The Get Down 123movies – Watch The Get Down full movies online free

Watch The Get Down full movies online free – This is a great series. There are little things that they got wrong that you would only know if you grew up then… some songs that were a year or two off but it does a fantastic job of capturing life in N.Y. in the 70s… I graduated from Taft H.S. in 1973 so I know the flavor… I recognize some of the places and I love the way they blended historic footage with film footage to create a nice image of The Bronx in the 70s. Some of the stuff … like some of the gang stuff… was a little over done… When I was coming up the gangs I knew about in my area were The Black Pearls, The Young Saigons, Savage Skulls and The Black Spades … there were many others… but I was not a gang banger. When I moved to the Belmont Ave Ave area the Ching A Ling Nomads had a clubhouse right around the corner on Arthur Ave… This series does a good job of capturing the fashions and dialog of the time as well…

The Get Down 123movies – Watch The Get Down full movies online free

The Get Down review by admin-97415 – Do not think that this show is not for you

I am a fifty-something, white, middle class English guy who had a particular dislike for hip hop in my teens and twenties. So I would have assumed this was not for me, the only reason I watched the first episode was only because I read that the show cost over $120 million to produce, so I figured I should take a look. I in no way fit the demographic I would have assumed this show was aimed at, but excellent writing, a wonderful ensemble cast, and a slightly strange production style, not to mention a fantastic soundtrack, make this a show that everyone should try.

The Get Down review by Lashonwade – The greatest of its kind!!!

I was instantly intrigued by the uniqueness of episode 1, with its super hero, comic book like feel given to Shaolin and his red pumas, and quickly fell in love with this series for its characterization, interjection of poetry, and the origination of hip hop plot and setting. I binge watched all episodes In one night. I am so looking forward to the next season! This is the best drama/hip hop opera/adventure/love story ever. The story line is raw, gritty at times, and thought provoking. The music is awesome with its original hip hop nature of storytelling, coupled with the poetry, graffiti art, and dancing, this is every type of artists’ inspiration, and a cross generational master piece!

The Get Down review by rebeca Andrei – Poetic and elegant

If you’re ready for a gripping story that elegantly combines poetry, suspense, music and romance, get ready! You’re in for a treat! The burning Bronx is not only burning because people want to collect the insurance money but is also burning with hope: for music, poetry and the prospect of changing the world for the better. The series is a merry go round that visits various themes:honour, loyalty, love,sisterhood and brotherhood. But this ain’t no sugar coated story! In the Bronx, there seems to be no hope left. People are facing a lot of demons: poverty, drug addiction, getting involved with the wrong people and some lack the support for succeeding. But, as the message written on the trains say: Where there is ruin, there is hope and if you raise your words, not your voice then things change. Even if they don’t change for the apparent eye, all the characters change, and so the eyes through which they see the world…

The well crafted story telling reveals characters that seem so real you could feel their breath, is masterfully spiced up by the poetry and the music.

The Get Down review by Lesleytee – Best Mixture of Education and Entertainment!

The Get Down is one of the most entertaining yet educational TV shows that are out today. Watching this TV show will teach you a lot about New York in 1970s and the development of popular black dominated music genres such as rap and hip-hop. Baz Luhrmann was able to combine, graffiti/street art, rap music, vogue dancing and the disco movement with the popularity of drugs, growth of gangs and poverty to create one fully comprehensive experience that makes you appreciate New York. One of the best aspects of the show is the realism that the actors bring to the screen. For example, the main character Ezekiel Figuero played by Justice Smith, a bright minded young man from the Bronx shows his ambition to better his life financially and socially by using the tools of his environment. Ezekiel is successfully able to fully utilise his mind and his talent to get to where he wants to be. Without telling too much about the plot, The Get Down has made me appreciate the music on my playlist. Thank you Netflix!

The Get Down review by selem-14233 – Super Powerful

This show is the best show I seen in a while. It’s amazing the way the creator and all made everything come together, from the music, to the history and art, to life in the south Bronx during that time period. Also I like how it told a story while expressing the music art history facts of the time. The love story came alive in this series perfectly around all the chaos and craziness going on in the big city lights. I come from a big city and I can relate to being a young black kid growing up in the city. So throughout most of the show I can see myself in the young ones finding their way, especially Zeke.

The Get Down review by Coco Roberts – Great Series!

This series is awesome. I happen to stumble upon it by searching through Netflix. If you are a lover of music, hip hop, and rap. You will love this! I think the last episode in season one was epic! I hope this series gets exposed more. The only draw back is that I wish they would cut down on the foul language. Can’t wait for seasons 2, 3, 4, 5 etc… and for those that give this series a bad review, you don’t know true hip hop, and the soul of music. This type of passion has to be in your bones. The crew they chose are perfect and I am loving Justice Smith (he is perfect for role). Shameik Moore is awesome too. However, I felt like the last episode allowed the whole crew to shine which was awesome. I love to watch movies that provide history behind it and this series does a great job doing that. I hope this series gets more recognition because it is truly great.

The Get Down review by Riveramac – If you want to re-live the 1970’s in the Bronx, this is a MUST!

The Get Down is by far the most authentic representation of hip hop, the 70’s, The Bronx culture, growing up in NY, growing up puerto rican, and the great music generated in NY. I grew up in the Bronx only blocks away from the famous 1520 Sedgwick Ave and this was like a real life time machine. The attention to detail, the birth of tagging, the south bronx burning. Just too much to cover. And all this before reviewing the acting, singing, music, and plot of this series. A fantastic cast who brought to life real life characters from the day. There is laughter, drama, despair, resurrection and love. Even if you do not know anything about Hip Hop or the Bronx, check out this series as you will not be disappointed. My favorite show on Netflix. Thank you Netflix!

The Get Down review by Chantalroxanne – Absolutely great for everyone

The Get Down is one of the most remarkable and epic shows I have ever seen. I believe this is a show everyone could watch, even if you don’t like hip-hop. It combines a lot of different genres to make it appealing for a big crowd. In general this is a drama/musical, but it also contains humor and action. Besides putting a spotlight on the evolution of hip-hop in the 70’s, this show also focuses on the career of an aspiring disco singer, which makes the music throughout the show very versatile. The main characters all have unique personalities and the show really focuses on their personal life goals and the struggles that come with them. This show had a gigantic budget and you can really see that. The creators paid attention to every little detail. Even if you think this show is not for you, please give it a try. If you don’t wanna watch because the show is cancelled, no worries. You won’t be left with a big, annoying cliff-hanger at the end of season 1. I would’ve loved a second season, but the ending is satisfying enough to wrap up an entire show.

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