Orange Is the New Black putlockers – Watch Orange Is the New Black full movie online free

Watch Orange Is the New Black full movie online freeIn my opinion this show is fun. It’s made by the same chick as who did weeds. OK if your looking for a realistic show about prison life then watch msnbc lockdown. But if you want a fun little time waster with quirky interesting characters this is a good show. When not at work all I ever do is watch TV and movies so I see a lot of shows and movies and trust me this one isn’t bad at all. It’s about a white collar chick who gets sent to jail. And the characters she meets. They all get little flashbacks of background story so you get to know them and to get you a little insight on to why each one acts the way they are. Give it a shot. You may end up loving it.

Orange Is the New Black putlockers – Watch Orange Is the New Black full movie online free

Orange Is the New Black review by Rjkeenan – An Excellent Show

Outside of “Breaking Bad”, “Game of Thrones”, and “Walking Dead”, this is the best show right now. What great character development. Jenji Kohan got it right this time. Kohan’s other project, “Weeds”, started out a really good show for the first two seasons, then just started to feel forced and ridiculous- you also kept losing empathy for the protagonist. The protagonist on this show has much more promise, and all of the characters are mysterious but round in their development. The flashbacks provide a much broader understanding of their history and what drives them, similar to “Lost”, which mostly proved effective.

There is a lot of humor provided in Kohan’s new series, but the humor is more based in reality, as opposed to the unbelievable goofiness that eventually ensued on “Weeds”. I applaud Schilling and Mulgrew for their amazing work on this show, and Jason Biggs provides the adequate amount of comic relief just when it’s needed most. The only criticism of the show would be Laura Prepon. Like in everything she does, she falls completely flat and doesn’t add any real tension to the show, which is the only point of her character- that was a complete miscast. Aside from that, this is a close to perfect dramedy.

Netflix is really starting to step it up and give the big paid cable networks a run for the their money. Good- HBO and Showtime need to get with the times and create stand-alone programming outside of cable providers- they deserve to lose customers for that and Netflix is starting to pave the way with shows like “Orange is the New Black” and “House of Cards”.

Orange Is the New Black review by Chris Mizerak – So close and yet so far from being a good show both at the same time

“Orange is the New Black” – this is a complicated show to review and it has nothing to do with the fact that it’s one of the first shows created exclusively for Netflix. What I mean is that on one hand, I haven’t seen a film or show of this sort before. I’ve seen countless stuff on all- male prisons, but I’ve never seen anything centering on the life of an all-female prison. We always think that females are all kind and gentle to one another, when in fact that’s not always the case. So I appreciate “Orange is the New Black” for breaking ground on that level. However, as I was rolling by the first two seasons, more and more things about the show kept coming up that got on my nerves. I started off liking this show decently enough for the things it does well. But as more of these aforementioned flaws unraveled, they only further ruined the experience for me.

As hinted at, the premise is filled with potential. Piper Chapman (Taylor Schilling) is a bisexual woman who is sentenced to 15 months in an all-female federal prison for unknowingly transporting drug money to her ex-girlfriend Alex Vause (Laura Prepon). Piper is engaged to marry her boyfriend Larry (Jason Biggs) and they plan on tying the knot by the time she gets out. So all she has to do is bide her time in prison and everything will be okay, right? Not even close. Sounds like the people running the prison had the brilliant idea of putting Piper in the same prison as Alex. Because you know nothing can go wrong by putting two criminals with a problematic history in the same place together. As if this weren’t enough, the only way Piper will be able to get out is by not making friends in prison, which in that universe is practically impossible. So the show in a nutshell follows Piper, her fellow inmates and her loved ones and the experiences that ensue in that period of time.

