Imposters putlocker – Watch Imposters full movies online free

Watch Imposters full movies online free – This show is amazing. Great acting and great ideas. How anyone could rate it lower because they say the plot isn’t plausible is beyond me. After all it is just a show made to entertain. The army didn’t really come out of a wardrobe in Bedknobs and Broomsticks but that didn’t make the film a bad film,mint is about using your imagination. Lots of shows are not totally true to life, just enjoy them.

Imposters putlocker – Watch Imposters full movies online free

Imposters review by Mhrist – Makes up with a heart

Hi everyone, I really really enjoyed the first season. Granted, as some have said in their reviews, there are some plotholes… however the show has so much heart in it that i pretty much didn’t notice/mind. The characters are really really fun, the dialog is hilarious, and there is scarcely a scene where you are not either balling on the floor or tense as hell. Ezra, Jules, and Richarch are so funny together, and Maddie is just amazing. There are some reviwers that compare this show to other con shows such as sneaky pete and good behavior but I think this one pretty much gives them at least a very good fight. I also think this is very different than those two since good behavior is a very dark drama, and sneaky pete while a dark comedy is very different. I can’t really say sneaky pete is even a con show per se since it is more about a smart cheater in a very different setting. personally i can relate more to this since it is set in a big cities and the things the protagonists go thru are a lot more worldly and human. all in all if you want to laugh your butt off i highly recommend it.

other shows i’ve enjoyed like this one would be iZombie, Supernatural and Lucifer… and I know those might seem like very different genres but there is a common thread between all three – the people making them are having a lot of fun and i just can’t help but have fun watching them.

Imposters review by Shobanchittuprolu – Imposters is one of the most entertaining series in recent times with stellar chemistry among the characters,full of twists and seductive Inbar levi.

TV Series Review: Imposters (2017): While everyone is busy watching hard-hitting American TV Masterpieces like GOT,The Walking Dead,Stranger Things etc..there are other kind of shows which never tries to be a masterpiece but guarantees hell of a fun.This year all the American series I watched are either adventure or thriller but Imposters is dark crime comedy which started slow but with each episode gained the momentum and by the end,it became one of the most entertaining series in recent times.

Plot: Maddie (Prison Break’s Inbar Lavi) is an alluring, chameleon-like con artist who seduces men and women into falling in love with her, after which she marries them and then leaves them penniless. As Maddie moves on to her next target, three of her duped exes — good-hearted jock Richard (Suburgatory’s Parker Young), hopeless romantic Ezra (Home Fires’ Rob Heaps) and neurotic artist Jules (Marianne Rendón) — team up to track down their “wife.” Along the way, they pick up “the art of the con” to make some cash… and discover Maddie’s operation is much bigger than it appears. Meanwhile, the beautiful grifter starts to develop feelings for wealthy charmer Patrick (Being Mary Jane’s Stephen Bishop), but can she have a real relationship? Our lips are sealed! My Review: Imposters plot is very simple which strongly resembles 2015 Indian movie Dolly ki Doli.I started this series with zero expectations and episode 1 failed to create any interest in me except for seductive Inbar Levi.So I continued watching other episodes only for Inbar Levi and surprisingly,the seris got better and better with each episode and all the other characters gets familiar to us.

Imposters provides just an amoral, streetwise anti-heroine who is very complicated. Do you root for her or for the guys she’s fleeced?First, I wasn’t sure who to root for, nor was I sure who the show wanted us to root for — and that’s not the same thing as not finding anybody likable, because nobody’s especially distasteful. I just think a show like this has to make viewers clamor for some result. Are we hoping Ezra and his team of jilted exes, including Parker Young, catches up with Maddie? Are we hoping they catch up with Maddie because we think there’s a chance for love to rebloom or because we want them to get revenge? What level of revenge would be proportionate or satisfying? Dunno. Or are we supposed to be rooting for Maddie in her new potential conquest, figuring that she’s smarter than these dopey dupes and therefore deserves all their money?See! We root for every character in this series and its not a surprise when we root for con woman too.

The show made an extremely fortunate find in lead Inbar Lavi. She manages to hang onto her Maddie persona just under the surface of all of the guises she dons, chameleon-like. Even though she’s doing terrible things to people, she seems to at least make them happy for a while, or, in the case of Heller, they appear to deserve it.She gave a breakthrough performance that will open doors for greater stardom, if only people in TV power check her out.Rob Heaps,Park Young and Rendon make a great team and the most entertaining part of the series.Uma Thurman’s surprise entry shocked me and she is once again rocked in the kick-ass role.

