Ingrid Goes West 123movies – Watch Ingrid Goes West full movie online free

Watch Ingrid Goes West full movie online freeThis movie moved me in ways I cannot explain. It made it plain how one can still feel alone even when “connected” to the social construct of the new millennium. An ordinary person with no anchor to keep her secure tries hard to feel real in a space that has no harbor. There is a lesson in this movie, loving kindness can save us all.

Ingrid Goes West 123movies – Watch Ingrid Goes West full movie online free

Ingrid Goes West review by Bottomsgaming – An Endearing and Enjoyable Dark Comedy

Ingrid Goes West juggles being a dark comedy, an uncomfortable character study, and an earnest look into the meaning of friendship in this social media-focused age. While it doesn’t hit a home run any any one of these specific areas, it is deft enough in each to create an enjoyable and interesting film.

The performances are the strongest part of Ingrid Goes West. Aubrey Plaza was excellent as the troubled title character, whose obsession and downward spiral are paramount to the success of the movie. Elizabeth Olsen is also well-fit for her role as a shallow, social media obsessed valley girl. These two are the centerpieces of the plot, and all other characters play off of their relationship. The movie just does not work without good performances for the characters, and both actresses are great – delivering grounded, layered, and believable people to the screen.

The writing is solid, though not incredibly daring or groundbreaking. The first act sets up a narrative that is dense with possibilities, both plot-wise and thematically. The product that we end up getting, however, plays it surprisingly close-to-the-vest and low-key. It’s absolutely capable, as is; the story delivers some laughs, good heartfelt moments, and it IS dark, but doesn’t often feel as urgent or eventful as it could be. It seems to take the safe path more often than not. Again, what the movie does give is solid and entertaining enough, but the cast handles what is given so easily that one can’t help think about what could have been if they had been given slightly more to work with.

The movie does successfully transition from uncomfortable, to funny, to disturbing, to endearing, and pretty much at will. This can be attributed to Plaza’s performance. As disturbed as Ingrid may be, and as much as her choices throughout the film continue to pile against her, she’s still a character that the audience can empathize with. There’s truth to the core of the character, and her obsession with social media, the facades it encourages, and the desire for acceptance and recognition that comes with it. Ingrid Goes West is an interesting character study of someone going through this obsession, and also delivers enough laughs and interesting characters to remain engaging.

Ingrid Goes West review by Thomas Drufke – Ingenue

Sometimes a film comes along that is perfectly timed and enormously topical, and while it isn’t the most satisfying of narratives, Ingrid Goes West poses a lot of fascinating questions regarding social media, bullying, and obsessive behavior. I was as creeped out by this movie as I was entertained and moved by the final shot.

Aubrey Plaza plays a woman with an obsessive behavior and becomes enthralled with being best friends with a semi-famous photographer in Los Angeles. Not only was Plaza born to play these types of Ingenue- esque characters, but I feel like this is a film that too-closely follows our current world as we are currently constructed. Think about it, with social media at its peak and fame at its most desired (and easily accessible), the ability to reach celebrities is scary easy. Ingrid Goes West takes that premise and gives us a creepy but socially important story.

Every character in this film has flaws and each actor plays those in a charismatically tragic way. In that sense, this film is rounded out with impressively deep characters and a poignant script. And a script that manages to balance humor and drama almost as good as a film like Lady Bird did this year.

My only flaw (and it’s a rather big one), is that although the characters are round with good and bad traits, I found it difficult to root for any one particular person. In some films that works because it feels real enough to not have to root for someone. I guess I just found it hard to follow all of these people in their decisions because I wasn’t on board from the first place.

I can appreciate this film solely for the reason that it’s an important story to tell. There are people in the place of Ingrid and there are also people in the same place as Taylor Sloane (Elizabeth Olsen’s character). It’s one of those movies that needs to be watched by this social media-frenzy age of humans (I myself being one of those folks). This is dark comedy at its near best.

Ingrid Goes West review by Jadavix – The best movie of 2017?

