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Watch Love full movie online freeI seriously believe the character of Mickey Dobbs has borderline personality disorder. She shows all the symptoms perfectly. And i can tell this how? Because I’ve got the same illness. Her addiction to love and sex, her habit of smoking, her narcissism, her wanting to start a fight, blaming others, her careless nature, and the most significant symptom – unstable relationships, all point to borderline personality disorder. I applaud the writers who have really showed what it’s like to be a borderline and what it’s like to date one. If anybody have any views or opinions on this?

Love putlockers – Watch Love full movie online free

Love review by SnoopyStyle – like the characters

In LA, Mickey Dobbs (Gillian Jacobs) is tired of her job at a podcasting company, has a loser sex partner, and tons of personal issues. Gus Cruikshank (Paul Rust) is a geeky aspiring TV writer working as a teacher for spoiled child actor Arya Hopkins (Iris Apatow) on a middling TV show. His girlfriend cheats on him and leaves him. Both Mickey and Gus are deeply flawed. Chipper Bertie Bauer (Claudia O’Doherty) joins Mickey as her new roommate fresh off the boat from Australia. One day, Gus helps Mickey at a convenience store.

I love Community and Gillian is a great part of that. I don’t know anything about Paul Rust. The odd part of this show is that a nerdy looking guy like Rust gets plenty of hot women. Sure, he gets dumped by a cute girl at the start but then he gets a threesome with two hot young sisters … and he blows it. All of it pales in comparison to a goddess like Gillian. The show explains it by giving Mickey a mountain of personality issues. It could have played into the superficial difference between the two leads’ looks but they rarely go there. At least, they don’t go there enough. Judd Apatow is overseeing this show with Rust and his wife. The show has his brand of painfully personal awkward humor. The mix is pretty good. Mostly, I like all the characters. Most importantly, I like these two leads and their roles. They pull me into their relationship and O’Doherty is a terrific third wheel. Even Judd’s daughter Iris actually work despite the nepotism. It’s cancelled after three seasons on Netflix.

Love review by The_late_Buddy_Ryan – A Netflix Original comedy that’s actually original (and comical)

If you’re okay with the premise that a gorgeous Twelve Stepper like Mickey could stick it out for thirty-odd episodes with a geeky pop-culture vulture like Gus, then it’s pretty much all good, especially the third season. There’ve been plenty of recent shows about aspiring entertainers and entry-level culture workers (Mrs. Maisel, Mr. Roosevelt, Master of None…) but Love also has plenty to say about high-risk relationships, coping with self-destructive patterns and putting away childish things, most of it relatable for anyone who’s had a normally chaotic young adulthood, some of it even kind of profound.

OTOH, some of Mickey’s Amy Schumer-style antics in the first season as well as the couple’s continuing tiffs and squabbles may seem a bit contrived at times, but for the most part the writing’s sharp and original. The workplace-comedy stuff–he’s an on-set tutor for a struggling TV series, she’s a talk-radio producer–and the occasional glimpses of the underparts of the LA entertainment complex (the radio shrink’s book-signing debacle, the Horror House bus tour, the Van Nuys amateur wrestling scene) seem especially well observed, and the supporting cast is excellent. Special mention to Claudia Doherty as Bertie, Mickey’s bemused Aussie roommate, and Iris Apatow as Arya, Gus’s spoiled child-star tutee.

Love review by woodworm-24942 – Simple, fun, and touching

This show reminds me of elements of my youth. Going for an awkward magical drive with a beautiful girl. When going out for a drive was a thing. The music elements were a nice touch. Gus and his friends playing music was just fun. It didn’t try to be anything. I wanted to be in that room with them. The characters lives are complicated. Some of it is their own doing, some not. This show has serious moments, and some humor. You want the characters to succeed. You care about them. Mickey is not a loser. She’s a struggling average person in her young adult years. They didn’t knock everything about the park, but there are so many great moments throughout the series. The soundtrack was great as well. Look forward to season 2!

Love review by Cwolden – Mis-titled, but too good to ignore.

Never have I seen a love story where I was less convinced that the two leads actually wanted to be with each other, or had a future. The series is less about love and more about infatuation; during the course of the first season, Gus and Mickey stalk each other, stress over unread texts, and generally do all the things you’ve done in the past in relationships you knew were doomed to crash and burn. I never felt like they had any chemistry or any reason to be with each other outside of the fear of being alone.

That being said, it’s still very refreshing to see the show tackle some of these awkward moments in a very realistic way. While the most believable parts of this faux-romance occur while the leads are apart from one another, the way they handle and react to dating in the modern cell phone era (“Why haven’t you called?” “I saw you this morning”) are quite well written and acted , and though I’m not exactly rooting for them to end up together by the end of the first season, I’m still very impressed at the number of elements the show has portrayed that struck a very deep resonant chord with my own personal experience. Not a complete throwaway, but definitely needs stronger motivations from the characters to be a strong show on its own merits.

