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Watch Tag full movie online freeI love to laugh. I mean, really love it. This movie made me laugh not five minutes into it and kept me laughing through the credits. A lot of the humor was slapstick conveyed through some really great stunt sequences. The other humor was in the snappy reparte among the characters. It is an uncomplicated fun ride and I can’t wait to see it again.

Tag putlockers – Watch Tag full movie online free

Tag review by KJ Proulx – Does It Really Work As A Movie?

There are times when a true story lends itself to a film in an emotionally resonant way and other times when it’s simply done in order to impress or deliver laughs to an audience. That being said, Tag is a rare film that sort of relies on all of those things and more, which sort of makes for a weird experience at the movies. I have been looking forward to this film for a while and hearing that it was based on a true story made me that much more intrigued by it. Personally, I enjoyed my experience watching this film, but upon reflection, I can see why many viewers may find it boring or wish for it to be a much funnier romp. Here’s why I would recommend Tag if you can check your expectations at the door and not expect it to be a hilarious movie from start to finish.

Following a group of friends who have been playing the same game of tag for over thirty years, as a way of staying friends, they make it their mission to finally tag their friend Jerry, who has been the champion forever. Yes, the plot is silly and outlandish, as is the movie itself, but the fact that people are actually out there in the real world doing this, made for a much more subdued experience. At its core, this is a film about friendship and the comedic aspect of this film simply comes from whenever the writers decided to add jokes into the core premise of the movie. The emotional core is really what hooked me throughout this movie.

It seems strange to say that the dramatic aspects of a movie that follows older men playing tag are the best portions of the film, but that’s truly where I found myself most impacted by it. Yes, there are some very funny lines of dialogue that I’m still replaying in my head, but they are few and far between, making way for the third act, which isn’t exactly the type of conclusion I was expecting. Without giving anything away (and if you don’t know the way this true story ends), this film ends on a note that actually had me slightly tearing up. This truly is a movie about friendship, first and foremost. For that reason alone, I forgave the fact that it wasn’t loaded with comedy.

Now, that’s precisely why I believe certain viewers will be turned off by this film. Most people will look at the trailers and think they’re going to see a laugh riot, and like I said, there are jokes that work very well, but it’s sort of a blend of both comedy and drama. If you’re able to gravitate toward that throughout your viewing experience, then I can definitely say this is the movie for you. A good story always trumps good jokes in my opinion. A movie could have lame jokes, but if the core plot is holding it together, then it’s not a complete flop in my opinion.

Tag benefits from a very dedicated cast, with standouts being Hannibal Buress and Jake Johnson. These dedicated performers made this a very believable (albeit ridiculous) movie to watch. With some clever editing choices and quite frankly some cool choices in terms of cinematography, this movie tried to be much more than it needed to be, so I absolutely have to commend it for that. This is a comedy that you shouldn’t be seeing for the comedy, but you’ll still be rewarded with some hilarious moments. See this film for the camaraderie of friendship and I think you’ll have a good time with it, as I did. It’s not a great movie by any means, but it’s a solid time at the movies.

Tag review by afrocut1 – One step forward, two steps back.

“Tag” sets out to take a true life inspiration and make it funny and , unfortunately, slightly serious . It’s tag scenes are very funny and insanely over the top , so much so that you’ll wish they were explained as tall tale versions of the truth , but it is the films strength. It’s weakness is it’s lack of emotional weight, most of which comes in the last moment and feels almost forced. Characters don’t seem to learn the important lessons that seem to be seeded throughout the film and instead are just used as punch lines. Just some of the character arcs that really go no where are: a jobless stoner with no ambition, a corporate big wig who is self absorbed, a seemingly perfect man who’s actually an alcoholic, a man fearful that his wife is cheating on him and a reporter bored with work. None of this matters as the movie heads to its end. It does try to become Something more and it sure is fun when those moments happen, it’s just to little and way to late in to help it rise to greatness.

Tag review by SheBurn – Funny & entertaining movie

Remember when movies were meant simply to entertain? They didn’t have symbolism and allegories and Oscar aspirations? Movies like “Animal House” and “Vacation” and “Airplane?” “Deadpool?” Critics seem to forget about such movies and deem them unworthy of viewing. But what’s wrong with two hours of fun? Forgetting your troubles for a while? Nothing! No, “Tag” will win no awards, but it made us laugh throughout. It’s a glorified Three Stooges for the 21st century. But there’s actual wit and charm, and if you just want to have fun for a while, look no further. Bonus points to Jeremy Renner’s character’s “Sherlock Holmes” send up!

