Solo: A Star Wars Story putlockers – Watch Solo: A Star Wars Story full movie online free

Watch Solo: A Star Wars Story full movie online free“Solo” delivers exactly what we could expect: an enjoyable adventure set in between the clone wars and the rebellion. Dark and gritty settings, fast paced action and great fun. Alden Ehrenreich is a perfectly good younger Han Solo, and all the other actors are great. I am a die hard Star Wars fan since 1977, and to me the Force and the jedi are the most important ingredients. As expected they are absent this time around. But there are plenty of names and details here to thrill the fans. Oh, and one major surprise. Buckle up, baby.

Solo: A Star Wars Story putlockers – Watch Solo: A Star Wars Story full movie online free

Solo: A Star Wars Story review by Bernhardkreuzpaintner – Better than expected

I went to the movie theater without any spoilers and an open mind. I was not disappointed! Solo is more like a Western movie but it works. Alden Ehrenreich is a believable Han and the dynamic between him and Chewie is already great. Donald Glover as Lando absolutely nails it. He IS Lando – almost better than Billy Dee Williams. The movie’s plot is simple but entertaining and there are some nice twists. And there’s plenty nostalgic moments for the fans and lots of Easter eggs and cameos. All in all a good movie, not quite Star Wars as you expect it as a hardcore fan, but a good action movie. And the Kasdans put some humor in it – and some Han Solo moments that make you forget that it’s not Harrison Ford. Ehrenreich did a nice job.

Solo: A Star Wars Story review by smfisher-50757 – A fun Star Wars story for everyone

Loved it. Always been bias towards Star Wars – can’t do any wrong. Solo: A Star Wars Story was everything a true fan like myself would love, lots of fun, crazy, typical Han adventures. Covers the depth of Han’s character in the Star Wars universe, and truly demonstrates the real hero of Star Wars – Han’s always been a good guy at heart, the real hero!!! Lots of fun, would recommend everyone get in on the action!

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Solo: A Star Wars Story review by Jrvreijsen – Worst Star Wars Movie Ever

Now I use IMDb a lot to view ratings and reviews, but I never really contributed anything. Now, I just came back from Solo: A Star Wars Story and I really felt the urge to create an account and review this movie.

Solo: A Star Wars Story felt empty. I will not bother you with any spoilers. There were some cool scenes, but I feel like nothing is memorable. On top of that, characters behaved plain stupid many times and illogically. This is just the kind of action movie that is like any other action movie. The story was so unoriginal and boring that I still feel sick in my stomach by realizing how much potential they wasted – once again.

I am a fan of the Originals and think the Prequels are pretty good. I loved Rogue One, but just like The Force Awakens and The Last Jedi this movie wastes so much potential. Only this time, they wasted more potential than ever. This movie is slightly better than the Finn and Rose scenes in Episode 8.

Still, because it is Star Wars – and only because it is Star Wars – I rate it a 5 out of 10. But a strong brand cannot stay strong if it does not produce strong movies anymore. Something Disney needs to keep in mind. A brand’s past reputation alone cannot keep it alive forever.

Solo: A Star Wars Story review by austin-65005 – Don’t listen to fan boys

Listen, I was very skeptical going into the movie. And watching the first bit of the movie I thought I was going to be very dissapointed. It is weird seeing a solo not played by Harrison Ford. But as the movie goes on that goes away and the plot really starts to pick up. I really enjoyed the movie all in all. If you like a movie with a good plot line, thrilling action, some comedic moments, and good acting… this is a good one. People will give it bad ratings solely because they don’t like that they added a prequel… GIVE IT A CHANCE!

Solo: A Star Wars Story review by Sandiegocat – Really Fun Movie!

This is a really fun movie for the everyone. I went with eight people to a preview screening, and we all really enjoyed it. It’s more action and less talk than some movies in the Star Wars franchise, so it moves along at a brisk pace. Paul Bethany’s Dryden Vos is a bad guy that you will love to love even though you know you should hate him. If you’ve been under a rock and haven’t seen the Star Wars movies, you will still really enjoy it, but it has some moments that will especially excite Star Wars fans. Go see it!

Solo: A Star Wars Story review by Jordanwbrooks – The kind of story the original movies left you pining for.

