Set It Up putlockers – Watch Set It Up full movie online free

Watch Set It Up full movie online freeThe movie could not have been better. The movie was amazing and I do not regret watching it for a second I was entertained throughout the entire movie. The comedy and romance were the modest important factors of this movie. I hope to meet all of the actors in real life and thank them personally for making this masterpiece together.

Set It Up putlockers – Watch Set It Up full movie online free

Set It Up review by KJ Proulx – A Harmless Rom-Com

Romantic comedies fall into the category of being extremely unpredictable because there are so many of them that look generic from their trailers. It’s hard to tell if they’re going to be great or downright dreadful. Not that I was looking forward to one of Netflix’s most recent features in Set It Up, but the cast alone is what had me giving it a chance. This was a very strange viewing experience for me, due to the fact that I would barely call it a solid movie, but I loved watching it anyways. Set It Up is actually a movie that I would recommend to most people, but would also include an asterisk. Here’s why I believe it deserves your time, but also why you shouldn’t expect too much.

Following Harper and Charlie, as they assist their needy bosses in everyday tasks throughout the office, these two form a plan to get their bosses to fall in love with each other in order to give themselves more free time, possibly finding a relationship of their very own in the process. The premise itself is very streamlined and nothing all that interesting comes of it, so it’s hard to recommend a movie that you can call every shot to as it progresses, but quite honestly, this is a movie that benefits so heavily from its two leading performers that it warrants a recommendation from me in the end.

Zoey Deutch has always impressed me, from her appearance in a lacklustre movie like Dirty Grandpa or a standout role in Everybody Wants Some!!, I have been rooting for this actress to become a star, and while this movie definitely won’t get her noticed, her performance is beyond likable. On top of that, Glen Powell plays off her performance in superb a surprising ways and found myself grinning from ear to ear whenever they were on screen together. If for nothing else, I can confidently say that I’d be shocked if someone complained about their chemistry here. That being said, as I mentioned before, you kind of expect where the movie ends.

The one major drawback of this film is the fact that you will be predicting each scene before it happens, due to the fact that the movie moves along in a very formulaic way. That being said, I was able to forgive this movie for being wholly unoriginal because it pretty much embraces the fact that everyone’s going to guess where each character ends up. Set It Up is loaded with a slew of character moments that were quite memorable, at least for myself. Even their bosses, played by Taye Diggs and Lucy Liu, had their moments to shine. Their chemistry worked for me as well. Movies like this rely heavily on whether or not you like the characters, so for that reason alone, I found myself loving my experience with this movie, but the movie itself isn’t something I would say I love upon reflection.

Set It Up tries very hard to differentiate itself from many other films in its genre, but ultimately fails to impress, even though the characters are very well-rounded in my opinion. From the screenplay to the direction, everything about this film feels superbly average, so if you’re looking to be blown away by a great romantic comedy, then I suggest looking elsewhere. If you can accept a generic plot and simply enjoy watching some great characters evolve for 105 minutes, then I think you’ll get a kick out of this move like I did. Set It Up is a movie that’ll probably be forgotten when this year comes to a close, but I think it deserves a little more than that.

Set It Up review by Lugo1989 – It is exactly what you would expect from this type of film

Lately, romantic comedies somehow all feel the same. Even though Set It Up brings nothing new to the formula, it is still more enjoyable than most films in this genre. The two main characters are lovable and have good chemistry. Their bosses are your typical office dragons and barely treat anyone else as human beings. The dialogue is quite witty and the pace is good too. When it comes to the plot development and the ending, it is all predictable and exactly like you probably expected. One of the positives is that it is actually not that terribly cheesy. There are a couple of scenes towards the end that will put you in danger of getting diabetes but other than that, it is not that bad. It is a nice date film or something to watch if you wish to relax for a bit.

Set It Up review by sunshinesummer-76743 – Fantastic Feel Good Story

I’m a sucker for movies like this. After watching Ibiza, I seriously lost faith in the future of chick flicks. But this sweet film has brought it back! The female lead Harper was adorable and easy to relate to. The romance was sweet-not a lot of tension, but still enough to draw you in. Did the story have some cliche parts and predictability? Oh for sure. But it was so well done, who cares? There’s a fine line between being cliche in a good way and cliche in a cheesy way and this movie walked that line like a pro.

Set It Up review by markj-02556 – ENJOYABLY SILY

This film is about two stressed out assistants to, two powerful people. Who attempt to get their bosses together in the hope that once they find love, their jobs will become a whole lot easier and their bosses become a whole lot nicer.

This film is directed by Claire Scanlon (The last man on earth). It stars Zoey Deutch (Before I fall), Glen Powell (Hidden figures) and Lucy Liu (Kill Bill: Volume 1).