Tag review by Scott-101 – A lot of fun

“Tag” stars Hannibal Buress, Jon Hamm, Ed Helms, Jake Johnson and Jeremy Renner as a quintet of friends who have a game of Tag they play throughout the month of May that has carried them through adulthood for over 30 years since the start of the game. The premise lends itself to a lot of easy humor but the laughs are multi-layered and hit at many a level: The sight of grown adults shocking bystanders with such abormal devotion to a childish game (the camera makes sure to pan to these shots), the Isla Fisher character who regularly ups her intensity to maniacal at her husband’s progress, and the physical comedy all hit.

Similar to another Ed Helms film “The Hangover”, there’s a lot of escalating tension. Will the bad guy be tagged? Will people be seriously maimed or killed before the end of the film? I honestly had no clue how this would end which kept me in my seat even more.

Rashida Jones has a plot that’s not particularly developed but that’s a relatively minor setback compared to the brilliance of this film.

Tag review by rmccowen-09150 – Laughs and Heart

I was on my bachelor party when three of my best friends and I saw this movie. We laughed through the entire movie and connected with the characters. Sure, it was a bit crass but it had more heart than a lot of movies of this genre. It also kept you guessing about where the movie was headed. Ultimately, it was about five friends who stay young in the best way by not stopping playing games. A good lesson to us all. Great guy movie, great bachelor party movie. Well done.

Tag review by Invisibleunicornninja – Stupid and Immature.

I had a lot of fun watching this movie. I wasn’t expecting a lot out of this film, other than to be entertained, and I definitely was. If you try to take this movie seriously, you are not going to have a good time. Some of these situations get hilariously out of hand and there are plenty of scenes of people jumping off roofs without injuries. They did what I was hoping would happen, which is have the situations get more and more insane while all the characters stay extremely serious about everything that is happening. The guy who plays Hawkeye is more badass in this movie than he is in the Avengers, which is pretty funny in it of itself. This movie is actually very well shot with lots of long takes and interesting angles, which I was not expecting. All the acting was fantastic and the action was well-done. I’m not saying that this movie is a masterpiece, but it’s a lot of fun and worth seeing in theaters.

If you do see it, don’t forget to hang around for the end credits, which were pretty funny.

Tag review by Jack C – Drags a bit, but mostly funny

Tag has some genuinely funny moments, but much of the story drags out with a boring side romance and unfunny chases. This felt like a script written by committee to fill out 2 hours. I agree with other reviewers – the potential of the premise was wasted.

That’s not to say it wasn’t fun. Most audience members were tagging each other while walking back to the parking lot. So the movie did awaken the inner child, albeit clumsily. I don’t regret seeing it with my Moviepass, and would recommend it on a matinee if you have to pay full price.

Tag review by eddie_baggins – An hilariously over the top comedy, Tag is well worth your time

One of the more random true stories to be adapted for the big screen in recent times, Tag is for all intents and purposes an extremely silly and over the top comedy but one that knows and understands what it is and is all the better for it.

Directed by first time director Jeff Tomsic and featuring an all-star cast led by Jon Hamm, Ed Helms, Jake Johnson, Hannibal Buress and Jeremy Renner, with help from the underused female supports Isla Fischer, Annabelle Wallis, Rashida Jones and Leslie Bibb, Tag is quite literally a film about a bunch of adults trying to beat each other at the game we here in Australia call chasey/tiggy but it’s also a subtlety affecting examination on friendship and finding reasons to remain in each other’s life, which makes Tag become such an enjoyable watch from start to finish.

Based on the original Wall Street Journal article published in 2013, Tag features little titbits of the real life story its based upon but recognising the absurdity of the real-life game played by a group of long-term friends one month every year, Tomsic and his cast aim for the over the top and deliver and ensure that Tag never takes itself too seriously, which allows us as an audience to accept what we are in for and go along for the constantly moving ride.

Focussing its attentions on Helm’s determined Hoagie, Hamm’s self-assured Callahan, Johnson’s no-hoper Chilli and Buress’s mild-mannered Sable trying their best to “tag” Jeremy Renner’s champion player Jerry before he gets hitched and retires from the game as the uncatchable player, we are thrust into a series of completely over the top yet often hilarious high-stakes scenes of attempts to catch-out Jerry and the film’s ability to craft an energy and frenetic nature to these moments really stands out as the does the cast’s ability to build up a solid chemistry together.

Led by Helms and Hamm who are both having a real blast in their respective roles, everyone gets a moment to shine here with supporting players Fischer and Renner both stealing the MVP chocolates with their fun turns and come the films surprisingly touching finale you begin to realise that you’ve grown attached to these characters despite the silliness and mayhem that surrounds them.

Final Say

If dumb comedies aren’t your thing, Tag is a film to run very quickly away from but for anyone that heads into this hilariously true tale with the right mindset, Tag will become one of the more easy to enjoy and likeable comedies released this year and a likely inspiration to get your old chasey buddies together for one last game.

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