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There is a story and motif that is not new to the beginning, “The Incredibles 2” still attracts audiences with a deeper level of character psychology, as well as many worthy controversies about superheroes.

  • Category: Animation, Fantasy
  • Directed by: Brad Bird
  • Voice actors: Craig T. Nelson, Holly Hunter, Samuel L. Jackson, Bob Odenkirk, Sarah Vowell, Huck Milner
  • Rating: 8/10

The Incredibles 2 takes place immediately after the events of the first part. After defeating Sin Syndrome, the Parr family continues to wear masks to become superheroes, protecting the city of Metroville, even if their actions are still considered illegal.

After failing to capture Underminer in a bank robbery and inflicting serious damage to the city, the Parr was forced to hide his identity permanently, never under the ministry. Superhero identity. That made Bob / Mr.. Incredible (Craig T. Nelson) feels depressed and desperate, and his family becomes cloudy, lacking motivation.

The turn when Bob and his wife Helen / Elastigirl (Holly Hunter) and close friend Lucius / Frozone (Samuel L. Jackson) Winston Deavor (Bob Odenkirk) – leader of the media group DEVTECH – invited to participate in a chapter special program.

As a superhero fanatic, Winston embraces the desire for laws to forbid superheroes to be removed and heroes can legitimately defend the world in the near future.

Elastigirl is chosen by DEVTECH to represent the program. Mr. Incredible, instead of becoming a superhero for justice, faced a new challenge: replacing his wife with homemaking and child care.

Things seem simple suddenly become more complicated and complicated when there are still mysterious enemies are plotting to sabotage efforts to restore the legitimacy of the superhero.

When the pedal is a monument

Fourteen years ago, The Incredibles debuted and soon became one of Pixar’s most memorable works. Harnessing a new perspective on the fate of the superheroes behind the cover of ordinary people to conceal identity, the film gives the audience a fascinating, humanistic, and infused sense of humor. Family.

The film is also considered the epitome of super hero movie. At a time when major studios are still struggling to find the way to the heroic genre that conquers conventional evil, The Incredibles are pioneers in the fight against the tide.

The work brings another perspective, full of realism and grim reality about the superhero world, where ordinary people instead feel protected that superheroes are destructive. At the same time, The Incredibles are also exploring the psyche of heroic characters in everyday life – where they feel alienated and lost.

Therefore, The Incredibles 2 is an extremely fan favorite project. The viewers of the first part 14 years ago have grown up, no longer the girls, the boy with the dream of eliminating violence alone. Superhero movies are also changing day by day, with themes and ideas expanding, with more diverse approaches.

Responsibility for the film is set on the director and writer Brad Bird. Back to the most successful psychological child in his career, he must ensure that when he meets the Parr family after a long time, fans still feel familiar with what they were love. At the same time, he was not allowed to make the film faded or outdated compared to modern productions.

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The story is not new, but still bold contemporary

In fact, The Incredibles 2 possesses the motif of the story no different than the first. Opening the film, the world has not yet recognized the superhero. Parr is again desperate to hide his identity to return to the grim reality. And “again”, the wonderful opportunity opened up to his family. The difference is that the new Elastigirl is the main double.

That can make a segment of the audience disappointed, as the scriptwriter can not brave new and creative direction for the work. There are many ways to bring the heroes back to the way they are, rather than repeating the old motif.

Some characters have no real growth as compared to the previous ones, which are typically Violet (Sarah Vowell) and Dash (Huck Milner). Violet is still a little girl in trouble at school due to her personal power, and Dash is even less mischievous than before.

However, there is no denying the new points that Brad Bird has attempted to bring to The Incredibles 2. The inclusion of mother Helen / Elastigirl as the double main causes the everyday life of the Parr family turned upside down. And the homemade, family-care problems facing Bob’s father suddenly became a great material for filmmakers to exploit.

At the same time, The Incredibles 2 continues to explore the realities of social reality through the world of fantasy superheroes. The world’s greatest fear and elimination of the heroes continues to be exploited, thereby shedding the burden the heroes of the Parr family endure every day.
Questions that do not respond to the threat of superheroes in the modern world, the role and responsibility of the government’s superhero, the distrust and ambiguity of the people in the face of excess power. beyond their understanding … continue to be dissected.

If compared to Watchmen (2009), Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016) or Captain America: Civil War (2016), The Incredibles 2 delivers smoother, more realistic messages. But that is enough to make the work a little heavier than the first.

With DEVTECH’s use of media power to propagate the superhero, as well as the image of the villain Screenslaver used images to hypnotize the opponent to get the opposite result, The Incredibles 2 as well. Criticism and media influence have manipulated and strongly influenced the will and awareness of ordinary people.

This can be considered a plus point, making the film somewhat different and mature than the first.

Mr. Incredible and middle-aged crisis story

The Incredibles 2 selects Elastigirl as the double major in the heroic role. But not so that the position of Mr.. Incredible is reduced. In fact, the father figure is more elaborate than the first part.

This time, Mr. Incredible no longer has to choose between daily life that he always felt lost to the heroic heroic past in the past. He is destined to become a father-in-law, first became a man back to backstage for his wife.

From here, Brad Bird has been exploring his very common psychology – the common psychology of many husbands and fathers in modern society. Prior to his wife’s success, he displayed complex emotions at the same time. Joy, pride, but also bitter, somewhat bored, ashamed of themselves can not do what a man inherently must shoulder.

Besides the psychological burden is the challenge of the housewife. The Incredibles 2 is more than just the everyday scenes of the Parr family, with daily nameless things but enough for a great superhero to collapse.

Few people will sympathize with Bob’s father, and also look back on himself. Mr. Incredible can be powerful, intense, has a great career outside the society, but he can not take care of everything. There seemed to be a small amount of work, but it turned out to be impossible for any man.
Since then, The Incredibles 2 continues to promote family affection, affection, attachment and sympathy among Parr members. At the same time, the film is clever and subtly raising women in the family.

No need to shout the feminine slogan cliché, no need to lower other people or to do great things to big hammer, no need to become super heroic, Elastigirl just absent for several days is enough for the audience Imagine how great she is.

Dramatic action, glorious image

Like the previous one, The Incredibles 2 continues to offer viewers dramatic action sequences that are no worse than any live-action action movie.
The filmmakers continue to tap into the extraordinary capabilities of their Parr family members to bring audiences a range of impressive and innovative action scenes, Elastigirl and the incomparable ability of the young Jack-Jack. It’s a bit of a shame when the movie lacks the co-ordination of the whole family to make a special impression like the first.

The graphics of The Incredibles 2 continue to be loyal to the first, with higher levels of detail, as well as smoother characters. All of them are designed impressively, have their own highlights.

The music of composer Michael Giacchino also scored when giving the audience the pulse of air, rhythmic continuous change, suitable for the scene of the film, thereby helping to increase the level of dramatic need.

Faces of the film are not as impressive as the first, but still a reasonable counter for superheroes. Screensaver’s ideal is realistic, persuasive, individualistic, and not extreme or irrational.

Sadly, the way the character is handled or the problem solved at the end of the film is quite simple, with a lot of idealization. Anyway, this is a cartoon for children so the adult audience can completely sympathize.

Overall, The Incredibles 2 is an interesting gift for those who have enjoyed the first movie 14 years ago. There are still some drawbacks that make it impossible to overcome the first impression, which is still Pixar’s quality film, suitable for all ages.

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