Love review by Arqcscg – Great show

The characters have just perfect chemistry on screen. There has to be another season. Pleaseee… the dynamic of the show is great and very different to others right now. Sarcastic and Fun. But, they turn it around very quickly, making Gus cool and a little mean at the end…and well Mickey with all her issues… Hopefully they will solve Mickey’s problems and she will be as cool as the first episode. When Gus and she met was just perfect, they kind of helped other and had that weird/awesome day. She showed a new world to Gus by being a little reckless and careless and he relaxed and man up in a way. That’s the version of Mickey that I like.

Love review by BlakeNoney – Sex, Work and Judd Apatow

After sitting down and watching this show for over 5 hours straight, I’ve come to the conclusion that Netflix is going to take over the entertainment media. Before you watch this show note that this is not what the trailers say it is as a quote “love story” the TV show is based around two characters Gus (the typical dorky nice guy) and Mickey (the problem girl.) It is not as much as the love story between them as it is the story of becoming who you are and not pretending to be someone else. In Judd Apatow fashion sometimes it does get a little long and drag on in some scenes but overall the characters are very interesting to watch and you get a lot of character depth. It is not as funny as I would like it to be but I was fine with that as I was so Intrigued by the characters that I didn’t mind that much. I thought the acting was great although sometimes the little girl got on my nerves but she was playing a twelve year old child actor.

I would’ve hoped it would have been funnier as I maybe laughed once or twice. The characters had good chemistry but in the last episodes were hardly together if at all some episodes. Overall an 8/10 and would recommend checking it out.

Love review by timb-22948 – Very good and unique show

This series is one of the most underrated shows I seen in a long time. Me and my girlfriend watched it since season 1 and we loved every episode. Imo this is something very different from all the other shows out there. The funny parts are hilarious and the sad parts are very sad. It’s a believable storyline and the actors are outstanding, yet not AAA actors seen elsewhere, BUT they fit in perfectly well in this show. I couldnt think of a better cast for this. It’s very sad, that Netflix ends this after season 3 because 3-1 was such a blast. I didn’t laugh that much in a very long time. Hopefully more people see the potential in “love” and it will be renewed for a 4th season.

Love review by Ruben de Haas – Intelligent & Clever

Fun show to watch for sure, too bad there is just one season out yet. The writers are very observant about how people work, and the show presents the complexities of life pretty well. The actors are really good, funny and their characters are relatable. There are some similarities to Freaks n Geeks which is another sweet watch. The way the 2 main characters meet, connect, fall apart and reconnect is done in a done fashion, not cliché. The styling of the characters is scores another point. A lot of attention to detail here, from the cars, to the clothing, and the characters trades of the various people in the show. Looking forward to the next season, bummer thats gonna take a while -Judd Apatow is a bad ass!

Love review by Seangores – Twisted in its own way

Love’s strangeness permeates throughout the title; not only does its generic name suggest simplicity at its core, but the plot itself remains simple throughout (season 1): two estranged middle-aged adults find themselves in a relationship, and deal with struggles of everyday life, and of the relationship itself. Love captures the strangest emotions we experience on a day-to-day basis; yet, somehow, Love manages to lead the viewer along. Fear, guilt, passion, sorrow, and regret: the constituents of the everyday relationship.

The plot documents the love and work lives of two individuals: Gus and Mickie: Mickie, the daring, self-serving, lonesome woman; and Gus, the caring, passive-aggressive, “nice-guy”. Of course, when the two meet under seemingly coincidental circumstances, all does not go well. Rather, Love takes the viewer on a ride for the worst, through some laughs, and some extremely awkward first dates.

Some may opt to label Love as a “new-age” soap opera. The simple plot line, exaggerated circumstances, and witty dialogue easily fit the classic soap opera genre. However, Love somehow captures the strange essence of what being in a relationship encapsulates at times: the awkward sense of belonging, yet lack of actions to show such affection. Mickie’s longing for approval and belonging, Gus’ inability to show such emotion when it counts, and Bertie’s refusal to acknowledge her discomfort, contribute to an overall anxious and unpleasant feeling.

But though Love presents a canvas of a rare kind, it also comes with its flaws. Scenes can feel drawn out and over-exaggerated at times. Awkward scenes seem longer than necessary, and at times, the plot line seems to lose its pace. Given the Netflix production value, users will likely opt to skip those parts.

Despite its flaws, Love’s scenarios, characters, and plot will likely interest most viewers on Netflix. Love’s strangeness, its memorability, in fact, contribute to its uniqueness.

Love review by pdlussier1 – Love, if Hollywood did real life.

