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Watch The Detour online free – I absolutely love this show, I just wish Jason Jones and Samantha Bee had visited Syracuse before setting part of the show in Syracuse. As always, Syracuse is not portrayed accurately, which is why it is only a 9. Other than that the show is amazing and one of the few shows I watch the same night it airs.

Genre: Comedy

Director: Jason Jones, Samantha Bee

Actors: Ashley Gerasimovich, Jason Jones, Liam Carroll, Natalie Zea

TV Status: Returning Series

Release: 2016

Review The Detour 123movies – Watch The Detour 123movies online free

Review The Detour by Gnoroks – Hilarious but not for children

I gave it ten because I found it so refreshing. If one has tried to watch most of the other new comedies that have come out recently like “Kevin can wait” and “Man with a Plan” and find them mostly unwatchable you may agree. The Detour may be pretty stupid sometimes but at least it’s funny. I mean really funny. I watched the entire first season in a short period of time and I am ready for more. It is a bit raunchy at times so if you are sensitive to raunchiness just change the channel. I found something “laugh out loud” funny in every episode. Usually many times per episode. Natalie Zea is great in this. Normally she just gets a couple of lines in a show but here she is a main character, so you get to see her a lot. Not appropriate for your Mom or your kids so enjoy!

Review The Detour by chrisdye-9265 – Not usually my type of Comedy but this was a extreme surprise

OK so I usually don’t go for the rude crude and dirty humor like this show is however i was pleasantly surprised here its a good comedy ABOUT FAMILY NOT FOR FAMILY its filthy to the core and if u are easily offended stay far far away from this show but I think its hilarious so far I love the kids and the parents alike none of them are really role model citizens but they all have their own special thing about them that u love the daughters hilarious better than u attitude the sons weirdness the moms hornyness the dads sweet attempts it all works together perfectly and it all fits great tbs knows a little about comedy and this proved it ps love full fruntle with Sam bee as well but I say if u are mature enough to take some sexual jokes and swearing I say give it a shot u will at least laugh once guaranteed.

Review The Detour by Anonymous – Very, very funny – but not for kids or easily-offended-adults

I stumbled across this show, and I’m so glad! It’s hilarious! There is an over-arcing plot in the police station at the beginning of each episode (which is the only part I’m not 100% happy with, I’m not sure where they’re going with it or how it adds to the shows development), but each episode is really funny overall.

The writing is fantastic. I really like the way it all comes together, and can’t think of a single episode I didn’t like.

However – I have a favorite – I suggest any newcomers start with Season 2 Episode 3 – it is the funniest, grossest episode so far.

Start there, and then go to the beginning and binge! There’s no laugh track, the writing is quick and funny, the actors mesh well and even the kids have some really good lines (as opposed to just being a foil to the adults).

Definitely worth the time.

Review The Detour by Pvbklyn – No spoilers

This is great cartoon fun with live people. Have been a fan of Jason Jones who I know has good comedy chops. And also a fan of Natalie Zea who I had no idea she was this good at comedic acting, having seen her only in serious roles. Sam Bee is wife to Jason Jones and we know how great she is but she’s also creator and producer and along with hubby writer of this show. Jason and Natalie have great chemistry (and I wonder how Ms Bee is dealing with that.) In any case the two kids are pretty funny and cute–not in a cutesy way. The situations can be ridiculous, absurd, outrageous and sometimes serious. But I look forward to it each week and even suffer the commercials which is a rarity for me. Give it a shot. It’s only a half hour.

Review The Detour by chrisdye-17212 – Not sure what to think

I watched the premier of the new season of the show last night and I am kind of on the fence about how this season is going to go it had its moments don’t get me wrong but it seemed like something is missing from the show I will continue to watch it cause it was a good time and it felt great to have the family back again bigger and better than before I still love the kids and the mother the dads still a goof which is refreshing to see however the constant joke about cheating spouses in the second episode kinda bugged me it was like there were no consequences for either the mother or father who clearly went out on each other.though they did both bump into each other in the process of cheating which was kinda funny but it kinda made light of a serious problem with relationships now days and I didn’t like that but aside from that it was a good time and super fun just please KEEP THE KIDS AWAY FROM THE SHOW it’s just that simple not for kids but fun and enjoyable and hilarious for adults

Review The Detour by Leonardo DiSalvatore – Take a Detour and watch the funniest series

This is it, you’ve arrived! You’ve gotten this for, which means you heard about it so you should just stop reading be ause my headline says it all BUT what’s funny for me may not be funny for, thus we take a Detour.

It’s hard for a comedy to make me just lose it and laugh out laugh out of control, so when a series consistently provides that feeling, this feeling, I know it’s special.

Comedy these day are so creative that you smile more than you life out of admiration. Or there’s people that laugh easily with shows like the good place. That’s a show I don’t laugh out loud. Not saying it’s a bad show, it doesn’t provide that magic for me. Veep did. Silicon valley did. Louie, oh man Louie, forget a out reality because I watch tv to escape it, his series was a gem for me. It’s wasn’t so much a comedy, as he’s so influenced by French cinema and it shows, but there were flashes of great bouts of explosive laughter during his series.

Curb your enthusiasm provided it for me. Seinfeld always did and I could always depend on those two. Better things was a great show while not laugh out loud, it was beautifully written. The marvelous Mrs maisel was so special in the way it captured comedy and especially how it was executed, instead of the failed series in standing up here dying. Crashing eh.

The office constantly was an appointment tv was tons of laughs. Michael Scott was my go to. The UK version too. Parcs and recreation did the same and got better. Shameless was a different kind of laughter. It wasnt witty but very entertaining.

The Larry Sanders show was the first series I was introduced too that opened the door to the euphoria of how amazing series can be that made your cheeks stiff.

The Detour is so unafraid to touch on sensitive issues m, that’s something I love. A real comic doesn’t care about what other people think. It’s from failing so much that they’ve been turned into a pearl! This series is the real deal I swear by it. I named heavy weights above and this goes right there. I may have missed some off the top of my head. For example I don’t want to go all the way back to married with children that broke so many rules.

Well this series does the same! Eaxh character you love and root for, especially the father and son imo. There’s alot of Seinfeld moments in each episode. This show must have raised the blood pressure of TBS show managers, because they pushed it maybe beyond its limits for a channel like TBS.

TBS has been making a great name for themselves between this and search party, I’m starting to really pay attention. Words can’t express how happy I was when I stumbled upon this show and it was do to the amazing marketing TBS does.

Sure maybe some say it’s like the national lampoons, false. This is an entirely different beat beneath the surface that’s humor may offend people, but it doesn’t care. And I love that!

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