Life Sentence 123movies – Watch Life Sentence full movie online free

Watch Life Sentence full movie online freeThis show is charming with moments of thoughtfulness and challenge mixed in. It’s not particularly deep even though I find it thought provoking. The main character is thrust unexpectedly into the early adulthood moment of late teens/early twenties. Through her perspective, we get to see what an exciting, confusing, and life-forming time that truly is. The actress is delightful, and her chemistry with the also charming actor who plays her husband gives this show its heart. The tone and pace of the show sparkle. It’s a bit over-the-top at points, mostly because her family members are all variants of the “wacky neighbor” type of character. But yet, they all have different personalities and basically support each other. Her volunteer work / friendship in the oncology ward help ground the main character, and the show, providing reminders that life is fleeting and precious, and that kindness is such a valuable gift. I just like it, and hope it stays around for a couple of seasons so I can enjoy these characters through a few arcs of their development.

Life Sentence 123movies – Watch Life Sentence full movie online free

Life Sentence review by AnonymousFilmLover26 – Kind of scattered so far, hopefully it’ll find it’s footing

I admit, Lucy Hale’s new series “Life Sentence” tries to tackle a lot at once. In the first episode alone we are faced with a cancer diagnosis and cancer/chemo flashbacks, a mostly-happy montage of Stella (Hale) taking chances and living her life to the fullest, mild family drama, a love interest, a proposal, and more. It’s not that I like shows focusing only on one theme or plot at a time – that’s the fast track to a dull show, for me. But the inclusion of all these elements (despite the pretty solid writing) lends itself to a bit of a scattered mess. It’s still early on in the run, so this isn’t necessarily a problem. “Life Sentence” isn’t totally a mess, as it has a few positives going for it, including a fair cast featuring the lovely Ms. Hale.

I’m hoping that a few more episodes will see improved characterization, but even if the show’s development is a bit sluggish, I’m hooked. No TV show is built to please everyone, but I think there is some real potential here. The comedy aspect is less “insert joke here” and more subtle, black humor that actually works okay and seems natural enough in the context of the dialogue. I know a cute, pixie-like, Lucy Hale going “dark” seems out-of-place, but she seems to pull it off…even if the spots of black humor are just glimpses at this point.

All in all, this was one of the new shows I picked up, along with “Good Girls”, and “Rise”, and this pilot is certainly better-developed (but different) than “Good Girls”, so I have that much to say about it. Kudos to you, CW! We’ll see if you can keep it up.

Life Sentence review by Lotsofjcmedia – A Fast-Paced Hot Mess

This show starring Lucy Hale has comedy potential, but the story most certainly is all over the place. You kind of get a headache when you are taken along for the ride with Stella (played by Hale) and discover with her all the secrets her family kept to themselves while she was sick. There are sweet messages dropped in throughout the pilot and crazy interactions between siblings, parents, etc. but nothing to really grab onto except for Stella’s humorous marriage relationship. Wes (played by Elliot Knight) and Stella were probably the best part of the series beginning. Her readjustment for the future basically drives the show…however I’ll mention once again that Hale and Knight are the real gems. All the other characters make for okay curveballs as the series tries to continue, though they tug more at your pity than your funny bone. Also, the medical aspect of the series and how Stella is cured from her cancer does a fine job of throwing in a unique angle at how to perceive “living” and takes away the dark and off-putting circumstance that cancer can be. Instead, Life Sentence chose to approach cancer in a more light-hearted way that causes you to view the disease as a hurdle rather than an antagonistic monster…not allowing cancer the satisfaction of winning (something I appreciate).

Life Sentence review by Bello-4 – A Bit Rushed, A Bit Expected, But a Good First Outing…

I adore Lucy Hale, even before anyone had ever heard of Pretty Little Liars I’ve been a fan so it goes without saying that I was going to give this show a chance. However with that said, Life Sentence is a pretty good little show in its own right for a first outing. You have to wonder, whatever your disease of choice, you effectively put your life on hold, for years possibly, and told you’re near certainly going to die. Then against all odds…you don’t. Then what do you do? Did you bother with much of an actual life – not just the highlights – because you didn’t expect to have one? Do you find out just what kind of sacrifices were made on your behalf? This show attempts to answer those questions and so far, admittedly on the pilot episode, it was a fun outing…

That being said, I really thought what Stella’s family really is like and the sacrifices and facade they’ve made for her should’ve been teased out over the next few/several as things felt a bit rushed. They also made sure to check just about every box on the PC checklist now a days with your recreational drugs, stoner family member, kids to soon and sexual orientation and marriage that’s falling apart (as opposed to a strong loving marriage but guess that’s not PC…). Regardless I have to give a shout out to how minorities are portrayed in the episode, as just people just like anyone else. They’re not portrayed as ethnic, eccentric or stereotyped and a particular shout out to Sadie the young black female cancer patient Stella relates to late in the episode as it could’ve easily been just a pretty generic white girl but yes regardless of race or color we all come down with things, even minorities… About the only thing not checked was Stella’s college professor of a father having a relationship on the side with one of his students young enough to be his daughter (but it was only the first episode…).

So I’d give it a seven to an eight out of ten and we’ll see where it goes…

Life Sentence review by Sritanay – You’d want to fast forward it.

Although the premise of the show is unique enough the show suffers from lackluster acting and writing. The writer showcases the story through the voice of Lucy Hale’s character (Stella), which is one of the most exasperating acts of the show, not to mention some very poor writing and direction for most of the supporting actors, two siblings seem to be there just as a necessity. The parents’ characters, maybe due to fact that they act better, seems passable. The saving grace for this show which is the love story between the lead and the Brit.

Going ahead the show will focus on the whole family and how Stella moves on with her life with them, this is where the show will fail. What it lacks is jovial and quirky bits to make the show better and the lackadaisical performance of the brother does not help. The show could have really used a friend instead of the siblings (at least one) maybe this will change as the show goes on. But as the show is right now I see it being canceled at the end of the season or next season(because Lucy Hale has some TV fandom that might pull some viewership in).

Life Sentence review by TxMike – Good start to what has the ingredients to become a winning series.

First off I have to say Lucy Hale is a real cutie pie. She plays the lead role as Stella Abbott, who in her teens developed a case of terminal cancer. She has been receiving the best treatments but in a flashback of sorts we see she was given 6 to 8 months to live. So her dad sent her off to Paris for a “bucket list” trip, and she met Elliot Knight as Wes, they hit it off, they fell in love, they married.

They return to her small Oregon community (actually filmed in Canada) and live happily, expecting ever-after to be a few months. But the show kicks into high gear when Stella gets the word from her Oncologist that her cancer is gone, she has been cured.

So this show takes the unusual premise that life is easy and straightforward when you only have a few months to live, you do what you want, everyone treats you with kid gloves, friends and family want to make your last days as pleasant as possible.

But the real hard part of life happens when you find out that you may have 60 or 70 more years to live. What will you do for a career? Will you want to have kids? And what do you do when you find out your family has a number of big issues they have been hiding from you?

The two main characters are in all 13 episodes of the first season, so we are destined to see how the happy couple cope with all this.

Good start, a somewhat serious show with lots of humor.

Life Sentence review by Hassarrhita – What a show! I laughed during every bit of it even the dramatic moments

I have to start by saying I love Lucy Hale. She does an amazing job at playing the role of Stella, the terminally ill cancer patient. When she finds out she was cured, what started as “only a few months to live” ends up being a lifetime with choices she made when she decided to “live like she was dying”: friends and family who hid many secrets from her and a very handsome husband, whom she “just” met. I can’t wait for next week’s episode. Looks like an amazing show has just started!

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