Peter Rabbit review – Watch Peter Rabbit putlocker online free

Watch Peter Rabbit putlocker online free – If you’ve seen the trailers, then you know what you’re getting into. For those who are going to watch this due to nostalgia, this isn’t based on the Beatrix Potter books. They borrow the names of the animals and Bea herself (and the love interest isn’t even named after her real life husband). This movie is a rough and tumble comedy more akin to the 3 Stooges than anything resembling a heart-warming child’s movie. If anything, I would rate this more of a PG-13 vs PG since I wouldn’t bring any small child to watch this due to promotion of misbehavior, theft, rudeness, bullying, and destruction of property.

As an adult, I enjoyed it for what it was. The animation was very seamless and well done. The love story was bit over the top, but fine for a romantic comedy. And I did laugh at various points in the movie.

Peter Rabbit review – Watch Peter Rabbit putlocker online free

Peter Rabbit review by Brett Shartz – Laughed Until I Cried

This movie is seriously funny. There are so many parts where I couldn’t stop laughing. I’m an adult man and this may be my favorite movie.

Ignore negative reviews about the bullying scene. I mean the rabbits are mortal enemies of the gardener so yeah they are going to do whatever it takes. People need to stop being so sensitive about the whole allergy issue.

This movie will make you laugh, cry, and wish you could watch it again. Take your kids, take your mom, take a stranger….. they’ll laugh too!

Peter Rabbit review by Dlfnsrf – Witty, clever, and just plain old fun!

Peter Rabbit is a story I grew up with so I had to see this movie. I had no expectations. I don’t think I’ve laughed throughout an entire movie like I did watching this on a very long time. People commenting about the allergy scenes need to lighten up! — and that’s coming from someone with allergies — that put a damper on my life practically daily. Seriously, it’s such a minor part of the movie, laugh, don’t laugh, and move on. The movie has many good messages: knowing when to fess up and admit you did wrong (imagine that! Accountability!), making apologies (woah, again with owning up to your actions!), the impotance of friends and family, and more! Also, a great cast and a fabulous soundtrack.

Peter Rabbit review by Mymustanggt – A lot of fun.

I’m not really understanding the hate that some people are throwing at this movie. Especially all the snowflakes with the ‘making fun of allergies’ bit. Are you serious? Lighten up. I just saw this in the theater and I found myself laughing throughout it’s entirety. Sure, it wasn’t perfect but, I’d like to believe even the best movies in history have their flaws. The story itself is alright. Pretty simple and straight forward but, that’s okay. At least there was a plot. Where the story fails, the humor redeems, in my opinion. I also appreciate the fact that this ‘animal’ movie didn’t include all of gross bathroom humor jokes a lot of these kinds of movies have. The characters, I think, are great fun. Voice acting is great, as well as live action acting. Just and all-around fun movie. I get how some people are saying “This isn’t a Peter Rabbit movie, it’s just a bunch of characters with their names thrown into a cash-in flick”. Sure, maybe in a way, it is. To me, if I’m entertained, I’m entertained. A fun movie is a fun movie, and that’s that.

All in all, I thoroughly enjoyed it and would highly recommend it!

Peter Rabbit review by Amy Adler – Hop Hop Hop to see a sweet, beautiful and funny family film!

