The Week Of Putlockers – Watch The Week Of full movie online free

Watch The Week Of full movie online free – The Week Of is a delightfully refreshing film from Happy Madison productions. It’s not packed with over the top, raunchy humor or anything unbelievable. In fact it’s got very sweet, feel good family vibe about it. That’s not to say I wasn’t laughing like a mad man at some scenes… but there were also moments where I found myself gettin rather teary eyed. Sandler’s character is Kenny, a very lovable Jewish father who wants to do good by his daughter by taking on all her wedding preparations. It’s a lot to handle, and he’s got to cut corners, but he sees this as the last opportunity to make her happy before he gives her off to her new husband. I’m a huge fan of Sandler, but I know when I see a movie of his that even his non fans are gonna enjoy and this is one of them.

The Week Of Putlockers – Watch The Week Of full movie online free

The Week Of review by Bemydemon – Hysterical if you’re from Long Island

As a native long islander, this movie was hysterical! It really captured that middle-class Long Island charm that you can’t find anywhere else. I can see why some viewers may not have found it funny if you’re not from the north east and not familiar with the stereotypes of Long Island life. Most people associate New York with the city and forget about this little suburban island. However, regardless of being familiar with Long Island or not, I loved the message it sends of the importance of family values and being devoted to ones family. Adam Sandler is just so great at portraying a family man and displaying a father doing the best he can despite financial restriction. I really just found it to be a funny, quirky, heart warming story with a lovely end result even with the hurdles that got in the way.

The Week Of review by rogorman-1 – Enjoyable, funny, one of the better Sandler Flicks

I have to start by saying I don’t know what’s up with many of the other reviews. This is a funny movie, it is not really slapstick, it isn’t dumb, but it’s not the greasiest deepest comedy either. Its not a 1, it’s not a 10. It runs on the drama of the week leading to the daughter’s wedding as her father struggles to make it work with real constraints. No, it’s not Father of the Bride (which is typical over the top Hollywood fare). The bride’s family are average people without the money to put on the grand wedding that everyone else in a movie seems able to afford. They are New Yorkers, they are Jewish, and some of the humour may need you to know New Yorkers. It doesn’t rest on cringe humour, but it does have cringe elements. Adam Sandler is good, not his usually over the top loud version (well, he is loud here at times, but it is in character). Chris Rock is also more low key than he can often be, which works well here as he is playing a wealthy surgeon who is not popular with his own family. He plays his role well. It has some clever gags, it isn’t anything deep but you should enjoy your 2 hours.

The Week Of review by James Graham – Funny

This tells the story of the week of the wedding of a father’s daughter. He is trying to do it on a budget despite the father of the groom being a rich LA surgeon. Predictably, everything goes wrong and the father does his best to try and fix it or make the best of a bad situation.

This is a nice, warm and funny film. There are some scenes that make you laugh out loud but most of the comedy is more amusing. The film is amusing throughout and keeps your attention. The plot moves quickly with no lulls.

There are some recurring standing jokes which are funny and don’t get tired. The off scene arguments between the bride to be parents. The misbehaving wheelchair and the cheap hotel owner who laughs are everything.

It is also refreshing to see a disabled person playing a disabled person and one that is not a hero or inspiring but just an ordinary person. Being disabled I find disabled people in films are either portrayed as inspiring heroes or offensively in the name of humour. In this he is disabled and an ordinary person who needs help but happy to take advantage of his situation. I read up about the character and it is played by a genuine double amputee who has never acted before but was first choice after his audition.

If this film had been in the cinema rather than on Netflix then it would have been a huge hit. It is genuinely funny. This is the best film I have seen Adam Sandler in. The film works really well and the acting is great throughout. Even the smaller parts are played well (especially the two guys who were walking past and get invited in for breakfast). The film does slow down a bit at the end but overall this film is a must watch.

