Alex Strangelove 123movies – Watch Alex Strangelove full movie online free

Watch Alex Strangelove full movie online free – I just wanted to watch another stupid movie to keep myself distracted. I had no idea that this movie would touch me so deeply. It was funny and sad. The name of the movie is stupid which lead to me thinking it would be another useless Netflix movie. But my assumption turned out to be wrong. I’m definitely gonna watch it again. In my opinion it was better than Love, Simon.

Alex Strangelove 123movies – Watch Alex Strangelove full movie online free

Alex Strangelove review by Michaelmouse – Pretty Special Movie!

This magical little film is perhaps a less constructed and truer to life movie than similar efforts like the more contrived ‘hollywood’ treatments of coming out, like ‘Love,Simon’ , which seemed very fake to me. This is a far superior film. The storyline flows gently and smoothly towards its finale – which I won’t spoil here- and deals with the complexity and struggles of teenage sexuality. This is a film for everyone but speaks particularly to those questioning their sexuality and puzzled by having to find an explanation for their feelings. If you are Gay, you will love this. If you are Straight, you will relate to it as well. And if you are homophobic hopefully this little movie might teach you something. Highly recommended!

Alex Strangelove review by BackinBlack6 – Charming and Funny

I disagree with previous reviews, this is an honest (not too negative) depiction of gay love and coming out. The chemistry between Alex and Elliot is absolutely enchanting. There is also 90’s teen style comedy thrown in and a great storyline. The only issue I have with this movie is Elliot is completely gone for 40 minutes of the movie and doesn’t appear till near the end.

Alex Strangelove review by caruby69 – Ignore inevitable negativity. It’s a modest gem.

I rarely review but *had* to after reading other comments. This is one of those movies written and directed by the same person, and often they crumble but this doesn’t, so here’s why you should give it a go.

Each actor plays convincingly – it does feel like the kind of heart-engaging, off-centre ensemble of an unearthed John Hughes 80s cladsic, as the leads do have the dawning ability to ‘radiate’ at times to camera.

All LGBT films get diverse reviews. Some people just don’t get it. Even those who are LGBT have their own quite unique trajectory because it is mostly an introspective experience. That kind of coming out, alongside teen romantic projection, is conveyed charmingly here. It’s not here to shake foundations. It’s seems here to add warmth to a body of all to few LGBT films. A light touch uses gentle charm and occasional funny gags but focus remains on conveying confusion only some experience, but all would do well to be aware of.

If you want arthouse style and pathos watch Another Country, A Single Man, Priest (the UK one starring Linus Roache) or The Lost Language of Cranes. All gems, but darkened by layers of tragedy. They are utter classics but not the most optimistic for a newbie.

Slightly lighter but still in the arthouse to an extent are the wonderful Call Me By Your Name and the very moving yet humble and verbally explicit Weekend, which is as much about an LGBT sense of difference and disconnection as it is about love at a tricky time.

This movie takes a gentle tone and would be ideal for someone finding courage to face the issue, or for adjusting relatives to gain a bit of lighter perspective. It walks a delicate balance of trying to acknowledge inner disorientation whilst retaining a perhaps idealised teenage warmth which many straight films have been privileged by. Yes, straight people, you have been blessed enough to coast with that so much you hardly even realise it is there but LGBT people notice it. This click is a bit like an American ‘Beautiful Thing’. It has charm, if you let it in.

It gave some giggles here and there but I was more invested in the lead character’s journey than needing it to make me chuckle. It is moving though, and I recommend it as one of the most ‘comfortable to watch in straight company’ gay films.

Some reviewers forget a person coming out can sometimes be hypersensitised as much to overt sexual imagery as their adjusting relatives. This movie would stretch that a *little* bit, but still be in the well intentioned comfortable zone.

Netflix could be a bit more brave with their gay films, but there is a place for this also. That they launched this movie is a great baby step. It deserves some kindness. Just chill and have a smile, then reflect.

Alex Strangelove review by Ishashriniwas – Step in the right direction!

Alex Strangelove is a film about about a teenage boy figuring out his sexuality, accepting and coming out with his true identity. LGBTQ is a community that is still not considered normal, understood or accepted by many, which is why films like Love, Simon and Alex Strangelove ARE important! Love, Simon was banned in India! (haven’t watched it yet) Watching, supporting and encouraging these films is IMPORTANT, however I did find alot of flaws in the film, Alex strangelove.

The film started off well, with strong characters and an interesting story line. But after a point it seemed to become alot about the pressure of having sex, and the makers seemed to have gotten a little stuck in that space.

The character of Elliot whom the viewer forms a fondness for, suddenly disappears from the story line and the story shifts focus to how disappointed Claire is. Claire’s character is one you like but they spent alot of time focussing on how Alex disappointed Claire while figuring out his sexuality which in some scenes makes him seem apologetic for his sexual orientation (which certainly wasn’t what the makers intended to do).

Even with all these flaws the film manages to make the viewer feel multiple emotions and relate to all the lead characters.

All the three lead actors, Daniel Doheny (Alex), Madeline Weinstein (Claire) and Antonio Marziale (Elliot) acted exceptionally well which made the flaws look smaller.

Everyone must watch this film, it sure is a one time watch! You’ll enjoy the film more if you keep your expectations low.

Alex Strangelove review by Silentruh – Authentic coming out rom-com with broad appeal

This is an accurate depiction of coming out. Other reviewers seem offended by the focus on his relationship with a girl, but I don’t understand that. It’s very realistic and an aspect of the coming-out experience. I think this movie did a very good job of highlighting the roles of those people and other friends in the lives of lgbt.

I also really appreciated the later-in-life realization of his sexuality. Yes, some people ‘always know,’ but some people don’t, and others are in huge denial and that can really suck. These people need representation, too, and this is a great movie to do it with.

Even the poor reviews give the acting good marks. I think I can speak from experience that the story is very authentic. No aspect of it rings untrue, and it manages to be genuinely hilarious at just the right times.

Alex Strangelove review by Sweetandsourdriver – Awkward, unsexy, and badly written

The movie starts out cute. A cute high school romance with animal life smashed in. This quickly ends. The rest of the story somehow ends up being entirely about sex.

The dialogue is purely about sex from about the five minute mark on. Almost every conversation consists of, “They’re gonna have sex, he’s had sex like blank, aren’t you excited to have sex?” I have never met any teenager that talked about sex this much (and that’s saying a lot).

The story is almost constantly revolving around sex, which is honestly a pretty inappropriate topic to solely base a teen movie on. I’m not saying that they shouldn’t have discussed sex in this movie, it just seemed like it came up way too much, each character becoming more and more 2-D with every sexual innuendo they made.

There was man-bashing in every scene that a man didn’t appear in, which I found quite odd for a gay movie. This was a small criticism, but it came up enough for me to want to mention it.

The writing was bad, the scenery was bad, the storyline was bad. The acting was surprisingly pretty good, which boosted up my rating a star.

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