So I went into this movie not expecting much since I knew of the multiple director transitions and such. However, I really do like Ron Howard’s work and I was surprised to hear that this is one of the first Star Wars movies to have an Academy Award winning director at the helm (I could be wrong on that?). I also have been slightly skeptical of these Star Wars Stories because I’m worried that Disney is going to be “milking their cash cow” too much. Regardless of that, the movie was thoroughly entertaining for me. I have loved Star Wars since I was a kid and the original trilogy created a world so rich in imagination that it always left me wanting to stay there and dive into more stories and know more about our heroes. This movie totally did that and took us to places we haven’t seen before, and showed us different perspectives of the Star Wars galaxy that we’ve not seen. It was great! The story was a little simple but the characters are strong enough to captivate you and every actor does an excellent job in their respective roles. I honestly hope there will be another installment in to Han Solo’s backstory and hopefully they keep Ron Howard on board too!

Solo: A Star Wars Story review by Panmpap – A solid adventure in STAR WARS universe

Let’s start by saying that Solo isn’t a STAR WARS film with much potential, since it follows a fully-fleshed our character from the Original Trilogy, Han Solo, Chewie a character we have already seen 6 times and Lando, a supporting character in Empire and Return. However, it manages to give us some decent worldbuiling and introduction to the STAR WARS underworlds, some ok humor and characters. It is though predictable at times and it is safe. That isn’t necessarily a bad thing since TLJ was bold and I didn’t really like it.

All in all, it is an enjoyable adventure, but not I my top 5 of Star Wars films.

Solo: A Star Wars Story review by chase540 – A Thrilling Ride Through Uncharted Territory of a Known Universe

Solo: A Star Wars Story is an interesting backstory to one of Star Wars’ most exciting characters. I don’t claim to be a big Star Wars guy. I’ve seen all the movies multiple times, but I don’t get into the history or politics of it outside of what is shown on the big screen. The new trilogy is keeping my interest and Rogue One felt unnecessary, but Solo has to be the most in-spirit Star Wars film since Return of the Jedi.

It was a heist film, a Spaghetti Western, a buddy comedy, and a sweeping romantic epic all in one – all with more double-crosses in a third act than a Tarantino film. The acting was superb (whether you like Ehrenreich’s take on Han or not, he gives it everything he’s got with going overboard), and there are some great moments for the up-and-coming actors to shine.

Ron Howard does a great job chewing the scenery and showcasing the wonder of a franchise that hasn’t been seen in ages. The movie is not without problems, and (like Rogue One) you can’t jump into this films as a Star Wars starting place – it can’t stand on its own, but the complaints are minimal. This is definitely one of the better Star Wars films in a long time.

Solo: A Star Wars Story review by schubby-45865 – Good, Fun, Adventure Film

Huge Star Wars fan here, however did not think TLJ was that good. Loved Solo, yes the movie has its flaws but overall still an enjoyable film. Good film to see after the way TLJ went. I will have to see it again this weekend before giving it an official rank, but right now it’s hovering around 5-7 out of all the Star Wars films! Must see movie!

Solo: A Star Wars Story review by John Flynn – The Original Trilogy Looks Like Nothing Compared To This Masteroiece!

Solo. Also titled as “Solo: A Star Wars Story”. Honestly, I wasn’t expecting this movie to be great. Interestingly, this is now my favorite Star Wars film ever made. I’m not BS you. Superb acting from start to finish. Superb effects from start to finish. More than ever we, Star Wars fans, get what we deserve. Only a genuine passion could’ve made a movie like this one. Very layered and very introspective. It’s great. I can’t wait to see this movie for the second time. I rarely do this for movies. Everyone is great. Enfys is now officially the best Star Wars baddie. And, sure, there are some flaws, but none of them are fundamental. Unintentionally or not, but there is a lot of humor in this movie, and it’s amazing. Carefully crafted and made, Solo proves why Disney is at the top of their game. Knowing in which direction Disney is going, Star Wars is at the safe hands. So, I don’t know what else to say without spoiling the movie. It’s just so good.

P.S. Alden Ehrenreich is a better Han Solo than Ford ever was, or ever cared of being.

Solo: A Star Wars Story review by Miroslav Kyuranov – Han Shots First!

Opposite of the expectations, the film is purely a pleasure for me! The setting itself presents a new part of the Star Wars universe, which has not been presented so far on the big screen. The story is interesting, the characters are great, especially Lando and Chewie. The new characters Beckett, Qi’ra also improve the story very well.

It’s good to note that Alden Ehrenreich is not trying to imitate Harrison Ford, but portrays it in a way we have not seen before. It was exactly what he was before he turned into this pessimistic, to a lot of things and a hero we love.

Music is an important part of the movie! Together with the relevant scenes, the film takes you to this setting. We really have to respect Ron Howard for his achievement in this film.

“Solo: A Star Wars Story” is not a typical Star Wars movie, but it fits perfectly into the universe and is undoubtedly a pleasure. Different, fun, but serious when it needs.

