Brockmire 123movies – Watch Brockmire full movie online free

Watch Brockmire full movie online free – So nice to see Hank Azaria’s talents being showcased in the perfect setting! Amanda Peet does a fantastic job as well! In fact, you can really see great talent in the entire cast and even day players! The writing will have you rewinding again and again because you missed a great one-liner and;or want to hear it again! You don’t have to be a fan of baseball or The Simpson’s or even Azaria or Peet, simply being a fan of FUNNY will make you love this show!

Brockmire 123movies – Watch Brockmire full movie online free

Brockmire review by killer1h – Grand Slam!

And we’re off to a roaring start! This series is the perfect bland of black comedy. Rarely have I seen such depth in such a short while while leaving development wide open for the remainder of the season.

Jim Brockmire(Hank Azaria) had a perfectly acceptable life as a stadium announcer until he came home to find his wife hosting a what can only be described as NSFW party. Following which he proceeded to go straight to work and blow up his career, and shortly after hold some press conferences securing his greatest pain online for life. It is now 10 years later, and he’s been offered a position in a run down town in the middle of nowhere with a team of… let’s just call them colorful players. Mix in Jules (Amanda Pete) and you have a screwball comedy of monumental proportions on your hands.

Thank god someone’s still paying attention in how to make a great show about the worst parts of life.

Brockmire review by Bigbadotto – Awesome new show!

Hank’s acting is spot on and the story line is genius. I was literally laughing out loud…and cannot wait for future episodes! Even non-baseball fans will crack up at the ridiculousness of the situation. Hank’s “typical” baseball announcing voice is a throwback to my youth. Heard Hank interviewed on Howard Stern and couldn’t be happier I found season 1, episode 1, on IFC.

Brockmire review by Eduardo Luis Escofet Batista – Necessary Freshness

OK, it’s good to have a new, fresh comedy series back. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed some of the comedies still in cartel (Modern Family, The Simpsons, Family Guy, The Big Bang Theory) but they have already run dry. If your are watching a comedy and you are not laughing there is something wrong with it. Thanks for this comedy with Azaria and Peet, I’m laughing again.

Brockmire review by martin-laste – Finally a show that makes me laugh

I wont ruin this show for any perspective new viewers but this is the funniest show on TV right now. Hank Azaria is perfect as Jim Brokmire a disgraced major league baseball commentator and is backed up brilliantly by Amanda Peet as his love interest. Jim’s breakdown in the first episode was one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen on TV. The show has already been given a second season (that’s how good it is). This is a rear GEM. Don’t believe me go see for yourself!

Brockmire review by Ruthlessroddy – Lewd, Crude and very funny…

I had heard about this show but soon realized I don’t get the IFC channel, but I do get AMC and was able to watch it on there (for those who may be in the same boat with IFC). I went through the first 5 episodes in an afternoon and laughed my butt off. Azaria’s character Jim is both despicable and lovable at the same time because you just don’t know what he’s going to say next. Everything that comes out of his mouth is either a story with an immoral ‘moral’ to tell, or is just his brutal, frank way of being a man who just doesn’t give a cr*p what anybody thinks. Peet (AKA Jules) is the team’s owner who needs Brockmire’s name (albeit disgraced in the public eye) to help revive her bush-league baseball team, in an otherwise would-be small town where most people look like they haven’t showered in weeks. The chemistry between owner and announcer is dysfunctional, yet undeniable at the same time. And then there’s the young naive intern Charles, pitted in-between them and trying help anyway he can while generally astonished at the behavior of just about everybody around him, including the game of baseball itself which he barely understands. Everything clicks nicely and the laughs are there for the taking, after the initial shock of what is said and done by the many characters involved. You don’t have to be a fan of baseball to enjoy this show, but if you are, you will only appreciate the shows humor and setting even more. I hope they can stretch a lot out of this shows concept, because the story line works great, but for how long will only be determined by the quantitative talents of the writers. But for now, so far so funny, very very funny… I eagerly await episode 6…

Brockmire review by Danny Blankenship – A home run a series that’s brash, blunt, outspoken and wild. Amanda Peet scores too!

The new “IFC” series “Brockmire” is a winner it’s a hit as it’s well written with wit and it’s funny and a good mix of comedy and drama and it’s spiced up nice with sex appeal and sexy scenes! The story is that of Hank Azaria playing Jim Brockmire a former well known major league baseball announcer who’s been behind the mike for many clubs. Only then a public breakdown happens over the air of one of his calls and this little broadcast reveals that Jim’s wife has had an affair. This leads also to a “You Tube” sensation for Jim! Now his life, and broadcast job take a turn for the toilet as now Jim is calling cockfights! Plus he’s hard at the bottle old Jim boy is now a whiskey drinking alcoholic. Now 10 years later Jim shows up in a small depressed rural Pennsylvania town to be the play by play caller for the local minor league baseball team. Only to Jim’s surprise his work will be that of a press box announcer and his call of games to be broadcast over the internet, now talk about a different role for Jim! Only the bright spot is Jules(the hot and sexy Amanda Peet)who’s a sexy colored bra( love seeing her in that sexy dark silk blue colored bra!) wearing lady who takes up with Jim for some hot wild passionate sex and Jim even calls their home run hits between the sheets! Of course Amanda Peet is one hot sexy lady who’ s eye candy a nice sugar and spice element to the show. Overall “Brockmire” is one home run hit that’s a feel good time with old school wit, blunt brash talk and it’s blended with wonderful super sex!

Brockmire review by Andrewgraemek – Excellent

As a massive fan of Hank Azaria I was always going to be slightly bias towards this show but it’s creativity, uniqueness and level of dialogue was second to none.

Perfect binge watching I saw right through in one day. Azaria hold the cast together and with supporting roles from Peet and Jackson Williams that fit perfectly with the level of comedy.

Character creating is essential and Azaria seems to have perfected this for USA in the way Steve Coogan did for the UK with Alan Partridge. Not for young kids…..this is one for adults to enjoy.

Brockmire review by ilicium1 – If you like Bob Eucker in “Major League” you’ll love this

Surprisingly, Hank Azaria and Amanda Peet have amazing chemistry and comic timing in this show about a major league announcer demoted to the minors by an embarrassing breakdown. If you like Azaria’s characters in The Simpsons, he combines them a bit, adds some Kent Brockmire and a little special sauce to make Jim Brockmire, who always has something to say, even in bed.Howard Cosell mixed with Bob Eucker, a bad relationship, alcohol, drugs, and sex. Amanda Peet has perfect comedy timing with Azaria.I can’t wait for the next season!

Brockmire review by brooksrob12 – Hank Azaria’s Magnum Opus…

Most people who have a general knowledge of TV know how talented Hank is… He has shown us many moments of brilliance in many vehicles…I’d like to say; “This is just another one of his many brilliant contributions to TV…’ But, This show is more than that; This is a journeyman, nay a master, TV entertainer who is showing “them” how it should be done…

I usually despise TV and all it represents. And, if I couldn’t binge watch it on AMC on the internet, I would probably never have watched it but…Man, I am so happy to have found it…It’s my favorite things come together; Baseball, comedy and Moe…Every time I hear Hank speak in the show; I see him as Moe. Azaria himself, say that Moe is the character he most relates to.

Anyway, I see I share my enthusiasm for the show with every other reviewer so; We obviously all have exquisite taste…:)…Watch; you’ll love it from the first episode on; It just keeps getting better. Lots of comedy lead away’s…Enjoy!

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