The Chaos Class (1975) Not Comedy – Watch The Chaos Class (1975) 123movies online free

Watch The Chaos Class (1975) 123movies online free – This is a great comedy but obviously a typical American won’t laugh as much as a Turkish person. Kemal Sunal and his classmates play it in the same tradition like Jerry Lewis and Charlie Chaplin. I showed the movie to an American friend, and with some translation, he laughed and enjoyed it, too. So, it is normal for Turks to give it a 10 rating, and non-turks to give a 7.3, and the difference is due to something lost in the translation! The other thing is, the Turks don’t laugh at actually what the characters are saying, but HOW they are saying… The facial expressions, the accent, body language.. all contribute… So you have to live for a while in Turkey to fully appreciate this movie…

The Chaos Class (1975) Not Comedy – Watch The Chaos Class (1975) 123movies online free

Review by Eilgin – You can call a movie a classic, if you can watch it over and over again and not get bored..

Hababam Sýnýfý (Hababam Class)is a great comedy which reflects as the best example of ‘the marvelous era of 70’s comedies’ of the Turkish cinema. It is about a class of highschool students in a private school. Their school tuition are paid by their ignorant parents who think that’s all for them to get prepared for life. The students bond each other as a family. They are lazy, ignorant, funny and the worst nightmare of their teachers. Adile Ana (ana=mother) who is the attendant in the school is like their own mother and she accepts them as real sons.

Their kingdom over the school is challenged when a new principal (Munir Ozkul) comes. He doesn’t have a family (says he didn’t have time to found one while dealing with others education), and plays a role of though, disciplined, but deep inside a warm hearted teacher and principle.

The movie is full of hilariously funny scenes of the students’ adventures between themselves, their teachers, other students and of course the principle who declared a war on them to get them disciplined.

It is funny but also a touchy film when they found the ‘father’ figure they lost in the principle.

There is one thing we should mention about the plot; the movie reflects the Turkish culture. Therefore there are not brutal gang members in the class terrorizing teachers and the school. They are just playing innocent jokes on everybody not harming anybody but their own future. They are still respectful to the elderly and teachers.

It is a great movie.

Review by Nihatdincer – This film deserves the rating, but…

Like most of the Turks, I have watched this film lots of times, and each time I still could find it entertaining, funny and touching… It very much deserves the high ratings, however, as many others have already noted down, comedy is not universal. Thus the movie may not mean so much to other nationalities and the rating may lead to wrong impressions/expectations. There seems no solution to this rating problem, but maybe the source of the rating could somehow be noted down somewhere… In this way the visitor will be able to see that (1) it is a masterpiece of Turkish cinema (due to high rating) (2) It has only been watched and rated by mostly Turkish people so far (due to source of rating). In time more people from all over the world might have opportunity to watch and rate this film and we can finally have a “universal” rating for it.

Review by Selimkuris – The best comedy I’ve ever witnessed.

When you watch Hababam Sinifi you can not get yourself out from feeling the good old high school ages that you have had. It has lots of school moments that we have all shared which we sometimes still remember and wish that we could still turn back the time and live those years again and again.

The movie keeps us remembering the whole funny situations that we were in, during those years; various ways of cheating exams, running out of class with kinds of funny excuses just to go and watch the final matches, smoking in the toilets during the break-time and so on… Of course the movie gives great lessons against these behaivors with the help of one character which lead the whole “Hababam Sinifi” series. Mahmut Hodja. His moral values and commitment to his students had us all get wet eyes during this comedy. But of course not only him, the whole cast had his own different character profiles. Body Ekrem (which was played by “The Extraoridnary” Sener Sen), Inek Saban, Guduk Necmi, Hafize Ana etc. But of course non of these characters could come to life without the great observations of the fabulous director, Ertem Egilmez (may he rest in peace). During his entire directing career he always made his movies like a mirror holding through the audience and had them to watch themselves in the movies and I can say that Hababam Sinifi is one of his greatest works. Speaking for myself, I must admit that this is my favorite movie of all time and even the movie is played on TV a million times, I never get bored seeing it again and again. I guess none of you would either…

Review by Lektem – Great Fun!

