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Watch The Night Before full movies online free – I’m a pretty tough critic when it comes to movies in general, with comedies’ standards differing a bit. I was very pleasantly surprised with this movie. I expected it to be pretty funny, but nothing special. I came away thinking it was pretty funny; but also found it to have a lot of heart and actually/shockingly, quite thought provoking. As I get older, relationships with friends are becoming confusing, complicated, and frankly quite difficult. And this movie hit on that really well. I also thought Mr. Green was an amazing character; and he’s now a bit of a personal cult favorite of mine id say. This goes down as one of my three or four favorite Christmas movies.

The Night Before 123movies – Watch The Night Before full movies online free

Review The Night Before by roguecritic42 – Another Hilarious Seth Rogan Film! And a Christmas one! Amazing!

Another hilariously funny Seth Rogan film. I love all the movies this guy makes. This one was special and funny in its own way, but still filled with the classic adult and drug oriented humor that Seth is known for.

The movie is filled with great cameos and a great cast all around, but even Miley Cyrus is in this film and while I don’t ever listen to her music and have never seen her perform, I have to say she did a brief acting job that was excellent and really added to the fun of the movie. I hope to see her in more movies in the future, because I loved the part they gave her in this movie. But also there were some other great comedian cameos that you are probably used to seeing in other Rogan movies.

But it’s more than that. It’s also a heartwarming movie that has some sentimental story telling that just might make you a little misty eyed. Its a great story about three life long friends really growing up in their own ways.

This is the first time this year I have finally felt the Christmas spirit and I loved it. 10 out of 10 comedy. Thank you to the entire writing cast that is involved with these Rogan movies because you guys don’t disappoint, and if anything, this is probably one of his best movies to date.

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Review The Night Before by visforhendrix23 – ‘The Night Before’ a gift for those on the naughty list

Winter is the season audiences are forced to unwrap gifts of the latest Holiday- themed movie offerings. The taped wrapping paper – festive and jolly in it’s presentation – causes the viewer to squint from the boisterous colors, like nursing a terrible hangover from downing an excessive amount of eggnog the night before. The films are usually lackluster efforts, forcing the message of ‘joy to the world’ down the consumers throat like a stale and unwanted candy cane left over from a Christmas past.

Watching ‘The Night Before’ – the latest offering from talented director Jonathan Levine (Warm Bodies, 50/50) – is like Santa fulfilling all your wants on a Christmas list, despite being very naughty all year.

Seth Rogen, Anthony Mackie, and Joseph Gordon-Levitt star as three friends – a comedic parallel of the biblical three wise men – whom reunite each Christmas Eve to stage various shenanigans. After Ethan’s (Levitt) parents tragically pass away, Isaac (Rogen) and Chris (Mackie) step in to assume the mother and father role for the wayward youth. Several years later, the trio receive lumps of coal in their stockings in the form of adulthood – Isaac is an expecting father; Chris is a social media famous football player, juicing up to stay relevant; Ethan is a retailer belittled in an elf costume, unable to let go of his morbid past.

The shifts of maturity have made them distant from one another; with their lives moving in different directions, they decide this Xmas reunion will be their last together. Mischief abounds when Ethan discovers tickets for the “Nutcracker Ball” in a patrons clothing at a coat check- a fabled party that the boys have sought to attend since they originally started the tradition.

Rogan steals the show. When Isaac’s wife slips him a hodgepodge of various illegal substances as reward for being a devoted husband, Rogan displays each violent hallucination with hilarious intensity.

There are plenty of ‘Ho Ho Hos’ to go around, and the sleigh-loads of laughs lasts the entire movie – a rarity in comedies when the third act is usually a reprieve for various characters to have epiphanies and change their lives.

‘The Night Before’ is destined to be a Christmas cult classic akin to ‘Bad Santa’.

Review The Night Before by Nathan Fischer (furtherdownfilms) – The Night Before (2015) A Movie Review by Nathan Fischer

Although I was raised Jewish, I’ve always had a soft spot for Christmas and the holiday season. I love the lights, the spirit, the music, and most of all, the movies. I’m happy to say that The Night Before will be added to my list of “must watch holiday movies.”

The premise is simple. Ten years ago, three friends (Ethan, Isaac, and Chris) made a pact to spend every Christmas together after Ethan tragically loses his parents on Christmas eve. This year, they are breaking the tradition and it will be their last year celebrating together. Isaac is having a baby, and Chris has become a famous football star, while Ethan is stuck, having trouble moving on with his life. Ethan comes across 3 tickets to the famous and exclusive Nutcracker Ball Party and the three friends set out on a night of, drinking, drugs and crazy scenarios.