“Ingrid Goes West” is a kind of comedy thriller for the 2010’s, a movie that could have easily been a successor to “Single White Female” but is more interested in satire than thrills.

Ingrid Thorburn is a mentally ill woman who is obsessed with social media “stars”. You know the type: people who are famous for nothing more than broadcasting every aspect of their lives on sites like Facebook and Instagram. When we first meet Ingrid, she attacks a woman whose wedding she crashes, leading us to assume that they were once close friends. We soon realise that they had never met in person; Ingrid believes “likes” on Facebook are a superior substitute for real-world friendship.

One of the troubling things “Ingrid Goes West” makes us realise is that it is understandable to believe that. The social media “influencer” Ingrid becomes obsessed with is able to extensively curate her life – or the image of it she makes available to people. When we meet her, we notice all is not as perfect as it is made to seem. We see items as they are made to appear online, but we can now also see the space around them. Taylor, the “influencer”, is married to the exact kind of husband you would expect such a person to have – with his man-bun and beard – and yet, after some drinks, reveals he is not quite happy, and we see that Taylor co-opts his interests just as Ingrid co-opts hers.

This is another observation the film has: perhaps one must be empty to succeed at celebrity in this day and age. Does this explain those pretend-celebrities, whose names you all know (I’m not going to type them here), people who are famous for reasons no one seems to comprehend?

Back in the day people got famous for talents, deeds, or looks. But if you’re the world’s greatest guitar player, what about all those people who don’t like the way guitars sound? If you’re a good looking brunette, what about all those people who prefer blondes? Being famous for nothing puts nothing in between you and your “followers”. If some people don’t like the current you, you can try something else for the next Instagram post; maybe that will hook them.

The older generation wants to know how they got airtime in the first place. The younger generation doesn’t care: they just want to know what they had for dinner.

Ingrid Goes West review by Thirtyfivestories – Image Pollutes Personality

A hospital bed invades a quiet living room. The surrounding decor combats with the white washed mechanism. The comforts of home clash with the prerequisite coffin. Ingrid falls into the painful remnant of rest. Her cell phone illuminates the sanitized sheets. Losing her final friend drives her to the virtual crop of personalities.

She shops on Instagram for a companion. More invigorating than holding interviews and plunging through paperwork, Ingrid has an endless supply of rectangular resumes under her thumbs. Captions more eloquent than improvised responses, and emojis more concrete than complex nonverbal exchanges.

Ingrid mistakes these snapshots as refined essences of strangers’ life, when they are merely a meticulously edited barrage of ego. Her selection is doomed from the start. When a potential hire lies on an application, a workplace accident is bound to occur.

Her target, Taylor, obsessively documents her pristine LA dream with redundant hashtags and nonexistent punctuation. She boasts over 300K followers, yet when Ingrid arrives West, Taylor’s social life seems so inclusive that it only contains her husband, Ezra. Ingrid’s admiration for the couple boils, and she transforms her recent loss into a resource for manufactured neighborly charm.

Ezra has transitioned into a tortured artist per his wife’s request. He emulates his wife’s creative success by painting cheap slogans that speak to the lowest common denominator. The anthems of millennial oblivion gazed on the internet like graffiti-ed mucus. He feels the disgust, yet he is in too deep. He reminisces of the times when Taylor walked with a sorority girl gallop, and did not plagiarize interests.

Taylor is trapped in a lie of “best”. She has an unquenchable need to label exuberance, and her soaring standards will burn her life short. This is the subject of Ingrid’s obsessive compulsion. The vile exchange between both posers generates a psychological spill reeking of letdown. Certain lies are exalted by an internet culture, and others are spat on by your closest partners. Masks are only convincing to those blinded by worship.

Ingrid Goes West review by namashi_1 – Aubrey Plaza is a Force In This Deeply Affecting And Alarming Black-Comedy!