Brought to life from the classic Beatrix Potter tale, Peter Rabbit (James Corden) is still very interested in Mr. McGregor’s (Sam Neill) garden. After all, it is a bounty for rabbits and all wild animals, filled with fruits and veggies. Only now, since Mother Rabbit has passed away, Peter has enlisted his three sisters, Flopsy, Mopsy, and Cottontail as well as Benjamin Bunny to be the look-outs for him as he enters the garden. Then, too, a kind lady neighbor-artist of McG’s, Bea (Rose Byrne) tries to guard over the animals, for she dearly loves them. In most cases, this works out very well and Mr McG has not filled the hole underneath the gate where Peter can escape. One fateful day, however, Peter is caught and seems doomed. That is, until old Mr. McG hits the ground, a victim of a heart attack. The “ice cream truck” with the red stripes takes him away. Joy of joys, the animals now move in the house and eat freely from the garden. Its heaven! But, the tale is not over. A stuffy toy store manager and great nephew, Thomas McGregor (Domhnall Gleeson) comes to the country with the purpose of sprucing up the house and grounds to sell, as he prefers London. On the night of his arrival, what a shock, as he has to boot all the wildlife outdoors. In short order, Thomas begins to spiff the house AND repair any way into the garden via fences, gates, holes, etc. Peter and his family are dismayed. But, once Thomas meets Bea, things start to change. Maybe the country isn’t so bad, after all? Yet, because she loves her bunnies, Thomas has to display two faces, depending on whether the creatures are near. Can Bea trust Thomas? Can Peter and the others change the man’s mind about the beauty of all living things? What if his former life as a businessman comes beckoning Thom again? We shall see! What an absolutely delightful film this is, sweet, beautiful and funny. So many of Potter’s animal friends, including Mrs. Tiggywinkle, Mr. Jeremy Fisher, and others show up to play support for Peter and his family. This should definitely send all children to the library, looking for the classic stories. As Peter, James Corden is magnificent as the voice while Gleeson and Byrne are likewise wonderful as the human friends. In truth, all the actors voicing the computer-generated animals are great while the humans that populate this scene or that are funny as well. Then, the animation is mind-blowing, colorful and lovely. What a treat for the eyes. Finally, the script, while faithful to Potter in most respects, has fattened out the tale in a most entertaining fashion, complete with a nice score and energetic direction. After the wonderful Paddington Bear, here is another gift for families barely a month later! No one should miss Peter Rabbit, so hop hop hop to the movie theater nearest to you!

Peter Rabbit review by beachy-3843 – Wonderful Movie

My wife and I had to decide between this and “Forever My Girl”. It was the toss of a coin for her, but I really don’t like anything country. We were both so glad we chose this one. Great story, drama, love story, funny all at one time. With the exception of Daisy Ridley, I had not heard of any of the actors. I was not that impressed with Ridley in Star Wars, and this movie is no exception. The other actors were great, especially the actor who played Thomas McGregor and the one who voiced Peter. The animation was so good we had a hard time telling the difference between animation and live action. There was also a mix of jokes that were obviously written for animation, others for live action and still others that would work for either. They were all mixed throughout the movie. All the music seemed to be original, great and fit with the action on the screen perfect. I hope this is not the last thing we see from this creative team.

Peter Rabbit review by jbattersby-40220 – Don’t listen to the negative reviews

This was one of the cutest movies I have ever seen. My 6 year old sat and smiled and laughed hysterically the whole movie, as did myself and my mother. The critics out to spread negativity about the 10 second bit with the food allergy are overreacting. It’s a shame they can’t look through the eyes of a child yet they can purposefully ruin the experience for others. Bugs Bunny was so violent but we loved it. Please I will definitely pay to see the movie in the theatre again.

Peter Rabbit review by Rannynm – Adorable, Great Acting, Extraordinary CGI

Peter Rabbit is one of my favorite kid’s movie of the year so far. It’s an adorable film that is perfect for the whole family. I love this film because of the acting and CGI.

Peter Rabbit follows Peter Rabbit, Flopsy, Mopsy, Cotton Tail and Benji as they get into mischief by taking vegetables from the garden next door. They take the vegetables from Mr. McGregor who tries desperately to get them out of their garden by using explosives and even an electric fence. The rabbits hang out with loveable characters like Bea. She helps the rabbits by giving them shelter when it rains and helps them get food.

Throughout the movie, we see great acting from all the actors and voice actors in the film. I love how Domhnall Gleeson acts like a soulless man with the rabbits who he is trying to kill, but with Bea, he acts like in he’s love. I found that Mr. McGregor (Domhnall Gleeson) really does seem to be in love with Bea. I also like how the voice actors portray the rabbits. Each one of them has a personality that is well portrayed in their voices and actions. For example, Cotton Tail is a memorable character because of how wild and reckless she is. The way Daisy Ridley voices her shows how wild she can be.

The CGI in this film is extraordinary. The animals look so realistic. If you really focus on the rabbits, you can see the individual hairs on them. You can also see it on the pig character that hangs out with the rabbits. During a fight sequence with Peter and Mr. McGregor, they actually look like they are fighting and not like he is fighting a fake bunny.

Peter Rabbit review by Rgkarim – That Cute, Basically Rabbit!

The beloved tale of Peter Rabbit are stories that many of us remember watching/reading growing up. Yet like many beloved childhood series, they are often lost to memories and stored away to be forgotten. So how in the world did this tale resurface after being buried for so long? Well, get set my friends, because this weekend, Peter Rabbit is back in town to make his mark back on the world and get kids interested in his merchandising. Robbie K back with another movie review to try and help you answer the question, “should I see it in theaters?” As always read on to find out my thoughts.


