Dear White People fandango – Watch Dear White People full movie online free

Watch Dear White People full movie online freeThis show (the original) was meant to cause controversy. There are moments when it can be hurtful to both blacks, whites and freedom of expression. Sometimes this show makes me feel not black enough and other times it rips my blinders off. I think right wings shouldn’t watch this because if they are not racist they will get angry or shut down these dialogue sensitive shows.

Dear White People fandango – Watch Dear White People full movie online free

Dear White People review by Morkhaz – Great series, great actors, wrong message.

I must say I -really- enjoyed the series, even though there´s *LOADS* of sex scenes. (More than Game of thrones…) The acting was great, I enjoyed each person.

However this series brings up a lie, which is called White privilege and how it’s “still in effect this day 2017 and onward” As I must remind you that if you listen, the kids are being so racist even towards themselves and it’s just magically ok. Had a white person said so many racial slurs this would´ve been dubbed “White supremacist” film.

For the uneducated in today political propaganda here´s what this series is what the series is trying to do.

That it´s still a problem to this day (even though it is easier being colored getting a job than you get as a white, same goes with health care and so on) why is this? Because White people have been Bashed for years on this topic, soon 100. So what these groups are doing is very racist. Bottom line, Anyone can be racist, but people of color are “above” that law. (Not everyone´s racist, just like white people) So how do we counter this soon the easiest way without reenacting old roots? Peaceful conversations from both sides, non violent.

Dear White People review by iggylopez-14866 – Give it a watch. WARNING this show my trigger you

Despite the overwhelming criticism this show has gotten, I would like to say that it really says a lot about you than it does to the show. The trailer dropped and obviously, triggered snowflakes won’t take the “black lives matter and white people are bad” agenda but really it’s not like that – it was intentional, though. Dear White People highlights certain points about black people in general, including white people and does give a broad issue on both sides. I think this is an interesting watch and think you should give this show a chance before you judge this material.

Dear White People review by maurits-donga – Great series to understand and overcome cultural insensitivities.

I see a lot of hateful reviews from white people claiming that this show is somehow related to a liberal or Social Justice Warrior agenda. This shows exactly why these shows are needed, because some white people rather than taking things at face value and then discuss possible implications, would rather insinuate a hidden agenda and undermine the message by slandering the effort.

This show is an eye-opener in that white people need to understand that their entire society, history and culture is structured around them and that though we as society have moved forward, we still have a lot of inequalities that we need to solve by acknowledging them and solving them.

The show gives insight into the struggles and fears people of colour deal with and just because we white people don’t experience that, it doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.

Dear White People review by Antonbeletskiy – Eucational and deserving, despite an average script and acting.

A brief look at the comments section says more than any number of reviews could. The simple fact that despite availability of information in our age, people still fail to listen to and understand basic truths, concepts, and perspectives of underprivileged is rather disappointing.

This show is full of stereotypes and social constructs that fill up the contemporary discourse, and while it might feel distasteful at times to a particularly pedantic viewer, it still makes total sense. Shockingly, a lot of people (pointing at the 1-star reviews) fail to understand the nature and roots of these concepts, and are unable to interpret them in an appropriate socio-cultural and political context. Even more importantly, this shows, in a surprisingly adept fashion, exposes the ideologies that serve to sweep undesirable topics under the rug, protecting them from critical analysis under a false facade of “self-segregation” or “political correctness”. Despite “knowing” and “understanding” the concepts around which this show is built, I still feel like I’ve gotten something educational and inspirational out of it. This might be only a perspective of an eastern-European white, but I think that shows and movies like that are what we need more of, until we see real changes in our societies and their treatment of history, desire for self-reflection, and drive to learn on past mistakes.

To summarize, if you are willing to listen and learn, while forgiving an average writing and acting for a far more important exercise in social discourses and rogue ideologies that plague “modern” societies, then this show is for you. If, however, you are insecure, easily hurt by the grain of truth, and unwilling to critically examine the structures built to condition your thinking and behavior, then you can choose to stay in the bubble or even cancel your Netflix subscription as many commenters here decided to do, lol.

Dear White People review by Adamfultn – Decent, thoughtful and semi funny

I’ve been seeing quite a bit of hate about this show. How it demonises white people, how it never well represented a culture. I need to disagree for a few reason. I will firstly start by saying, I’m white, 23 and Scottish. So this isn’t a culture I’m all too familiar with barring cinema and television.

I’ll start by addressing the fact people have been saying it demonises white people. From the characters point of view, the events of the series merit this. I’ll repeat, FROM THE CHARACTERS POINT OF VIEW. That’s exactly what this, a point of view. It’s not demonising anyone, it’s showing the viewer how the characters felt, and apparently done a fantastic job at it.

The culture this represented was a very small culture, it wasn’t representative of every single black person in the world, but instead a small collective within in an Ivy League, mainly white school. Not even every Ivy League school, but a specific one. A fictional(I think) one.

This show really had quite a lot of great points. Some of the characters were greatly empathetic, others loathsome. It took the classic “I’m a student in college” movie and gave it a wee twist, not a super original twist but a twist. It had until moments, endearing moments, cringeworthy moments, intense and dramatic moments. Some good acting and a decent story.

I ended up watching the full first season in one night. Not because I was entranced in the story but because it’s easy, decent watching.

I’d recommend this show, it’s not really an “eye-opener” but it doesn’t bring up some interesting points that are very relevant in today’s society.