Solo: A Star Wars Story review by Naurya – Solid adventure movie that captures the spirit of Star Wars

After the huge disappointment that was “The Last Jedi”, I’m really glad to say that “Solo” is once again a Star Wars movie that captures the spirit of Star Wars! It doesn’t try to “kill the past”, but shows a decent amount of respect for its original characters.

Alden Ehrenreich does a good job as Han Solo, though – of course – he is no Harrison Ford. But it doesn’t take long until you accept him as a younger Han Solo. Donald Glover, however, is brilliant as Lando Calrissian and truly embodies the smooth playboy with his extravagant clothing style. I loved every second he was on screen. Woody Harrelson was also great as Han’s mentor – a role very similar to the one he played in “The Hunger Games”. The only cast member who wasn’t able to convince entirely was Emilia Clarke as Qi’ra, though I don’t know if it’s her fault or the script’s fault. Too much about her character was left in the dark and even in the end I never understood her goals or motivations.

The movie is an action-packed adventure and it never gets boring. However, sometimes the action gets in the way of the character development. As an audience, we have too little time to get to know the new characters in the beginning, which makes it difficult to sympathize with them during action scenes.

The established characters, on the other hand, are all beautifully portrayed and there are some great Star Wars moments in this movie that fans have imagined since back in 1977. Some might call it fan service, but these scenes are never over the top or in-your-face, but well woven into the story.

The humor is also dead-on! I laughed a lot during the screening and I can’t remember a single joke that didn’t work. Most importantly, there is no self-referential humor and people also don’t act out of character just for the sake of a joke (as was the case in “The Last Jedi”). I especially enjoyed the numerous instances where Han tries to talk himself out of dire situations by making ludicrous claims or excuses. Typically Han!

Though “Solo” surely isn’t a revelation and can’t make up for the mess that is the sequel trilogy, the movie has given me hope again that Lucasfilm might be heading into the right direction in the future. The atmosphere in “Solo” just felt right, as did the characters. The “Star Wars feeling” has returned!

Solo: A Star Wars Story review by Allstarrunner – A solid addition to the Disney era of SW films

First off, I did not want a Solo prequel. In fact, even after seeing the movie, I didn’t really want a Solo prequel. However, I decided that if I actually put aside my fandom of only wanting Harrison Ford to be Solo and just tried to judge this movie on its own merits – it was actually a good movie.

I’m a simple man when it comes to movie reviews: did I enjoy it or not? Yes, I did. Is it worth the money to see in the theater? Yes, it is.

I had read all the stuff about having to bring in acting coaches, etc and all the other behind the scenes trauma on the movie and I never noticed anything in th emovie itself that would have led me to believe that all that stuff happened. Whatever pieces Ron Howard had to pick up to make a good movie, he managed to do it.

The pacing was good and even though I am not a fan of other franchises copying the “Marvel” tone of movies with lightheartedness and humor (which was terribly out of place in Ep 8!) I felt it actually worked in this movie because I think it fits with Han’s personality – so I gave a pass there.

All in all, it is actually a solid movie. I should probably rate it a 7, but who am I kidding the kid in me that still loves star wars bumped it up to an 8.

The bottom line is this is a well done, fun paced movie for a night out at the theater; I suspect the only people who really won’t enjoy it are those who come into it already hating the idea of a Solo prequel and never let that go.

And finally, unlike Episode 8 that left me unexcited for Ep 9, this movie had me leave and actually say to my friends, “I’m actually looking forward to a second one in this series.”

Solo: A Star Wars Story review by Jan Klerks – somewhere in between meh and okay

Technically this movie is about how Han Solo and Chewbacca got to team up, how Han got the Millennium Falcon, and about the birth of the rebellion. Now these are big moments in the Stars Wars saga, but unfortunately they are being rattled off in mere minutes in this movie. The bulk of what we’re getting is how Han Solo made his bones as the good bad guy of the universe by teaming up with a group of hired robbers who owe debts which keep getting larger as they fail to deliver the promised goods. During the first few scenes, Han Solo’s motive is being presented (a girl) after which the story kicks off with Solo already being the cocky skilled pilot as we have come to known him, and the movie will take it from there. In the end, Han and Chewy save the day for the good guys without getting to know them better than we already do.

I’m not a huge Star Wars fan but I always liked how the franchise keep true to itself, and this movie does that in its own way. The movie contains all the well known ingredients of a likeable summer blockbuster against the backdrop of everything you are already familiar with. However, somehow I doubt many Star Wars fans will tick one as their favourite Star Wars movie.

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