So, Imposters is one of the most entertaining series in recent times with stellar chemistry among the characters,full of twists and seductive Inbar levi.

Imposters review by par222 – well written

All the characters are written multifaceted, thus requiring the actors to bring their “A” game which they do! The plots are new and inventive and you really don’t see anything coming before it hits you. You hate to have the episode come to an end because you can’t wait a week to see what happens next. Each episode runs you through the gamut of emotions, and never once does it seem contrived. You find yourself identifying with each character at various times.

Imposters review by Eclipse MotionPictures – Better than you think.

I started watching “Imposters” while I was working on a project. I usually put on a movie or a TV show to have something going on in the background, so I picked Imposters with no real expectations. I watched the first episode wondering if I was really gonna watch this, it looked “dull” and “fake” somehow. I thought it was bad acting, but in fact, it was excellent acting and bad writing decisions overall. Since I didn’t even know the pitch of that show, I had no idea what was really going on. The “fake” acting was totally a part of it ! I watched episode 2 and it started to make sens, now I’ve just seen them all to the 6th episode, this TV show is a gem. Every episode brings a new surprise, it’s funny and dark, smart and silly. I’m looking forward to the next episode. I’m kind of sad that it got such low rating on IMDb, but I believe, like me, people after watching the first episode had the same feeling as I did. This show deserves 8+. Don’t miss it!

Imposters review by amandakoh-17381 – Brilliantly written

It keeps you on the edge of your seat at the end of each episode. Deserves way more publicity and it should be an national and international obsession. Great black comedy. I love the whole story line and personally feel that other than the Blacklist, this is one to definitely watch. The casts are also very engaging, love Inbar!

Just when you think you know whats going to happen, they turn the tables on you and surprise you every time. Great series! So underrated and under promoted though! Hope it doesn’t get canceled.

Imposters review by Arlborn – Great little show!

Every main character is very interesting in their own way, it’s quite diverse and the series is showing a complexity that I’d never have guessed at from just the first episode. I’m really enjoying the relationships and dynamics between its characters.

As far as con TV shows go this one has a lot of potential to be great.

You know you’re hooked on a show when its third episode ends and you get really upset that you’ve got to wait another week to just watch more of it.

Imposters review by Charles Herold (cherold) – Funny and engaging

Imposters stars Inbar Lavi as a con woman able to be a rich person’s perfect romantic partner before skipping out with their money. In the series, she is working on her next victim while three former victims hunt her down.

It’s a nutty story fueled primarily by the charm of its principles.

Lavi is perfect as the girl who is easy to love. Often you would expect this part to go the route of the femme fatale; an intimidating, sexy, mysterious woman. But Lavi is sweet and lovable, which is much truer to what men actually go for (remember, in Gilligan Island polls, men were hotter for girl-next-door Maryanne than sex bomb Ginger).

Her pursuers have an easy rapport as they bumble their way towards a woman they all clearly love. In a ridiculous but clever turn, the three decide to con people along the way. While they hunt Inbar down, she finds that there is more to her current con than she expects.

So far (and I’m 4 episodes in) this hasn’t been typical of con artist movies. That is, there’s no elaborate con here that is going to somehow get turned on its head, like Leverage. This is a movie about people who are con artists, rather than a movie that wants to con the audience. At least so far; you can never fully trust a movie about cons (addendum: this does change, although the big con is still much more character- driven than typical).

Anyway, you should definitely watch this, it’s great.

Imposters review by johnh22 – Pleasantly Surprised

I read “dark comedy” in the description of this show and almost moved on, but this show is different than other dark comedies, and that is a good thing. There are no mean spirited gags or card board characters, like many dark comedies. Reminds a little of “The Grifters” meets “Pretty Woman.” A light drama with comedic elements.

Surprisingly poignant moments and very good character development won me over.

Imposters review by Beheimdoc – Really begins to roll after a few episodes

After episode one, I wasn’t too sure about this series; I typically stick with a new series through the first season to give a fair assessment.

At first, I found the characters a little boring and predictable – though I continued to watch because it was… well, sorta cute. 🙂 You’ll not fall off the sofa laughing, but you will smile, and you will chuckle from time to time. I spent the first three episodes praying it would get better each episode, and it did improve as hoped.

In Episode 4, the show really takes off, much to my delight. Without giving away details, viewers are greeted with surprising moments and plot twists that finish with a “I REALLY have to wait a week!??!” feeling.

Imposters has the potential to be very successful, and if episode four is any indication, I think we’re in for a treat.

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