Jane the Virgin review – Watch Jane the Virgin putlockers movie online free

Watch Jane the Virgin putlockers movie online free – I was first skeptical about this show when I initially saw the previews. However, after watching the first episode, I was hooked. The narrator/commentary is absolutely hilarious. The story is a bit far fetched, but the acting is amazing. It’s a really well executed show. Definitely worth watching and if anything it’s a must see because Justin Baldoni is a heart-throb. This show isn’t quite like anything you will see on television. The Spanish culture/telenovella aspect mixed with the great acting, the drama, and the comedy all make it very different and worth watching! You won’t be disappointed with this and you’ll fall in love with all of the characters just like I did.

Jane the Virgin review – Watch Jane the Virgin putlockers movie online free

Jane the Virgin review by jgalt1 – The Best New Show of 2014

I came in with trepidation. The whole premise is preposterous. How wrong could I have been? Turns out very.

“Jane the Virgin” (still not thrilled with the title) is beyond charming. The lead actress is adorable and so believable — even in this jaded age. The switching between English and Spanish dialog (please don’t change this; Americans don’t like sub-titles but the gimmick works) — muy excelente! The very witty writing about cultural mores, traditional and contemporary, is something very missing in today’s entertainment. I caught a repeat episode of “Mike and Molly” the other night (I’ve only seen the first episode and did not laugh once) and was reminded of the raw, crude language that completely turned me off; that is not comedy. Yet, it is the norm today, unfortunately.

Go ahead and take the plunge — give “Jane the Virgin” a try. She will steal your heart; she already has mine.

Jane the Virgin review by andreced10 – Refreshing and phenomenal. A perfect mix of TV culture.

Coming from a country that airs cheap telenovela, it’s refreshing to watch an improved everything of what a telenovela should be.

Jane the Virgin is one of the shows that do not care what the current audience wants to see / is interested to see. The plot is in itself far away from what a typical viewer is interested to watch. The plot is outrageous and in the nature of telenovelas. The creators made the show at high stakes but they also reaped greater rewards.

The cast is perfect. Each cast can carry a scene a telenovela would but with a very “American TV-show” feel. The fact the they are all talented, beautiful, and god-help-me-I’m-dying-of-laughter funny can’t hurt.

What I hate about telenovelas (Aside from seeing them 5 times a week, yes, 5 times a week ) is the repetitiveness and pacing. That’s not a problem with this show. I like how the show foreshadow scenes and repeat scenes with very minor but very impactful changes. The “American TV-show” pace is perfect too.

I just can say that if you like watching TV shows but is kind of bored of the mainstream vampires, sci-fi, superheroes, crime, teen girl, drama, kind. You might just be blown away with this gem of a show. This show need more hype.

Jane the Virgin review by mimiray4Fresh and humorous

It’s presented in a comedic style that isn’t meant to be taken seriously. I’ve seen others that commented that there was nothing funny about the situation and wondered why she didn’t sue the doctor….as I stated….it is a COMEDY. If this were a reality show, it would have to involve lawyers, investigators and medical professionals. Nothing about this show feels like reality. It is presented as entertainment. I found it entertaining. It is based on an earlier Spanish version that had the lead character as a 17 year old girl, which is way more realistic if she is supposed to be a virgin. However the fact that the lead in this version is 24 adds to the humor. How many 24 year old educated attractive women in a serious relationship with a guy in law enforcement determined to stay a virgin until marriage could there be? Just saying….I think if you like a good mystery (this show also has suspense) and satire, I think this show is worth checking out. It doesn’t hurt that all the actors are very attractive.

Jane the Virgin review by Mizgiron – love this show

I absolutely love this, the Spanish and English, the funny jokes, the chemistry all of it. Finally something Latin that I love to watch. I’m hooked. Love it. Why aren’t there more funny shows like this ? I hate having to wait until Monday to watch it but it’s worth the wait. I also like the fact that they showcase certain traditions that Latin families still try to keep in this generation. I just simply enjoy the show and I’ve even gotten friends and family to watch. I have to say that my favorite Characters are Jane, the grandmother, the mother and of course Rafael. The dialog is fun to watch and you can relate to some of the characters also.