Again, take this show for what it is. A TV show about college students. Enjoy it. Cya

Dear White People review by Karessewilkey – A politically charged and passionate show

I am shocked at the number of bad user reviews on here left for this show! All the people talking about “reverse racism” are exactly the problem and seem to be missing the point. Just because not all white people are like this doesn’t mean that some or a lot aren’t. And saying the show is “generalizing” in that arena just takes away from the voices that are already not being heard. This show does a good job of voicing racial problems in America from POC point of view, even if only from Ivy League students (aka richer) stand point. Does this show get passionate and show some white people as beyond ignorant and plain uncaring? Yes. Is this representative of a lot of white people in America? Yes. This show goes into the politics of being black in a white-dominated country. The focus on a specific character per episode is really interesting and a unique way to draw the audience into their stories and backgrounds and how it relates to where they are now. The one thing I can say that I found a little disappointing is that the main female lead is lighter skinned, which in a way takes away from the theme a little. But it does highlight how it feels to be half black, etc and how this is a race issue in itself when it comes to feeling as part of a social in group. Definitely give this show a try and maybe try to learn something even!

Dear White People review by Brianggrieco – See all those 1 star reviews?

They pretty much tell you everything you need to know about this show: truth hurts and is hard to embrace. If you are racist, you will cry about this show just as hard as all those one star reviews you saw.

So apparently I have to write more ’cause “My review is too short”. Not much to say. Great story telling, great acting. Real world issues being dealt with. Contrary to what the one star reviews here say, actually makes almost every character in the show human and relatable.

But really all you need to know is that a bunch of people got offended by the title and another bunch just watched the first five minutes of the pilot and decided to use that to justify their being offended by the title. Which one are you?

Dear White People review by Jack Doyle – Funny and thoughtful

I’m really surprised by the low ratings and poor reviews on here. The show is funny and thoughtful. The show is an improvement on the film.

The film had a disjointed episodic structure. So it is much better suited a serial format. The performances are strong and similar to the arrested development series Netflix made each episode focuses on a different character delving into their back stories. This really helps shows each characters experience of race.

This format also helps with some of the issues the show looks at it. Which I think the show handles extremely well. There is no one portrayed as a villain and there is no character I left the show disliking. There is a really good scene in the 5 episode where Reggie’s white friend sings the N-word as he sings along to the song. Reggie isn’t militant and just as casually as he can ask his friend to stop. As you watch the scene unfold you can see how a misunderstanding and the quickness to take offence can lead to conflict.

The show has it’s issues, some of the choices in terms of edits etc portray inexperience, and there was one particular jarring scene in episode 5 were a group of people start talking directly to the camera, The show hadn’t really pushed on the 4th wall at all up until that point so it pulled me out of the episode a bit.

I would advise anyone get past the title and actually watch it, its enjoyable comedy trying to tackle complex issues.

Dear White People review by Workingwonderland – Brings attention to the issues

If you are bothered by this show, I’m going to assume that (a)you are the very reason this needed to be made and that (b) you only watched one episode and got mad because you don’t like the reality that it is making you face. I was lucky that I was born light skin enough to look like a white person, but that doesn’t change that I can see very clearly the truth in what this show brings forward. I don’t give a rip about what someone’s skin color is but the fact that I don’t, doesn’t mean that there aren’t still a LOT of people who do care about something so petty as pigmentation. Racism is still rampant and this show brings the issues to view in a very good and helpful way if you are just willing to open your eyes, ears, and heart to the problems that exist outside of your own world. I watched all the episodes in one day because I couldn’t get enough of how well they talk about the issues, from multiple perspectives.

Dear White People review by gamer-18475 – Don’t Listen to the haters

This show gets undue criticism for its title, for it’s content, but not for it’s writing or it’s message. The show is funny, poignant, and knows exactly who it’s for. If you look at the title and say it’s race baiting maybe you need to have a good long look in the mirror. Maybe try watching the show before you post a 1 star review when it deserves so much more than that.

I’ve seen so many other “reviews” talking about how the show treats black and white as monolithic entities that can’t have deviation, which to me says that you didn’t actually watch. Every character has a different point of view for what race, sexuality, and gender mean to them.

When you say, we’re all just people you’re forgetting the hundreds of years that black people in America were treated as less than people. You’re forgetting the the Jim Crow laws that made them less than whites. You’re forgetting the government policies and cultures that still make them less than. So please check your privilege and enjoy the show.

Dear White People review by Mbuyna – Could not stop watching.

Loved this series. Forced me to think about a topic that I had limited knowledge on and even do some additional research outside of its comedic/ drama basis. Would highly recommend to anyone. (Take these 1 star reviews with a grain of salt, and on that note, mine as well as I generally like most shows. Watched the entire season in a binge though so it’s definitely up there with some of my favorites.)

Dear White People review by mfrey2005 – The reviews for this show are the reason this show is important

I’ve never left a review on IMDB, but the ones that appear for this show called for one. Due to the nature of the show, I was curious to check it’s ratings and reviews, and was not surprised by the regressive, narrow-minded, “all lives matter” rhetoric that’s been posted. For those who say that what’s depicted “would never happen in real life”, wake up. I’m caucasian, and have not suffered many of the situations shown in the show (being held at gunpoint for no valid reason, been called inflammatory names, suffered bias because of my skin color, etc….) and yet, I’m able to recognise much of what goes in the show as reflections of what is currently going on in the USA. The show deals with important subjects (also being a women or gay in our contemporary society for example) and does so with humour, drama and great acting.

If you don’t like the show itself, fine, everyone is entitled to their opinion, but don’t pretend it isn’t painfully relevant.

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