This film is dumb, but entertaining. It toes the line between so bad its good and just a enjoyable film. What makes the film not so bad its good for me is the performances. The cast has perfect chemistry and their are some stand performances like Lucy Liu as Zoey Deutchs mean boss, and Tituss Burgess (Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt) as Creepy Tim, who delivers the films best jokes. This film did not have me checking my watch to see when it would end.

However, the films story follows the typical Romcom clichés, couple that with down right stupid story, that is so unrealistic it is probably the best joke in the entire film.

If you like Romcoms this is for you, but if your looking for a netflix film with substance go and watch Cargo.

Set It Up review by Peytonfredonson – Why does Netflix keep doing this?

Got through 10 mins of this before I turned it off. I will admit, the trailer looked really good and I even set a countdown to the release of this movie. I had so many question within the first 10 mins. There wasn’t really any introduction. It would have been easy to set the scene with some bird eye scenes of New York? Than Like did then main characters now each other before the delivery incident? It didn’t say. And the guy brought his girlfriend flowers and she turned him away? That’s a bit unrealistic cause no matter what time it is, you should be available to see your partner. I mean, if you really love them ect. I can believe that some bosses are similar to this, but I don’t believe that it is 100% accurate. Horriable writing, acting and it made me realise once again why I don’t bother with movies that Netflix has made. Really dissapointed.

Set It Up review by Atiyaahsan – Surprisingly funny and charming!!

I had seen the movie’s trailer beforehand but didn’t have high expectations from this one. I am happy to report I was wrong. The movie is funny, witty and thoroughly engrossing. I wasn’t bored for a minute, thanks to the snappy dialogue and crisp editing and direction. I must admit I only decided to watch it cuz’ of the big names like Luc Liu & Tae Diggs, and though both of them played their characters of A**hole bosses convincingly, but it’s the primary couple of Zoey Deutch & Glen Powell that makes you fall in love with them. Even the supporting actors cast in bit roles like the coffee shop waiter, the elevator guy and the gay best friend played their roles perfectly. I found myself constantly laughing out loud. All in all, it was a very enjoyable film that all rom-com lovers will enjoy.

Set It Up review by Tributarystu – Vicarious lovin’

Zoey Deutch and Glen Powell reunite after the excellent Everybody Wants Some (2016) in this low frills, high-chemistry rom-com. There isn’t much to dwell on here, as ‘Set It Up’ proves the ideal low-stakes Friday night Netflix watch.

Deutch and Powell play Harper and Charlie, two young and ambitious characters working for a very special brand of pushy, domineering bosses. When they realize their common predicament, they set out to…set up their bosses, in the hope that it will lead to quality of life improvements for themselves. In an ironic twist, the ones being pushed around leverage their insights into personal scheduling and personal preferences to ensure the mis-match ends up matching. As is usual for mischievous do-gooders, there will be fraternizing and moral conundruming. And it will be fun.

Any successful rom-com hinges on the compatibility of its leads. Luckily, that’s not an issue here, with both potential couples gelling or not gelling just as intended. It’s the energy of all four key characters that keeps the movie alive, thanks to the odd piece of witty writing or amusing situation. I think I only rolled my eyes once at some ultra-corny moment that could have been avoided, but beyond that, director Claire Scanlon works gently and fairly with her characters. Everybody learns an important life lesson by the end and, surprisingly, it’s a lesson I relate to, although I’ve never had the issue of overworking myself in order to a.

Set It Up review by richard-fieldhouse – A Really Old School Romcom

Two ridiculously overworked personal assistants hit on the idea of setting up their respective bosses together in the hopes that the assistants will then get pushed around a bit less. At first they’re surprisingly successful but a plot this ambitious could never run totally smoothly could it?

So the premise of the film is very simple and the plot also develops along predicable lines. About ten minutes in, I was getting concerned about issues of workplace bullying, but then I got caught up in the energy of the story and the characters of the two assistants, Harper and Charlie, played by Zoey Deutch and Glen Powell. Yes, they are bullied and yes you could definitely say that the male boss – Rick, played by Taye Diggs – is a bit of a two dimensional caricature. But this is a romcom, not a documentary, so who cares.

There are enough laughs and the characters learn a little about themselves and about life along way, and most of all everyone – all the actors – get stuck in and really enjoy themselves. Right from Lucy Liu as the female sports journalist boss, right through to the cameos by the elevator engineer and the assistant in the jewellers.

It’s a very wordy script delivered at a terrific pace, perhaps particularly thanks to Zoey Deutch, and most people should really enjoy it.

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