One Day at a Time review – Watch One Day at a Time 365movies free online

Watch One Day at a Time 365movies free online – One Day at a time esta muy buena me gusto mucho, muchos temas tratados y bastante entretenida. Dia a Dia this is a very good TV series, love the way that it shows a lot of things like the way that veterans are dealing with medical service, about therapy, homosexuality, immigration, about the situation of veterans in civil life so crude and sad, i just like this TV show !!and wishing that i can see another season The actors are great, Penelope and Lydia so fantastic the way that they interact with everyone else, Schneider is so cute! even Victor is so cute, Dr Berkowitz so naive. It really makes me laugh and cry, most of all the last chapter, the final when Elena’s family surround her with their support.

One Day at a Time review – Watch One Day at a Time 365movies free online

One Day at a Time review by Mleesouth – really?

After reading reviews on here, i am just totally flabbergasted. the first review that came up was horrible. this show is amazing. it is hilarious, and heart wrenching. the comedy is well timed and funny, the serious parts are meaningful and relate to my childhood. i can say that this show is worth watching and beautiful. i don’t understand why anyone would discredit it. i cant wait for more. it is so meaningful and soulful. it shows love and family and a hilarious humor. i can only imagine that if someone gives this show a bad review, that they don’t understand its underlying meaning and that makes me sad for them. it is one of the best shows i have seen in a long time and i will be anxiously awaiting the next season.

One Day at a Time review by Kayleighmorganmusic – For a sitcom, it’s brilliant!

I think the negative reviews here are thinking about Netflix’s general output instead of the genre this show is meant for. I personally have never seen the original, but I find this to breathe new life into the typical family sitcom genre. It’s tackling modern issues but is steeped in traditional family values and I think that’s a very important aspect for a modern sitcom. It’s styled in a very old school way, but thematically it is embracing all factors of humanity without pandering or talking down to the audience, and I value that as a viewer. If you compare it to say House of Cards or OITNB then yes of course it won’t stack up, but put it against 8 Simple Rules or Fresh Prince Of Bel Air and it does very well.

One Day at a Time review by emorri-82846 – Love this show

I started watching this show because I was bored and wanted to just have something on TV while I worked and found myself overcome with emotions. This show is amazing and I can’t wait until the next season debuts. It kept me laughing, thinking, and even crying. It is a great series and the only negative thing I have to say is that there weren’t enough episodes. Netflix could help me out a lot by adding 26 episodes a season instead of their typical 13. I watched the entire serious in a few short hours and now want to make sure that this show continues. In all honesty this show was more intriguing to me than many other Netflix sitcoms as well as some other shows like George Lopez.

One Day at a Time review by KelseyFor the modern latinx

As a Latina, it’s incredible all the different ways I can see myself and my family in this show. The show is funny but also progressive. It’s exactly what a Latinx show needs. These ideas aren’t often portrayed in Latinx media and the fact that the show hits just about all the major topics on the head deserves so much credit. Feminism has such a bad rep, but this show puts a good face to it. It’s finally a reboot that does exactly what it needs to do; It keeps the love of the original show, but adds modern changes not only physically, but also in their plot lines. It brings to light social issues that modern, popular shows don’t touch upon. Truly worth the watch and features fantastic actors who take on their characters like themselves.

One Day at a Time review by WeyounsLastClone – Won’t win any awards for innovation, but will surely entertain you and warm your heart!

Sure, this isn’t the most ground-breaking series ever. But it has a lot of heart, and I loved the cast and their interaction.

I don’t like laugh tracks , and sure this series has one as well, but it doesn’t really take the upper hand. I liked Fuller House from a nostalgic point of view, but this series is more genuinely funny and doesn’t overuse the laugh track that much.

Without getting gushy or over the top, it also had some very touching moments, which was good to see. So all in all a very entertaining series to watch, which exceeded my expectations before I started watching this.

I really hope this will get a second season, great series to fill 30 minutes of your time and be entertained and have your heart warmed!

One Day at a Time review by Odalyvictorio – New version, still love it!

I’m surprised to see negative reviews. I’m only two episodes in, but thus far I love it! I would have given it a full on 10, but the actors portraying Cubans aren’t Cuban.

In keeping with the original, the strong female lead is a divorcée and Vet. I love her interactions with her mom and daughter. It’s very accurate in Cuban families. Her struggles at work are common among us Latins. In general, we want to impress and don’t do too well at ‘asking’ or (demanding) more money.

I realize if you aren’t Latin, this may not be your cup of tea, but I have enjoyed many shows based on other cultures.

I hope I enjoy the rest of the episodes as much.

One Day at a Time review by Javi Montalvo – A different kind of relatable sitcom

Every once in a while a sitcom comes around that really catches audiences attention. I think One Day at a Time is one that’s really needed at this point in time. I was raised with a mix of Puerto Rican and Dominican culture and I grew up with a lot of the same customs used in this show. I think the characters are relatable regardless of race or ethnicity and a lot of the issues surrounding them are broad and multicultural. Sure it has its cliché moments, but what’s a sitcom without them. I would be really disappointed if Netflix were to cancel this one. Regardless of who watches it, I believe everyone can find something in it that’s relatable to their own lives. It’s a win for me.

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