As I very happily binge-watched season 3, I found myself trying to convey to a friend the full depth of why I love this show so much within a short text.

I came up with: Really atypical rom-com; hyperrealism within a trope-oriented approach and structure. Love, if Hollywood did real life.

I feel it’s dead-on albeit lacking and if dealing only in abstracts, getting nowhere near the emotional aspect that turns this into a self-reflective piece, both for its self-aware, genre-bending ways and, mostly, yet because of it, for the profound self-awareness or deeply-cutting self-examination it forces on its viewers. Carelessly thrown around too often yet perfectly applicable here: You either get “it” or you don’t.

No intentions referencing “understanding” are made by, or to be inferred from, the above. Rather, simply, the story of Gus and Mickey either speaks to you, manages to touch something wholly and deeply personal–the moments surely vary depending on the viewer, but lovers will not, I’m certain, hesitate to refer to several favourite parts using a combination of words semantically equivalent to “genially authentic”–or it doesn’t.

And, yes, for haters, it does have its flaws, but most of what’s expressed doesn’t fall in the realm of what I consider reasonable, unbiased critical thinking, in that it betrays far more about one’s ignorance than it does about any genuine and valid technical/film/literary/social criticism re the work. For instance, complaints re the plausibility of a threesome involving Gus miss the mark for the many psychological aspects that underscore any non-porno version with actual women, certainly not also having grasped the well-communicated feeling of sudden liberation and wellness Gus experiences and the resulting self-confidence and magnetism one exudes at such moments; happiness is a truly attractive quality.

Further, “Love”, which I consider the perfect title, has a Raymond Carver-esque quality to it, albeit lacking a refined-subtlety at times, that demands both detachment and immersion that translates to an automatic dislkike for a certain type of viewer; the full depths of the characters are defined through the sum of all we are privy to and forced to presume, not what we’re told through the simulated gloss of Hollywood archetypes defining interesting people and interesting lives that can be packaged by Disney Inc.

As such, It’s about the oh, so many, real-life, love-seeking, psychologically-cursed and -demanding, but also rewarding paths a great majority of us with some real-world relationship experience have been on or witnessed, and an on-key exposition of sorts for the rare one-date fairytale lovers or the inexperienced with an open mind not clouded by superficial expectations–be it for Apatow’s usual humour, any strict adherence to the label “comedy” or any shallow, bipartite physical delusions/Gillian Jacobs idolatry one imposes on a couple for it to be considered believable–showcasing, amplified for fiction’s sake, the best and the worst in each of us, and all our struggles and all our failings and all our weaknesses and strengths, with our heavy pasts yet primitive hopes for some future, all of it contained in, and displayed asymmetrically, from the physical to the intellectual to the temperamental, by two, wonderfully-casted and crafted persons that fit together for a better whole, but only if they’re willing to work through the hard, non-idealistic, i.e. not romantic, fact that being human is synonymous with dependence, period, and that, ironically or in a deeper absurdist sense, that the truest, most-liberating Love, perhaps the greatest dependence of all, may only be attained once we’re free of the synthetic ones that plague what it now means to be human, thus cementing within us a synthetic dependence for love.

Maybe I’m seeing more than what’s intended, but that’s what singularises art from a soulless, mere commercial endeavour; whether successful or not is another matter, though mutually inclusive in this case if willing to consider all of “Love” “at such a level, it seems, for one will inevitably be blind to any of its worth in the canon of Greatest Couples unless it managed to speak to you, which it may very well not do for valid reasons, “personal taste” perhaps being at the top.

And, in retrospect. “Love”, through our own reactions, makes so very obvious what we should have done, said…

Love review by Chatao Lauj – Tolerable Enough

Read one review, and it was enough to convince me to watch this show because at least that review was in the middle of “love” and “hate” for this show.

First, this show isn’t about love. It’s more about the things that happens behind the closed doors of love; personal, stressful moments and whatnot. That being said, the amount of annoyance from both the MCs, Gus and Mickey, were over the top annoying. Their attitude towards every little thing about each other is what makes this show awful, but it’s also what drives the show.

When I say awful, I don’t mean like it’ll be the worst thing you’ll ever watch and bad acting with plot holes. Awful in terms of it not being “rom-com” like people expected it to be because it falls well short of that genre. I feel like excerpts of the script are actual personal experiences from the writers, so that’s why the show is what it is; complex and stressful.

To what I actually think about this show; give it a chance. It’s just one of those where one episode is intolerable to watch, but then there’s these episodes where you finish watching them and you just want to continue onto the next episode. I guess you could sum that up as a roller coaster show; the lows are very low and the highs are very high.

So, do give it a try until after the episode where Gus and Bertie go on a date. That was the point where I started to get annoyed. The season did end on a good note though, so try sticking with it if you don’t mind the episode I just mentioned.

Happy watching!

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