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Watch New Girl full movie online free – It made me laugh, it was excited, Jess and Nick have a lot of chemistry. This show just make my life better. The Winstons thing was perhaps a little silly but it did not obscure the emotion of the plot. Nick is an excellent actor he really makes us thing about that sloppy guy with a great heart. I wish this TV show never ends. I wouldn’t know what to do.

New Girl putlockers – Watch New Girl full movie online free

New Girl review by Seneca27 – Started off strong but…..

Now to be fair, I haven’t watched every episode of The New Girl. I’m not even through the first season. However, it’s the beginning episodes that hook you on a show. If you don’t love them, you don’t continue watching. The writers made a fatal mistake, the same mistake they made with Don’t Trust the B in Apartment 23. The pilot was great, the idea was great, but they took what made it great and beat it until it was dead. If you already can’t watch by the 6th episode, why would you continue to give it a chance?

I was looking forward to the character development in this show. But they took it way too far. Take Jess for example. Her thing is quirky. But there’s quirky and there’s just plain stupid. I hope this isn’t considered a spoiler, but there’s an episode where Jess is preparing to sleep with the first guy since her breakup. It was so overdone and ridiculous, I couldn’t even watch it. And Schmidt…..there’s metrosexual, and then there’s “please just come out of the closet already.” And before anyone cries homophobia, I watch this show with my gay son who also thinks Schmidt is just flat out unwatchable. He’s walked away shaking his head more than once. There’s Coach, who isn’t annoying, only because they still haven’t done anything with his character at this point in the show. He’s just sort of there in some scenes.

Clearly some people love this show and are horrified to learn not everyone does. Some people hated it and stopped watching. I’m somewhere in between. I can take it in small doses, two episodes in a row is all I can do if I’m bored at the moment. It will take me years to watch the whole thing, assuming I don’t lose interest completely.

So if you’re debating whether or not to start New Girl, just ask yourself one simple question. Does over-the-top stupid humor work for you? If it does, you found your new favorite show. If it doesn’t, don’t bother and move on.

New Girl review by killer1h – Old Idea

This is a show about a new girl named jess(zooey deschanel) who has found her bf sleeping with someone else and moved in with 3 guys. Now the thing you must understand about this girl is that they made her out to be a very nice girl but someone who has no idea how to read personal ques so basically everything you would think a normal person would do in a situation she does the extreme opposite of.

Update on my previous review, when this show started out it was too quirky to be good, but as it progressed it finally got to laugh out loud funny, they finally stepped up the writing and gotten to a solid crossroads between weird and hilarious. I promise if you can make it through the first 10 episodes it does get better.

New Girl review by Martind – Poor acting from the main character

Overall it’s a pretty funny show but Zooey Deschanel is too busy over acting. The supporting cast does a good job, as do the writers but Deschanel is too over the top. Trying to hard to sell bad jokes and act cooky. She needs to calm down and tone it down and the show would be pretty good.

The supporting cast of her three male roommates and model best friend are solid role players. Max Greenfield is great as a typical “finance guy” jerk. Jake M. Johnson is a good wise old sage of a roommate who is the smartest of the bunch but for some reason has limited himself to be a bartender. Lamorne Morris is a good glue guy. Has a certain level of cool about him but is good to hold the group together and play whatever role is needed for the story line. Hannah Simone plays the Deschanel’s best friend who happens to be a model. OF course the roommates all go gaga over her.

New Girl review by Chatswood – Cuteness Personified

The show is just three episodes old. I couldn’t resist myself to write this review. New Girl is fantastic. Cuteness Personified. Zooey just overcast others by her natural charisma. This show is best show in this fall.

The good thing about the show is that it has huge potential and Creators are wisely using it. They have successfully developed characters, especially Zooey’s character, Is that girl really out there? I would like to fall in love with her. Zooey gives compliments to writer’s imagination by her acting.

Format is very simple and now a days it rarely comes on TV. I think this show going to stand apart from rest of other comedies.