The Week Of review by Realsylasbrown – A New Favorite Of Mine

This is a wonderful movie and definitely a memorable one which I wish I could add to my Blu-Ray collection. It had a very warm family vibe about it, with lots of good dialogue. A little different then some of Adam’s other work (those which could be described as silly and over the top.) This one’s more grounded you could say.

Sandler plays Kenny, a lovable dad character who has too much pride to let any one else handle his daughter’s wedding arrangements. The father daughter dance at the end and their conversation before had me in tears, showing once again how talented Adam is as an actor (when he wants to be.)

There’s a certain scene of a little mixup featuring Leonard and Jermaine that had me laughing so incredibly hard, along with Chris Rock’s dream on the floor and the video tape of Sandler’s grandmother at the end… I’m telling you, some of these other reviewers have it so wrong I feel like they’re out to just pick on Sandler.

Anyways I wholeheartedly give this a much deserved 10/10 because I enjoyed every aspect of it and it put me in a very good mood.

The Week Of review by Sravanaerrolla – I thank Seymour for his service

Robert smigel has made the funniest movie of this summer and possibly the warmest movie too. this is a simple film about a jewish family and the father who tries to make the wedding of his daughter work with in his means and we get comedy out of the situations that arise from that decision. Adam sandler did do some horrible movies of late but please don’t let that cloud your judgement regarding this movie, this a FUNNY movie with out being juvenile. The sense of humor is very understated yet hilarious. sandler brings in so much warmth to the movie and chris rock does his best with the material he’s given with. but the MVP of this movie is uncle seymour, this guy with his grunts and forrest gumpesque presence will make you laugh real hard and mkes you question your morals for doing so, robert smigel (fun house animation, creator/voice of triumph the insult comic dog) succeeds both as a writer and a director bringing ribtickling sense of humor yet grounding it warmth with out getting into the goofy adam sandler zone. It’s easy to hate on sandler but I urge you to give this movie a chance, you will laugh out loud and feel good at the end of this movie. Isn’t that enough?

The Week Of review by francesconicosia-222-54843 – Comedy Masterpiece and I’m not kidding

This is a great comedy that makes you laugh out loud and even cry a bit, in some moments. The Cast is Great and I don’t understand who wrote that it is crap! I believe that people can’t recognize anymore the wuality of a work of art. A lot of movies that deserve attention are unfairly denigrated. This is not a 1/10 movie. It’s absurd. People don’t think anymore… Where is finished a good taste for movies. Don’t believe in the 1/10 reviews and see this movie. It was a lot of time I didn’t laugh out loud watching a movie. It has a sophisticated irony and a lot of ideas! I really enjoyed Adam Sandler as all the Cast and in particular I loved Allison Strong performance, playng Adam Sandler’s daughter. Didn’t know Robert Smigel before but I really hope that he will work again with Adam Sandler, writing with him, and directing him. I’m so sorry that a lot of people wrote against your work! I hope you (Adam Sandler, Robert Smigel, and all the people who worked in this movie), I hope you will read my words, as all the words of sane reviewer that loved your movie, like me, cause I felt it with my heart!

The Week Of review by Spencerjg – vastly exceeds expectations

I would have never given this movie a chance, if not for my pregnant wife insisting that we watch it; wanting to avoid her hormonal wrath, I just went with it. I had very low expectations, to say the least. I’d watched the ridiculous 6, Adam Sandler’s first Netflix movie, and had been extremely let down by one of my favorite comedic actors.

The start of the movie is very slow, I even suggested that we stop watching just 5 minutes in, but my wife shut that down, and I’m glad she did… Soon after the first scene the movie becomes very funny, and I mean laugh out loud funny.

Anyone who has given this movie one star is either an Adam Sandler hater, or just didn’t give the movie a chance. It wasn’t quiet on par with the old Sandler who stole our hearts with performances in Happy Gilmore, and Billy Madison, but it was above average.

Realistically “Week Of” is a solid 6, but I had to give it a 10 just to offset some of the reviewers who gave it 1 star purely out of spite. This movie is actually worth a watch, and I suggest you put all your preconceived notions of what Adam Sandler movies have become, and do so.

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