It’s a great idea for either a film or a show. And with the first episode of the series, we truly feel the heartbreak that Piper experiences knowing that she will no longer have freedom the following day. It starts off on a real strong note in that sense. From what’s been offered so far, Piper’s story is handled very well. Save for a couple expected contrivances, I like where the writers are taking us with her narrative. I don’t want to unravel even the slightest spoiler, but the way that her situations in prison unfold as well as their timing help the audience clearly understand why her character seems to be heading the route that she is. Sam Healy (Michael J. Harney) is another interesting character. He’s against lesbians, which is ironic since he expresses sympathy in season one towards Piper who is herself a bisexual. But he’s also fairly easygoing on the inmates for the complete opposite reason that you’d expect. I like the main prison chef Red (Kate Mulgrew), since I like how tough as nails she is and how she’s on top of everything. I like Lorna (Yael Stone) and how she’s still planning a wedding to a guy that. Well, I’m not giving away what season two does with her story. If you see this show, these characters will make it worth your time.

How do they screw it up? Well, for starters, there’s the character of “Pennsatucky” (Taryn Manning) who is ungodly obnoxious. She’s a religious nutcase whose means of drama and intimidation to our main character are either seemingly done to death and/or simply not much fun. Her accent and her nonexistent teeth don’t help much either. You’d think this character would be bad enough with just that. But once again, without giving anything away, it seems like we won’t be seeing her again after the season one finale, which in my opinion would make sense. However, in the season two premiere, we do! This part of the transition from season one to two is completely unacceptable! C’mon, guys! What you were doing with the season one finale was fine. Why did you have to screw it up with the season two premiere by going against what that finale was building towards? So that transition and her character really made me furious.

What made me even more frustrated, and the reasons why I can’t recommend this series as a whole, are the African-American characters. Save for the transsexual who was fine, I couldn’t stand these people. If you’re curious as to why various people have trouble connecting to people of that race, by all means study the blacks in this show. It’s bad enough that most of them are only on the show to be loud and obnoxious just for the hell of it. But even when they try giving a few of them a backstory to help us understand who they are, they still fail miserably at that. I feel bad that we live in a country where we’re allowed to be friends with people of different races, yet we still end up as separated as the prison’s lunch room, where the whites are in one corner, the Latinas in another, the blacks in another, etc. Yes, I know they’re black. Now give them a personality that makes me believe they’re on planet Earth.

Man, the people in charge of “Orange is the New Black” were so close to making a good show. But then they add in the characters of Pennsatucky, the blacks, and the annoying Asian chatterbox (Kimiko Glenn) that comes in season two, they screw up the transition between seasons, and then parts of the show get boring for whatever reason. Argh! So frustrating! Well, give the show this much credit, at least it clearly tried to take off.

Orange Is the New Black review by t Hamilton – disappointing.

Heard about “Orange is the new black” on another site, and when I IMDb’d it I was hopeful to watch a prison show from the creator of Weeds. Given that Weeds was, at least in the beginning, so successful at portraying the lead female in a situation where the line between right and wrong began to blur and eventually evaporate entirely, I thought a prison setting would allow Kohan to explore new themes with her unique humour and wit.

Unfortunately what I got was a serious about a naive girl who is sent to minimum security prison and has to deal with high school – esque hazing and popularity contests. There isn’t a single hardened criminal that we meet in this institution, instead as we are shown through a series of tangential flashbacks, almost without exception every other inmate is a sweet caring human being that through some misstep or miscalculation has ended up serving time in an oligarchic slightly tyrannical resort.

I was left with a sense that the prison setting was somewhat irrelevant… a similar woman could be having an almost identical crisis of self in a suburban neighborhood. I’m not sure if the series is true to minimum security female penitentiaries, but all I could think when the protagonist cried about her current predicament which she almost invariably brought upon herself was -“while she’s crying about some fantasy of a life there’s a guy in a male prison dealing with constant physical and sexual abuse, and all she’s dealing with is the other girls not liking her and a fairly atypical long distance relationship trying to survive her mistakes”.

Not a bad show, I feel it would resonate better with the female audience members or someone that didn’t have preconceived notions about how bad prison really is. I rated it at a 6 but it is a well made show and for the aforementioned viewer/s might be worthy of more distinction.