New Girl review by nicolenicole-7490 – Funny but a bit too silly at times.

I just started binge watching the New Girl on Netflix. The first season is hilarious, my boyfriend and I got so many good laughs out of it. I really looked forward to continuing watching the seasons, but now that I am going into season 3, my thoughts are changing a bit. Although the show is still quite funny, the plot and storyline is getting a bit ridiculous. I love the main character Jess but sometimes I seem to find her personality mixed with her three roommates personalities a bit overwhelming. I get that she is suppose to be corky and a bit eccentric but as the show goes on, her roommates seem to have very similar personalities. There isn’t anything quite ‘different’ about her roommates. None of them have their own signature personality. Something you would think only Schmidt would do, Winston will or Nick will also. Some of the shenanigans and things they get themselves into seem a bit juvenile or unrealistic. Its very odd that all of these people are in their 30s and live these very kooky lives. I give this show a 5 out of 10 because yes it is funny but the show just seems a bit all over the place already going into season 3.

New Girl review by cee_dill – A twee bit much

I started following two shows featuring actresses of whom I’m a fan. Of the two of them, New Girl is the one that’s struggling.

In theory it should hold up well. Decent actors, a leading lady I’m fond of and a nice setting, but unfortunately this one stumbles a bit because they took a wrong turn at character development and wandered instead into “How can we REALLY drive home that this character is adorable and geeky and you should love her?” The thing is, they don’t have to try so hard: Deschanel IS adorable and easy to love. You can achieve that without having scenes where she wears a flattering sundress every single day, but thinks she has nothing to wear but overalls for a date. She can retain some childlike innocence without being unable to say the word “penis”. The rest of the cast seems talented enough, but essentially they are mainly a prop for the lead character to interact with (or exchange meaningful glances with in the case of Jake Johnson).

I’m going to try to hang in for a bit longer, but at the end of the day, I can wear my own cardigan and sing a song and reserve my TV time for shows that better hold my interest.

New Girl review by Mariah Pestock – I typically enjoy watching “New Girl”

I loved ‘New Girl’ for the first 3 seasons it was original and funny. The characters were spontaneous and awkward making it a joy to watch. The 4th season however has deeply disappointed me. The characters are boring; Coach has no story, Nick is just tagging along in Winston’s life, and Cece isn’t making any progress with Schmidt. The most notable flaw is that there are many small funny parts but they lack a bigger picture. For this fact the plot can be described as “running in place” it is moving but going nowhere.

Granted, I haven’t been very impressed recently but I continue watching and have liked almost every episode. I cannot hate a show because of one season.

New Girl review by activens-57-908486 – Unwatchable in season 4

New Girl was never lol funny for me but it was really charming and adorable in season 1 and 2. You wanted to be around these goofy people, at least I did.

The story of Nick and Jess was so addicting, their chemistry, we all saw those two people slowly realize they are perfect together. They made us fall in love with them and then out of bloom the writers started panicking “Break them up! Break them up! Ratings are down.”

But how? People love them together, they waited for this since day one. Let’s think of the most horrible things that will make people so disgusted with both of them and the idea of them being a couple. How about showing Nick’s disgusting, smelly, dirty feet? What a brilliant idea! It works every time. Then Nick and Jess, who we believed were truly in love, suddenly start suffocating each other. Finally, the line that made me sick to my stomach -Nick wants his friend back.

And they did it. The writers did it. We never wish to see those two together again and we certainly don’t want to see them date other people. Of course we lose any reason to watch the show but still we tune in out of old habit. Nothing happens. Not even a smile.

It all started going downhill somewhere in the middle of S3.The writers decided to forget S1 and S2 and start from the beginning.What about the fans who are waiting to see what happens in the story next? Well, basically they told us indirectly but very convincingly “F… you suckers!” No more reality, all the corny love, relationship stuff, anything people can relate to in real life. We’ll go for the utterly absurd, ridiculous stuff.Let’s go crazy!

If they had started the show like this I wouldn’t mind but jerking the fans around like this is what makes me really mad!