Jane the Virgin review by Kiwi – Love it…

I stumble on this show and the name grabbed my attention so I decided to watch one episode…then another one…and the rest is history. It is a really good comedy show, a bit chaotic at times, but very entertaining. I truly love the Telenova Star (he is so good looking and play his part so well) and as well with Daddy Baby Rafaela – another pretty good looking dude!

The narrator is doing a superb job in moving the story along with lots of humour and punch line. I don’t think the show would be as good without the narrator job.

The story by itself is very interesting, a virgin with a baby, but very believable on it’s own. The surrounding cast is doing a pretty good job and one big thump up for “Petra” who is amazing in her role. With all the side-track stories and events within the main story, I tend to want to see less of “Jane” and more of the other actors as I feel they bring so much more to the show. Jane is Jane … and it feels that she is not evolving in her role, which is something the other characters have done. Overall, it’s a great show. Perfect binging show for a rainy Sunday afternoon, with wine and popcorn. Enjoy!

Jane the Virgin review by Shakeel Ahmad Tabish – A soap any like other

I have a disclaimer, “I do not like soaps at all”. Every soap that I accidentally saw growing up with my family made me realize why I hated soaps. Why am I telling all this? Because “Jane the Virgin”, is unlike any other soap I have ever seen. Most soaps are boring, tedious, unnecessary twists, stretched, overly dramatic and too serious or trying too hard to be funny. The best thing about this show is that it avoids all of these mistakes.

This show can be taken and is a good satire on soaps in general and telenovellas in particular but it also has merits of its own. It doesn’t solely rely on making fun on other soaps to be successful. It is genuinely funny and has enough twists to keep the audience engaged. Also the little messages the show gives in a few moments in every other episode are real and relatable to us average mortals.

The show also has a wonderful take on life in general. It tells us that we should not take our lives too seriously and not everything is in our control. We think most of the times that we are the leaders of our destiny and we can shape our lives any way we want. Yes to a certain extent we can but we should never rule our environment and the part played by it in our destiny. The show even goes a step beyond this general realization that I stated, it teaches us how with all the unexpected turns and twists in life we keep growing and moving on and life never stops. This is the sort of outlook on life the show promotes and it is a very good message in my opinion. Everyone should watch this show!

Jane the Virgin review by Marisol Garza (marisolgl17) – Amazing TV show!

I am in love with “Jane the Virgin”. I think it is a great show that portrays the Hispanic/Latino culture. I am not offended by this show because it definitely represents many aspects from my culture. This show represents the telenovelas just how the are “full of drama” and I love it! Jane the Virgin makes me want to look forward to my Mondays and although it was gone for more than a month I still look forward to seeing it. Gina Rodriguez, Jaime Camil and all the cast make a wonderful team and I as a viewer can tell how much chemistry there is between Jane and Micheal and Jane and Rafael. I love it! I hope they continue to renew the seasons because this show has become my favorite show.

Jane the Virgin review by Handmadepizza – First time mom and grad student and no,babysitter

I started watching the show, because it’s fun and family friendly. It’s a bit to perfect, I mean her best friend throws a fit because Jane forgot her 25 birthday. Jane Pumps and dumps breast milk in the club . Seriously what new mom purposely carries around the breast pumps of club. Also Jane is a grad student, and works I think, after Mateo is born. She wait til the kid is nearly a year before she gets a babysitter. Really. When does she sleep. Also with the amount of money Rafael has, the baby would be at threat for kidnapping and would need security. Also they are in Miami and. Michael and Jane keep meeting…TARGET….HOTELS…..IN A CIty, that big. Also is pregnant with twins walks like she isn’t pregnant. There is a waddle, an shift in you center of gravity. From personal experience. They underuse Janes grandma as well.

Jane the Virgin review by JackielaskyDramatic, Fun, and Lighthearted Show!

I have really enjoyed this series. It has been a very engaging show and the main character, Jane, is so relatable! She seems like that sweet friend that we all have. It’s nice to see a show that has a respectable and mature lead character; I think it’s good for young girls to look up to characters like these. Anyway there are so many interesting conflicts and stories to follow that you can’t get bored! The only part of the show I didn’t really enjoy so much was the father Rogelio, his character kind of annoyed me, but other than that I liked the show. He was mostly just too cheesy. The show was well written and the events were timed well enough to keep the viewers engaged with the dramatic elements. Such a fun show to watch and I can’t wait for season 3.

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