Ibiza fandango – Watch Ibiza full movie online free

Watch Ibiza full movie online freeThis movie was so much fun. It was laugh out loud funny, the cast had great chemistry, the storyline was silly and uncomplicated. I can’t believe how negative the reviews are! Were people expecting an Oscar nominee? If you’re looking for a fun hour and a half of hilarious drunken shenanigans and some sweet romantic moments, this movie will tick all of those boxes.

Ibiza fandango – Watch Ibiza full movie online free

Ibiza review by kjenks77 – Loved it! And if you didnt… sorry your life sucks

I loved this movie! The soundtrack was dope and cinematography was so so good. It takes me back to good times with good friends and having crazy adventures. I totally felt all the feels that the characters were and it was really funny without being over the top with cheesy one liners. Also btw Robb Stark was smokin hott in this movie. Now I just want to go out and travel and meet new people and dance my ass off.

I dont get all the bad reviews on here so I had to leave a good one. People who didnt like it obvi havent travelled abroad and learned how to let loose. Dont watch a movie titled Ibizia with a girl wearing a unicorn onzie if you can’t handle a care free film about a weekend full of boozing and doing party drugs. Most millennial women should be able to relate to this one and it’s a new fave to add to my list!

Ibiza review by Irinadirtu – I actually liked it

Even though everyone who rated this movie here seemed to hate it, I actually liked it. Even though the narrative isn’t that great, the characters were fun and they had great chemistry. They actually made me want to go to those kinds of parties myself. I’m sorry so many people find it horrible, but if you read the summary, you can’t have that many expectations about it.

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Ibiza review by ash-shamroukh – what a great film!!!!

I was really discouraged when I read all the comments and thought that it won’t be a really bad film however ibiza is one of the most exciting thrilling and Oscar worthy movies I have ever seen . the way they capture the essence of ibiza is just out of the ordinary , I would honestly recommend this movie to any one with eyes , if your alive you need to see ibiza now . Honestly I think ia m going to die waiting for iniza two: IBIIZA. people cruz’s performance in ibiza took this whole movie into another level with the direction of Quintin tarntrino , this movie is getting so much Oscar buzz, tbh they deserve it . GREAT JOB.

Ibiza review by kemp5280 – Mindless fun!

I totally loved this movie. It doesn’t take itself seriously, and you the viewer shouldn’t either. It’s just pure flat-out fun escapism!! The music is great, the scenery is gorgeous, the actresses are excellent and the romance between 2 of the characters is soooo sweet. I’m totally watching this again soon. It made me laugh & smile, and sometimes that’s just what you need!

Ibiza review by Melkiha – Not Ibiza, but still funny

There seems to be a lot of hate for this movie. For me, it was the right movie for the weekend. I liked it as just dumb fun. Yes, we all know it was not shot in the actual island that gives its name to the movie. So what? I took it as a lighthearted rom-com with the talented and underrated Gillian Jacobs. Plus it was nice seeing her hooking up with a really hot guy. Enjoy it for what it is: unprententious fun.

Ibiza review by Scott-101 – By the numbers

For all of Netflix’s ambition with television series, I rarely see anything remotely innovative with their films.

This film seems like it originated at a pitch meeting directly after everyone had just seen “Girls’ Trip.” Vanessa Bayer, Phoebe Robinson, and Gillian Jacobs follow the “Horrible Bosses”/”Hangover” philosophy of throwing three random semi-famous stars together from disparate ends of the Earth together and seeing if sparks fly.

It’s hard to say if the trio ever makes up more than the sum of their parts but there’s ample room for Bayer to show what she can do in her post-SNL career as well as for Robinson (newly ascendant with her “2 Dope Queens” gig to play amiable sidekicks. Michaela Watkins is a great uber-alpha boss who is perhaps a corollary to the idea that one needs be a man to be a terrible boss.

The problem is mostly with Gillian Jacobs’ character as a pretty uninspiring protagonist. She’s just, for lack of a better word, typical. It’s refreshing in a way to not make her impressive abilities at her job the central basis of her character, but we really have little idea who she is as a person before she goes on her wild adventure.

The film is also paced somewhat statically with plenty of dead time between moments.

Without Pheobe, Vanessa, and Michaela, this wouldn’t be particularly memorable. With the supporting cast of ladies, it’s mildly watchable.

Ibiza review by katrenne5 – Fun, entertaining, and amazing music throughout

As far as comedies go, a lot are pretty average. This movie was entertaining all the way through. It was witty and funny without being stupid. I love a movie with great scenery and captivating characters. This movie had it all for me! If you want to stay in, have a few drinks and watch a light hearted, funny movie with a fun storyline, I really recommend watching this!

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