Another thing, those talented actors really left their heart and soul in this show especially Max Greenfield. Now, there’s nothing they can do with this ridiculous script and they all look just brainwashed.I feel sorry for them.

New Girl review by Topcad – I Think It’s Funny

Wow, I stopped by IMDb to see how the ratings were for New Girl and check out a few reviews. Gee whiz people, lighten up. Bottom line, if you like Zooey, you will like “New Girl”. She’s quirky, she’s funny, she wears fake teeth and talks with a British accent at weddings. Yes, it was a bit disconcerting when Damon Wayons Jr was replaced (it’s not his fault that “Happy Endings” got picked up and he couldn’t do both shows) but Lamorne Morris is doing a fine job. Sidenote: Somebody tell DWJr to get “In Living Color 2” started. Damn, he looks just like his dad. Oh, and for all the h8rs out there…the ratings are freaking fantastic for Fox. Booyah!

New Girl review by mohit udar – just give it a chance

It’s a light hearted, non –serious comedy series that is hit and miss. The more I wanted to enjoy the show the more it seemed to struggle. Throughout the first series there are genuine moments of hilarity that will have you wiping the tears from your eyes. Unfortunately these can become lost in the banal and bland comedy of some of the other scenes. From episode to episode you will find yourself reassessing your opinions on the show and its characters. Daschannel successfully plays between the beauty and the geek in such a natural way we are never sure how to perceive her which also forms the underlying comedic dynamic of the show.

The other characters that share the screen unfortunately sink below par. Damon Wayans Jr’s character was a balance between the absurdly arrogant Schmidt (Max Greenfield) and the pessimistic downer that is Mike (Jake M Johnson). But he only features in the opening episode and is soon replaced by Winston (Lamorne Morris) much to our bewilderment. Little in no reference is made to this and Coach is never seen again. Other than very bad test screenings we can only assume that Damon Wayans Jr has jumped ship for bigger fish.

The show is a similar offering that we have seen strewn out over the last few years. We have seen ‘Awkward’ the high school version, ‘Cougar town’ the mid-life/divorcée version and here we are offered the middle ground. Out of school, but not yet near marriage the feel of the show is light and quirky with some random but deliberate references. We are often dropped lines concerning recent fashion trends (Jeggings, and ‘deep v’s’) and even the obscure sexual practices that has made the show somewhat of an underground success (For your own education you can look up ‘give me the hat’ it was certainly new to me) These help keep a youthful sense to the show and keeps the humor aimed towards the twenties demographic.

New Girl review by Alyssa R – To the writers: Bravo!! Genius!

I cannot tell you how refreshing this show is to me. It is a very specific type of humor but it hits me hard. The writers–they are geniuses! Every time I watch an episode my mind is blown when I see the creativity just spew out. I have had numerous jaw dropping moments because I feel like I’m seeing the inner workings of some extremely brilliant writers, and I wish I could shake their hand. Schmidt is probably the character that emulates this creativity the most.

I love that the show is very relevant to today’s American society. 30 somethings still trying to figure out where their life is going, kinda (or very) broke, and making the best out of every situation. I am 31 so this hits home.

The casting is perfection. I saw the Pilot episode when they had Damon Wayans as “Coach” and I think the best thing they could have done was replace him with Lamorne Morris (“Winston”). I don’t think I would have liked the show as much with Wayans playing as he was way over the top and just…unnecessarily loud. I always find that type of humor to be overcompensating and trying to mask the fact that they’re not funny. The subtlety of the characters (sort of) is what makes things work. And what fantastic chemistry they all have!

Most comedies nowadays are just so…slapstick, lacking creativity and require a laughing soundtrack to convince you that things are funny. New Girl tops them all. Even Modern Family. I haven’t seen a comedy that I’m this obsessed about since Seinfeld. Nor have I ever taken the time to write a review like this. Ever. And that’s saying something.

High five to the writers! And good job to the cast! New Girl is amazing!

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