We live in the age of Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat & of course, Instagram. We all follow people (most of us only through the social networking platform) & comment, like, dislike or even share their posts of views on any particular matter or a selfie. ‘Ingrid Goes West’, one of the most underrated films, takes this phenomena & delivers a rather scarily sad story about a woman who goes way too far ahead to feel, what everyone today needs to feel: important.

“Ingrid Goes West” Synopsis: An unhinged social media stalker Ingrid (Aubrey Plaza) moves to LA and insinuates herself into the life of an Instagram star.

Ingrid is a protagonist who’s mostly on the wrong side. She is a stalker, she is a liar, she doesn’t believe in moral compass & she’d do anything to get what she wants. Her lonely heart & mind takes her to LA and she literally barges into the life of her Instagram crush. But, truly, more than a story on obsession & stalking, this is the story of the times we live in. When a beautiful, popular personality uploads a post with its location on, it’s actually possible for one to show up there & see/meet that person candidly. We might call it stalking, we might call it barging into a stranger’s life, but then, who isn’t stalking today anyway? We all want to matter today & poor Ingrid goes a bit too far to matter. And while some of it is darkly comical, this story eventually, is heartbreaking.

David Branson Smith & Matt Spicer’s Screenplay is top-notch & completely with the times we live in. Matt Spicer’s Direction is very effective, too. Cinematography & Editing are alright.

Performance-Wise: Aubrey Plaza is a force of nature. As the mentally unstable Ingrid, Plaza gives us a anti-heroine for the ages. It’s a striking performance, that unveils with sheer commitment. It/’s sad that Plaza didn’t garner any Award-Buzz this year, despite a remarkable portrayal. Elizabeth Olsen is very good as the woman whom Ingrid is obsessed with. O’Shea Jackson Jr. shines as Ingrid’s stingy landlord. Wyatt Russell is decent as Olsen’s painter husband. Billy Magnussen as Olsen’s trouble-making brother, is brilliant.

On the whole, ‘Ingrid Goes West’ is bold & affecting. Super Like!

Ingrid Goes West review by KrazyJoke – Unknown Gem!

This movie that went under everyone’s radar is an actual decent movie with decent acting and a decent plot ! Aubrey Plaza delivers one of 2017 best performances ! Plaza in only the 10 first minutes of the movie, showed us completly who exaclty was her characters and acted so many emotions in only 10mins from Happy to depressed she did it all in 10mins! The rest of the cast is great espicially from an unkown star who is actually Ice Cube son, O’Shea Jackson Jr. delivered an amazing and hilarious and sweet performances who deeply showed such how of a good person his character Dany was. This whole movies deals with problems we live today, like how much would a person do for fame or to be friends with someone popular, how the social-media changes our lifes and how fake the social media actually are. Plus the movie doesnt feel too long or too boring, its runtime is great and the performances and characters are so good the’ll keep you watching !

Excellent movie that should of never been under the radar since it’s an amazing and brillant film that deserves to get noticed and seen !

Ingrid Goes West review by SnoopyStyle – almost there

Ingrid Thorburn (Aubrey Plaza) is obsessed with Instagram. She attacks her ‘friend’ Charlotte who didn’t invite her to her wedding. She is sent to treatment but she is still obsessed with Instagram. This time, it’s internet star Taylor Sloane (Elizabeth Olsen). Upon release, Ingrid decides to head west to L.A. to meet Taylor IRL.

This starts off a little quirky. There is a darkness that builds up to that compelling little party where Nicky starts revealing the truth. Ezra’s blackmail brings the movie to a whole new level. The movie is building to some really dark stuff. I may not buy Ingrid’s plan but I do like where it goes. Just as the situation threatens to go off the rails, Ingrid pulls it back for some reason. It’s out of her character. She definitely should go for the most unreasonable course of action. All right, I’ll say it. She needs to kill Ezra. She needs to ramp up the crazy even more. The movie demands it. Instead, it stops short and tries to wrap it up with a feel good lesson. It’s not Ingrid from the wedding. It needs to fully embrace its darkness.

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