

Hotel Artemis review by ryanbartlett-870-746486 – An under the radar, high budget thriller that reaped rewards

Due to the very little marketing that Hotel Artemis has put out, you don’t really know what this film was going to be, you just knew that they had some great actors of both old and new. A film that pulled Jodie Foster back into the spotlight and paired her with the recent super success of Sterling K. Brown. They both brought their stuff and embodied these very rule-driven characters. Hotel Artemis puts together a group of people who by nature are the same because they are criminals, but as people they are all unique with their own agendas and their own guidelines. Each criminal had their own code that they lived by, and Hotel Artemis asked the question of what happens when you put so many different codes into a chaotic situation. Who breaks their code first? And what happens if everyone follows through with their own personal agendas? Lots of questions that brought a unique twist of criminals. When everyone is innately a “criminal” and not a good character, what makes the difference between the “good” people and the “bad” people. The cast also delivered. Each character was perfectly casted for their role, with Dave Bautista being the muscle man we know him to be, Sterling k. Brown the hardship-stricken family man, and Zachary Quinto as an naive “tough” guy. The only one who was probably not the best choice was Charlie Day, who just isn’t believable as a tough, evil villain. He is too much of a clown to be taken very seriously. The true masterpiece was Jodie Foster who became a nervous wreck, loving nurse who lived by strong values but broke them every once and a while. It’s a shame that people aren’t flocking to see this movie, but it will definitely be a movie to be revisited for not just the sheer magnitude of the cast, but also by the unique perspective and thrilling story line.

Hotel Artemis review by esweet-154-191260 – Decent theatre experience, wrapped up a little too predictably.

As a cinephile who prefers theatrical experiences over sitting at home, the movie is good enough to warrant that extra money. Movies out are a chance to get away from it all, suspend any disbelief and go along for a ride that some truly creative folks built for us. This movie does a decent job of that. The hotel set itself is well resolved with just enough grunge tech mixed with sci-fi high end equipment (I don’t want to spoil anything) to keep it fun to look at. It has a Coen brothers Barton Fink fused with Terry Gilliam’s Brazil sort of feel. The original fixtures are Art Deco and then, with the decay of ‘everything civilized’, the building has been maintained only as needed to serve its purpose, its perfect. The beginning is well paced, you are introduced to the chaos of the outside world with just enough of a storyline to get you to the receiving doors of the hotel. Characters all arrive on screen with an orderly almost metronome tempo, each with enough backstory development to keep you entertained. The set is complimented by the wardrobe design which is current and matches the roleplayers they adorn. Characters anonymity is done in a slick way and we quickly understand membership and the rules of the day, (some John Wick echoes here) and just as that is settled the main plot line kicks into gear. Jodie Foster plays her role effortlessly, perhaps too much so, it feels like there is some complex character development left on the editing room floor. She delivers though, and so do the others. Bautista manages to shed typecast expectations. Sofia Boutella has grown as an actor and does a great job having lost her go-to bag of angry eye facial expressions, her action sequences are plausible which is refreshing given some of the incessantly over the top moves seen in other 2018 flicks. Sterling K Brown is perfect, Goldblum too sheds his Jurassic Park trademark vocal style. All in all, the movie has the right ingredients to be fantastic. I recommend seeing it, absolutely, if you’re a movie buff, see it on a big screen. Where it under delivers is with the transition of Fosters character being in control to everything going sideways. It happens too quickly. There is a lot more room left to develop disdain for the bad guys. It just sort of shifts from fairly tight to fairly predictable and it sort of methodically roles along winding down from there. It got my 7 of 10 for its finish, feel and editing, without that it would warrant maybe a six. Better than average for the genre.

Hotel Artemis review by Pinemaples – Getting in is easier than getting out.

Hotel Artemis, clearly a passion project, is exactly my type of movie. It has pacing problems and a couple scenes seem to just interrupt each other with little reason, but this movie isn’t looking to win any awards for editing. Fans of 2012’s Dredd and the John Wick movies know just what to expect here. Style and flair bleed out of the sci-fi/art deco walls of the Artemis, and each character, with their lines full of charming and witty dialogue, is played to perfectly meet the respective actors’ personal strengths: Dave Bautista as the soft-spoken powerhouse, Charlie Day as the loudmouthed oaf, Sofia Boutella as the graceful assassin. Not bad at all for Drew Pearce’s directorial debut, and I hope I can continue to expect things from him just as unabashedly fun as this.

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