On My Block 2018 putlocker – Watch On My Block 2018 online free

Watch On My Block 2018 online free – I love this show so much! The characters, the plot, the acting, the humour and the whole journey which this show took us around, the roller world subplots and the perfect couples getting together, to the plot twist at the very end, this show deserves all the perfect ratings and praise, as well as a second season.

On My Block 2018 putlocker – Watch On My Block 2018 online free

On My Block 2018 review by tejmar2-16-45445 – Couldn’t stop watching

I came across this show by mistake and first episode I was hooked. I normally do not watch shows about teenage kids but this was one the had great writing. It has everything that you would want to watch on a show. Romance, funny, mystery. By far my favorite characters were Ruby and Jamal. Jamal is hysterical!! His story line was so funny and the actor who played him did it so well. He’s one of the reason why I kept watching. Ruby is intriguing. At first I thought he might be gay but then he just an over obsessive, compulsive nerd. His Abuelita is so funny too. The love story line between Ceaser and Monse was cutesy. It’s the first love romance. I really did not care much for Olivia, I think they just wrote her there for another love interested. One things that through me off was the story line was a little too grown for fourteen year old characters. Those kids look grown especially Ceaser. Oh another character that was hysterical and every line she said was funny was Jasmine. She looked like a grown woman to me too. But overall the show is great and the ending was surprising. I can’t wait for another season.

On My Block 2018 review by samanthanelson-58320 – Revolutionalized

On My Block is a beautiful coming of age story about five teenagers who have to navigate life in a neighborhood where you heard gunshots everyday. The core characters are Monse, a stubborn quick wit girl with an attitude, Caesar, who is the Spanish playboy we all have been asking for, Jamal, a young man that spends way too much time in his head, Olivia, a loyal and beautiful-on-the-inside-and-out kind of friend, and Reuben, the little man with a big heart. These teens steer their way through secrets, first loves, gangs, hidden treasures, and all along their relationships being tested. The cast is extremely diverse and naturally beautiful. Five hours well spent, cannot wait for second installment.

On My Block 2018 review by jasmina-reyes – True to life!!

Just finished watching the entire season and I’m shook!!! Go into it I had my doubts, but a couple of minutes into it I fell head over heels for each main character! These young men & women portray these characters with such truthfulness. The viewer is left with a sense of realness and authenticity to what life is for them in this part of Los Angeles or their block. The storyline realistically portrays the hardships the residents on the block experience. But is the comical and satyric approach that captures the viewer. Give it a try you might like!

On My Block 2018 review by Kvnbatista – Love this show

As a man of color I really appreciate the fact that there’s intelligent people in the hood fighting to get out. Many Americans think that most minority’s are caught up in gang or hood lifestyle if they live in the hood. This show reminds me of my struggle to get out while trying not to get mixed up in the street life. It also shows that some no matter how smart can fall into the lifestyle if they want to or not. They dialogue can be crazy at times but that’s just one of the reasons I love it people don’t always makes sense when under stressful conditions. This show has left me wanting more and I’m so glad that Netflix is willing to take chances on projects like this. I give it a 10 for what it is and I hope that more people can watch it and enjoy it like I have.

On My Block 2018 review by WeilEsRegnet – It has its flaws, but I still enjoyed it

I watched On My Block in one go, which is always a good sign. Overall, I liked the story. Four teenagers have been friends for years and are now facing numerous challenges that come with first love and growing up which threaten their friendship. The main characters are all people of color who live in a poor neighborhood which is a nice change to your usually very white middle class coming of age setting. There have been quite a few more diverse TV shows lately which I think is really great.

However, there are some problems with this show (hence the seven star rating). The acting is mediocre at times. Especially the actor who plays Cesar (a teenage boy who follows in his brother’s footsteps and joins the local gang) was not convincing to me. He didn’t really portray much emotions which is a bad thing if you play a character who has such a serious storyline. Some scenes, especially in the first few episodes, felt awkward. I can’t exactly point out why that was. I blame it on the acting and maybe also the camera work. I also haven’t made up my mind about wether or not I like the characters. Sometimes they are real assholes and/or don’t feel like realistic, complex human beings. Other times I really liked them. I’d say that the girl,Monse, is my favourite and gives the most consistent (good) performance. There were some sexist tropes that bothered me but I won’t go into it here. It would have been cool if the creators had realized this and deconstrucetd it in the same way the deconstructed other elements / tropes but you can’t have everything and it’s probably only a minor detail for most viewers.

In conclusion, I enjoyed the show and might even watch it a second time. It made me laugh out loud on several occasions even if the humour wasn’t always my taste. It’s not a master piece, it doesn’t stand out but it’s also better (I feel) than your average TV show and offers an original take on an old concept.

On My Block 2018 review by SavvyJ96 – Slow start, but a touchdown in the end

Over the pass two days between my classes, work, and meetings I have binge watched the first season of On My Block. I will admittedly say that I wasn’t sure that I would fall in love with the show in the first couple of episodes-the acting and comedy seemed a little strained. However, I continued on and I am SO GLAD! This show is very entertaining involving both themes of comedy and drama. I think we can all relate to some of the awkward and enduring highschool/teenage scenes which is what brought me in. What kept me was the real ness and truth of the characters and their lives. Yes there are many light hearted scenes but there are many more that show the hard reality of many teenagers. It shows family drama, gang life, fitting in, and problems with friends and at home. I’m really excited about season 2 and would definitely recommend this show to everyone.

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