Review ManHunt – A movie watch that “no emotion”

What are you waiting for in a new movie from veteran director Ngo Vu Sam? Action? Take action. Shooting guns, fire brilliantly? This is always there. But for me, ManHunt is a very dry film, lacking in emotion and nothing special.

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ManHunt is a remake of the 1976 film of the same name and it’s also called You Must Cross the River of Wrath. Both are based on the novel Kimi yo Fundo no Kawa wo Watare by Juko Nishimura. The film is the solitary journey of a lawyer who seeks to vindicate himself. Do Khau was the lawyer who was slandered when all the evidence against him and forced him into the crime of murder. On the way to escape the law, Do Khau met a policeman named Yamura. During the pursuit of Do Khau to break the sentence, Yamura learned that he was innocent and silently assisted in helping him injustice. Do Khau has just escaped police, was killed by the assassins.

Although the film’s progress is continuous but the circuit is discrete. The transitions and the rough cut of the content make the audience feel like they are watching a film adaptation and not related to each other. The filmmakers have to innovate a bit and lead the viewer in a more interesting direction, but the content and presentation are so old, nothing new and extremely predictable. What I want to emphasize to people is not to think that we are going to watch an interesting detective movie because ManHunt is merely an action movie, even the substance of the movie is not mentioned much. This made me really disappointed with the movie.

The sequel movie sequences occur but are too casual, without a touch. This is why viewers feel like the film is very long and boring although the course of the film is rotated continuously. What’s special about the movie is that I’m sure you’ll be surprised. Everything in the movie happens to be like “the director wants it, the scriptwriter wants it, so it becomes like that”, regardless of whether or not the scene is happening in a natural way. For example, Do Khau, who is a lawyer but buff movies up too, see that he thinks he is an old spy. After being injected with drugs, he becomes an uncontrollable, infinite power, no fists. But when Yamura was awakened by a few words, he returned to being a normal human being. The US, too, was locked in a room, then did not know what happened, appeared and shot guns to the right to support the two men. In particular, I think the killer character Rain will make me like most of the movie because of personality but in the end she died as romantic as the lines that she said.

If you are female, you will probably like the “hint” that the movie deliberately spread out to the two male lead. This is mainly to drop the audience and create funny moments, but I find it quite forced. The actions of two characters like being forced to express, is actually very poor. I also wondered in another detail that is when two of them are joined together by a handcuff, in each hand are holding guns, so what crime does not shoot the broken handcuffs? Do two characters like to stick together like that to fight or they want to do it themselves?

The biggest minus of the film is the dialogue. Voice is too normal, there is no special sentence and enough penetrating. So the English dialogue when the two main characters communicate with each other there is something fake, this is the part that I think makes the film lose a lot of emotions. Another point that made me uncomfortable watching movies was the subtitle. To cover Chinese subtitles, Vietnamese subtitles use a black line as the background to cover. This makes viewers really hard to concentrate and feels like they are watching a poor quality online movie.

ManHunt focuses primarily on action, not reconnaissance. You will receive beautiful footage, chasing scenes, gunfighting, fire and restless. However, the action scenes are too old, not a bit new, or pressing, leaving their own mark in the audience. The music of the film is used over the momentum and aberrations in some scenes, which makes the audience very confused and uncomfortable watching. The intention is to use music to create compelling, fast-paced, compelling films that appeal to the viewer, but the treatment in the film is completely counterproductive.

Acting can be said is what I hope most because the film gathered handsome cast from three countries China – Japan – Korea such as Zhang Ham Du, Thich Vy, Fukuyama Masaharu, Jun Kunimura, Ha Ji Won . But it was the most disappointing thing for me. In addition to seeing beautiful sisters Ha Ji Won and Thich Vy out there really nothing to see. The characters in the movie try to create danger, and always have a cool, cool style. And I’m sure when you see, people will feel very upset about a character, you will not understand what this character appeared in the movie to do? What role? Actually, she appeared in the movie as an invisible, meaningless person. It is the character of the police officer Rika Hyakuta newly performed by Nanami Sakuraba.

Before watching the movie, I thought I would enjoy a detective work, to see a fascinating story, but everything was broken. ManHunt dry, not enough to attract viewers by the action, fight fire. An intricate film, boring content, lacking a bit of sugar, lacking a little salt and absolutely does not create any feelings for viewers. As soon as I stepped out of the theater, what was left was a sigh of relief and the silence of those who sat in the theater.

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