“Hababam” is a never-aging movie. I just watched it again last night (I don’t remember how many times I watched it!) and I was on my knees, laughing with tears in my eyes. Sener Sen, Munir Ozkul, Adile Nasit, Kemal Sunal (Only Ozkul and Sen alive today) are among the greatest comedians in Turkish cinema and watching them in the same movie is undescribable joy! Movie’s passing into a sadder region makes the onlooker feel that this is life itself. Before recovering a laugh coma the onlooker enters a sad valley. The original score is a great helper in these transitions. Composer Melih Kibar created one of his best works for Hababam Sinifi.

To sum up, Hababam Sinifi is like a drug when you feel gloomy, blue, sad. You can cheer up within minutes if you sit and watch it.

Review by kibrisli7 – This is a masterpiece and a gem in the collection of classical Turkish cinema!

With an all star cast, the film is based around the antics of a class of no hopers. The class is called “Hababam sinifi” which literally means class nonstop. The music is composed by Melih Kibar. It plays an important part of the film and shapes the mood from scene to scene. The music is one of my favourite things about any movie and Turkish films in my opinion are always very good at this. The same score is played in this film whether the scene is happy or sad but played slower and quicker with different instruments is a very effective way to touch the audience. In a way its the same as how the theme tune in the rocky film is the same melody. When played fast its inspiring and brings verve to the scene but when played slow we feel sorry for rocky.

The humour may not be understood to the fullest by viewers not Turkish speaking. But this film is truly timeless. The humour and whit may of set a standard in Turkish cinema for years after.

Review by entropy1978 – one of the best film that express the Turkish culture

This film was created in 1975, but it has been saving its popularity despite the changing of peoples’ life style. No one can find any Turkish people who did not watch it over and over. I don’t believe that there has been such a film watched more than hababam sinifi in all over the world.

what is the reason for a film to be watched and loved so much? in my opinion, this film reflects the real behavior of the Turkish people, that is, Turkish people see themselves while watching this film. the first three films of the hababam series were very successful. those films were honored by the Turkish public by watching them in cinemas for long period of times (i think 2 years without giving break)

however, it is difficult for a foreign person to understand how such a film is watched so many times. unfortunately, it is very difficult to enjoy this film if you feel yourself as a turk.

Review by caymen1979 – I have a dream!

Whenever I watch this movie, I imagine that someday hababam sinifi will be shown in the world and people from all of the world will talk about it. The artists who played at this movie, especially Kemal Sunal and Sener Sen, will be world-famous. Ana everybody wants to see other movies of these great artists.

Yes,I have a dream and I believe that it will become true eventually. Because Hababam Sinifi deserves it.This movie isn’t just a movie, it is a way of life. When you see movie once, you are not “you” anymore. Maybe you are “inek saban” or “guduk necmi” or “mahmut hoca” and this list continues. At rest of your life, you select one of this characters and you live like this. Am I exaggerating? Maybe, a little but I mean that this movie reflects all sides of life and every single person find a thing from his/her life.

Last thing I would like to mention about Hababam Sinifi is that this movie is a excellent harmony of local and universal comedy understanding. So I am sure that any person who saw this movie will love it very much and would like to see it again and again.

Review by lanfear telamon – I Know Why This Movie Is So Rated

This is a classic old Turkish movie which I as a Turkish person enjoy very much watching over and over again. But I understand it may not be as enjoyable to everybody especially if one is not grow up in Turkey.

I think the reason why we found funny after all these years is we had similar experiences in high school as well. For most of us high school friendships are very special. As children we all bonded over against teachers or any authority in general then. We all ditched the school to go movies or a football games. We all cheated in some extend in our exams. We all gave nicknames to friends and teachers. We all had some very odd/funny teachers and we all had one way or other some very strict, serious, smart teacher whom effected us very much but we didn’t like him/her at time. Also I guess every class has someone like Saban (cow); very naive student whom all class make fun of. Or Necmi or Tarik or Hayri.

Also when they were shooting this movie they had very limited budget then, therefore in all class only three students are played by real actors. The rest were found out by newspaper adverts. So in order to give the feeling; people made to play football together for real, even sleep at the same dormitory in night for a time. The football scenes in the movie is real as well. I think when people watch it they feel like in high school again, like seeing old friends. I know I do.

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