Let me just say off the bat that this movie is very funny. It hardly ever stops being funny. Even in the (few) sentimental parts, it’s still funny. The three lead actors work well and have great chemistry. The adventures and characters they come across are interesting and fresh without being annoying or out of place. Sometimes a holiday themed comedy can have trouble choosing a tone (example: Scrooged). But The Night Before stays on track. Of course with a Seth Rogan movie you can expect cameos, and this film delivers. I won’t spoil any of these, but they are wonderful treats sprinkled throughout the movie (especially Mr. Green). There are also numerous, and hilarious references to classic Christmas movies.

I did feel like there was a bit of a lull in between the second and third act, but the film quickly picks back up. Also, the Nut Cracker Ball didn’t come across as epic as the movie make it out to be, but it doesn’t really matter. A movie like this is about the journey more than the destination. As for the ending, its pretty generic. But thats OK. A Christmas movie should have a happy ending to make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside and this one does the job in traditional fashion.

I had a blast watching The Night Before. It’s fun, relevant, hilarious, with a dash of heart. Rarely does a holiday movie become an instant classic, but I have a feeling this comedy has what it takes to become a yearly tradition.

Review The Night Before by Kieran Battams – This has got to become a new Christmas tradition…

Amongst a busy year of blockbusters and dramas there have been very few good comedies that have made me laugh out loud, when i found out about a Christmas movie starring Seth Rogen, one of my all time favourites paired up with Joseph Gordon-Levit and Anthony Mackie.. well I thought, comedy of the year right? I didn’t think wrong, The Night Before is hilarious and among that I will be making it a new Christmas tradition as it also tells a very touching story about friendship and the meaning of Christmas.

The story follows Ethan, played by JGL, who’s parents died around Christmas time. His two best friends, Issac (Seth Rogen) and Chris (Anthony Mackie) make it a tradition to hang out every year. But as a result of them moving on with their lives that tradition will be coming to an end, with the biggest party in town “The Nutcracker Ball”. What was arguably most important with these characters was the fact that they had to have great chemistry, which they do. All 3 of the main characters are played very well and are all different. The film sort of sets itself up to be one that deals with the troubles that Ethan has to overcome when realising his friends have grown up. Whilst it does do this, the other characters both have to overcome troubles of their own which was interesting to see.

Among the madcap humour, like the fact that most of the movie deals with Seth Rogen on every drug you can imagine, the message we ultimately take from the film is such a good message and done surprisingly well. Also, I heard huge buzz coming from Michael Shannon’s role, and yes he steals this movie and makes all of his scenes so damn funny that you always look forward to seeing him on screen and some other great cameos really round it out to be a brilliant time. This is a film I could get on board with and watch every Christmas and I’m sure many others would too

A new Christmas tradition for sure and I highly recommend you see it before Star Wars completely dominates the box office.

Review The Night Before by Subxerogravity – Funny Ha Ha! A Christmas classic for Stoners

It’s a nice hard R rated comedy starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Ethan, who lost his parents around Christmas and over the years his two best friends became his family helping him get over his grief by spending every Christmas night together since, and as the boys become men with their own lives, they decide to do one last big Christmas night.

Though Gordon-Levitt is given top billing, Seth Rogen is steeling the funny, being typical Seth Rogen (does not hurt that he produced this thing). He’s hysterical and it kind of overshadows his other two stars which include Antony Mackie, who’s always a pleasure to see on screen. Gordon-Levitt does make a great Straight man for Rogen’s comedy with Gordon-Levitt having a Dean Martian type of charm to him (Though I see more Lou Costello than Jerry Lewis in Rogen’s performance).

Michael Shannon was also in the movie doing what he does best and even poking fun at his intense quietness. While Gordon-Levitt and Mackie were working on creating a solid story about the Christmas spirit, Rogen and Shannon made this movie funny, which in the long run was far more important.

Overall, the Night Before feels like Seth Rogen is going down the road of Adam Sandler by working with all his really cool friends (yeah, Franco is in it), convincing talented dramatic actors to try comedy, and getting big celebs to do funny cameos that prove they are people too. Luckily he’s not at that point in Sandler’s career where watching this has become unbearable. Rogen can still bring the funny!

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