Animation: Let’s get over the obvious, Peter’s transition into 3-D, realistic looking visuals was a smooth process. The designs of all the characters are on cuteness overloaded, and are certain to be the next line of plush animals for your young ones to grab on to. Past the design, the movement of the animated five is fluid, a nice balance of natural rabbit movement meeting anthropomorphized anatomy that really brings the action and gimmicks to life.

Cute: A movie like this relies on being adorable, and by golly this too was a big factor in this film. Peter and company’s adventure into the new age has adapted well with the times, and the campy, fun, warmhearted nature of the adventure was totally adorable for many. Both young and older will have a hard time choosing between barf inducing cute and just the right amount, so it really depends on your preferences.

Comedy: Surprisingly enough, Peter Rabbit’s comedic antics are surprisingly humorous on many levels. From the trailers you can certainly expect two things: Slapstick comedy and Repeatable Quotes from Kids. And the film delivers these expectations using a variety of material to have your little ones in tears at the juvenile antics. Like Home Alone meets Hop, Peter Rabbit pulls out loads of tricks to keep things fun and wasting little time on other tricks. Yet, what earns major points with me is the cleverer writing that is indicated for adults. Not so much in terms of sexual comedy, Peter Rabbit uses other forms of comedy to get laughs from older adult groups, primarily at poking fun at how ridiculous the story is itself. Throw in some comedic jabs at movie stereotypes alongside some movie references and you got yourself some comedic gold.

All 5 bunnies used: Though it may be titled Peter Rabbit, this tale is not shy of utilizing all of the rabbit family into the film. Certainly, it is going to be for advertising, but this installment did a nice job using all five of the rabbits to further the plot. From sisterly arguments about being the oldest, to the naïve friend who gets dragged into plots, this film will keep the little fuzz balls as involved as possible.

Soundtrack: Props to the music selector for this film, because the movie picked tracks that felt perfect for the sequences. Sure, many of them are outdated 90s songs, but they are utilized so well many won’t care. Throw in a few parodies and some dance remixes and you have a nice track list to keep everyone’s toes tapping.


Lacking Emotion: We all know that the animated films we remember are the ones that tear are hearts out right? Peter Rabbit does have a few emotional zingers, but none of them really have that childhood ruining edge that will scar your mind. Thankfully this means no unhappy endings, but Peter Rabbit could have used a little more emotional growth to round out the tale. Certainly, there are life lessons to be learned, and Peter’s crew does somewhat develop over time, it’s just not in a form or manner that is life changing/memorable in comparison to others. Therefore, the movie could have used a little more feeling to give it that emotional edge it was looking for.

More Rose Byrne: She had plenty of screen time in terms of montages of laughing, smiling, and skipping, but her character is a little limited compared to the others. Like the CGI supporting animals, Byrne’s character simply appeared at the convenient moments. For being a central chess piece to the whole farmer vs. rabbit dynamics though, her character was a little disappointing. There were few interventions by her character and she didn’t expand much as a character outside of joke fodder and that motherly atmosphere. For such a big name, they might have made the extra effort to expand on this role. I mean, even the climactic ending was missing the thrills, partially because Rose didn’t seem to have much enthusiasm in solving the ordeal.

The trailers show a lot of the movie: if you’ve seen the copious number of showings for this movie’s trailer than chances are you have seen much of the shenanigans involved in this film already. Much of the McGregor bashing has been captured in those short airings, so don’t expect too many surprises or laughs if you are sick of it. Thank goodness that some of the more adult humor has been left out as a nice surprise, but much of the movie has been revealed in the three trailers. Don’t you hate over advertising?

The Verdict:

Peter Rabbit is a fun tale that all ages will enjoy. It holds many movie references and comedic styles to keep one entertained, and is certainly the family friendly movie of the year so far. One will have a lot of fun at this movie, becoming lost in either the cuteness overload that is the movie or having their young at heart selves chuckling at the craziness within. However, aside from having fun, the movie suffers from a lack of emotional punch to really drive the lessons home. In addition, thanks to the simple dialog and over advertising, the movie loses some of its uniqueness/edge to boredom at seeing it a thousand times. Still, if you can stomach the downfalls and accept it for the cute factor it is… than you should have no problem enjoying this film with the family this weekend. Worth a trip to the theater? I would say yes.

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