Film Hateful Eight – bloody party horizontal horror film

The Hateful Eight – bloody party horizontal horror film

A new film of the brilliant and inhuman Quentin Tarantino came to the cinema, on a giant 70mm Panavision. It’s a costly specification, obviously responsible for somewhat limiting the number of UK cinemas that can shine it, although spectators can watch next year on the 70mm screen of the phone. Intelligent.

The Hateful Eight is another inspiration for pulp: An American epic film is mostly in one room: intimate but enormous. Ennio Morricone, 87, has had a tremendous power, intelligence, discussion and spirit – ruthless and brains in the director’s famous Ludic style. Stuffy stuffy subject bearing its mark on the background of snow blindness of the film or nhat.

Tarantino made notorious villainous roles for Samuel L Jackson as Major Warren, a lowly and suspicious coalition military ally, who remained calm in the outbreak of the N bomb. Jennifer Jason Leigh, great as a criminal Daisy Domergue, constantly attacked and always challenged refused to be cowed. Warren was involved in homosexual abuse and Daisy was a racist; Together they both invite and refuse to sympathize with freedom and disorientation. Tarantino is also a dramatic star of Walton Goggins, creating a fun performance like Chris Mannix, who is not known by Red Rock, Wyoming.

Set up in the old west was not worn out after the Civil War: a frozen land and mountains. Kurt Russell plays John Ruth, a bounty hunter, who drives a chariot by a team of six who drives a prisoner across the country in a snowstorm. This is Daisy, played by Leigh. On the way, they meet another bounty hunter: Major Marquis Warren, another spectacular Jackson performance: glittering eyes, witty, resentful; His presence is as strong as a nugget of sodium. Good man racist ol Mannix also makes his appearance.

They found themselves in need of a stopover at a motel called Minnie’s Haberdashery; Here, they meet Sandy Smithers, Bruce Dern, Joe Cage (Michael Madsen), and a bizarre and bizarre guy named Oswaldo Mowbray (Tim Roth). Somehow, these cruel strangers will have to do their best until the road breaks up. But these people are strange to each other? What else is happening?

Writer Marlon James has been called “Tarantinoesque” and watch hateful eight online reminds you that this comparison is not just about violence and energy: it’s about writing. Tarantino is just a great cinematographer. Extremely expansive dialogues make the actor come alive – especially Jackson. The article provides a line-by-line of fun and impact, and he is also a master of bold structure, with some rewinds of gorgeous rewinds and POV transfers.

The Hateful Eight fall down together as Agatha Christie characters in a home, or really Big Brother’s house. But unlike the story of Agatha Christie – but very much like, say, Reservoir Dogs – there is no authority to control people. The only authority is violence and high firepower, or high firepower of speaking, the threat of violence. Everyone is armed and has other weapons to hand over, and the presence of criminals with their overhead generates a forceful market force for violence. The tension before the violence, including the N-scattershot bombing, was all unacceptable, and was chilled by the dialogue.

There is a bit of Sergio Leone and the classic paper pulp lines of Elmore Leonard, and like a big movie in a small place almost a version of Sam Peckinpah of a Harold Pinter oath. Then, for obvious reasons, it would be like Brian De Palma’s Carrie. But this movie is completely different, it really can be by none other than Tarantino. The creative dialogue, the cliché is what motivates it: the essence of America. (I continue to think that Inglourious Basterds is the weakest movie in Tarantino’s films because he escapes the tears of the Americans.)

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And The Hateful Eight repeat a classic movie from the Reservoir Dogs: The idea of ​​being unbearably painful from gunshot wounds, but still saying, is still a threat. There is a kind of black comic book hero in continuing to be wise while being in the same kind of unbearable pain that you are about to inflict on others.

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