Orange Is the New Black review by Will K – A Masterpiece

This show does everything right. It may seem shocking, but it’s true. There is never a dull moment in this series, and you are constantly involved in the story and feel very connected to it.

The show is very strong in its characterization. You really get to know all the characters inside and out. You understand their struggles and why they act the way they act. You really feel empathy and love for so many of these characters. The wonderful thing about this show is that there is no real main character. We jump back and forth between many complex characters and learn so much about their background and so on.

The show loses some steam during the third season and most of the fourth. It is not bad by any means, but the content does lack a bit. However, season five – which seems very outlandish – is very strong and propels the show upwards. The first two seasons also carry the show out highly. This show will undoubtedly be coming to an end soon, and it will go out on top.

This is such a great show that covers so many themes and ideas we can all relate to. It is strong, powerful and worth the watch. DO not miss out on this masterpiece!

Orange Is the New Black review by Jwjzz – Possible character taken from another movie

I am new here. This is not really a review, but I haven’t figured out the discussion page yet, when I do I will post there also. So, I just watched a movie called “Requiem for a dream”. The character of the mother who is named Sarah, in this movie bares a very, very close resemblance to “Lorna Morello”. As I watched, I noticed every detail of her expressions, mindset, language and dialect is a direct reflection of “Lorna Morello”. Just wondering what some thoughts are on this, in my opinion it seems like the character was copied. Next item is the 2 girl sex scene at the end of “Requiem”, one of the sex girls looks exactly like “Nichols”. You only see her face for a few seconds, but looks exactly like her and I seen no mention of her name in credits. If someone can verify this, it would be greatly appreciated. Lastly, some of the background instrumental, I recognized and had to hum it several times before I came up with a song from Nikki Six, 6am. The song is called “Tomorrow”, also with no credits or mention of Nikki Six. Like I said, I am new here and just wanting to know if anyone else has seen these comparisons, or if anyone can help me finding more information on these similar characteristics of both of these movies. Thank you in advance.

Orange Is the New Black review by Marissathome – Brilliant and Amazing

This show is absolutely fantastic. My husband and I were big fans of Weeds as well and this show makes me laugh, it makes me cry, it makes me angry. I am in love with every character on the show. I have no idea what prison life is like but this show seems to be more of an emotional capture to each individual audience it collects. Hands down to the writers of this show as well as the amazing creator. I truly find myself rooting on certain characters, and wishing some get what they seem to deserve. I can’t wait for the second season… I have all the confidence that it will be just as excellent if not progressively achieving more and keeping me on the edge of my seat…Excellent excellent excellent…

Orange Is the New Black review by Elliot Stevens – One of the Best Shows Ever Made

This just has to be one of the greatest shows ever made. Everything about it is perfection, from the writing to the acting to the casting, everything is perfect. The show delivers a perfect balance between comedy and drama, with the first season being more focused on comedy and the second season being more focused on drama. The acting is probably the best acting of any TV show I’ve ever seen, dare I say, even better than that of Breaking Bad! In fact, this and Breaking Bad are probably the only two shows where I would consider every episode to be great. The Season 2 finale, “We Have Manners. We’re Polite”, has to be the best episode of any TV show in my honest opinion. This show has been excellent so far, and I can’t wait for season 3!

Orange Is the New Black review by PressleySA – Greatest on Netflix!

After I watched the third episode I knew it to be true. Orange is the new black is the best Netflix original to be released so far. Not even. One of the best shows out in general.

The deadpan comedy really helps you enjoy every character. No one is 2-dimensional. Every character has a well thought out personality and story behind them and for once the main character of a series doesn’t bored you to death.

Taylor Schilling was terrific and made sure her character was loved regardless of being this selfish and whiny person, but the truly impressive part about this series is the supporting roles around her.

Even the counselors and CO’s were interesting though for the first season we aren’t really told much about their backgrounds yet. Hoping to see more in the future and hoping the writers can keep up the good job.

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