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Watch How I Met Your Mother putlockersExcellent series to waste some time. Perfect for the romantic souls! The story is about five friends and their love adventures, mixed up with tons of funny stories. Ted is a lonely guy, who wants to make a family, but the girl he loves does not want a serious relationship and keeps cutting off his attempts to win her heart. Marshal and Lilly are Ted’s best friends they are together for 9 years and are planning a wedding with all the consequences coming from that. Barny is the Casanova of the company. He’s funny and arrogant in a very humouristic way. The director’s method’s are different and will keep your attention in these cute series.

How I Met Your Mother review – Watch How I Met Your Mother putlockers

How I Met Your Mother review by Fsaballos21 – With A 9th Season Renewal Comes An Angry Fan

I previously reviewed this show in the middle of the 7th season giving it an 8/10 because despite it dragging and having far too many filler episodes, it was gaining forward momentum to a finale. But after hearing news of yet another season renewal, I had to come back to change my review.

This show has hit its peak, steadily declined, and then suddenly lost all control and crashed into the wall of mediocre TV sitcom. When the creators lose interest in the main character, you know it leads to no good. Yes, Barney and his awesome catchphrases and clever ideas are a riot, but this is not his show, yet he has become the main character. Going back to season 6, this show has had him go through all these dramatic twists, turns, and changes in his adult life to lead him to being a better man. Good for him, but once again, this is not his show.

Ted has become an average joe with only a few solid episodes per season. Other than that, he is the butt of every joke, far from the witty, intelligent architect that was introduced back at the start. Even older Ted is starting to lose steam. Having to hear “we’ll get to that later” for what seems every episode now really makes me shake my head. It’s a formula that has worn out its welcome.

I loved this show and thought it was one of the most creative sitcoms brought to television in recent years, but I feel as though the people behind-the-scenes have abandoned what made this show so amazing in the first place, and have focused on that paycheck that comes with good ratings. The only reason this show has a 6 is because the first few seasons were so amazing.

Season 1 & 2: 10/10 hands down with Seasons 3 & 4 being great viewings as well. But how can this show appeal to a new audience knowing it would take 9 seasons just to get to the what the title represents. The journey should have ended a few seasons ago.

The creators and CBS represent Older Ted, while we, the audience, represent his kids–Dad, if we wanted to hear about Uncle Barney’s entire life from childhood to adulthood, we’d ask him. Get to the point of your story, you’re wasting our time.

How I Met Your Mother review by ViBiN LfcFeel like part of my life

Gonna miss Funtertaintment Barney, Romantic Ted, Lovely Robin, Marshmellow Marshall & off-course Sweet Lilly 🙁 One of the best shows. Must watch those who were born on 1980’s and 1990’s. Season 1 to Season 9 is a complete fun package. You will enjoy laughing every minute. All the characters are equally weighed and made us laugh pretty well. Gonna miss Funtertaintment Barney, Romantic Ted, Lovely Robin, Marshmellow Marshall & off-course Sweet Lilly 🙁 One of the best shows. Must watch those who were born on 1980’s and 1990’s. Season 1 to Season 9 is a complete fun package. You will enjoy laughing every minute. All the characters are equally weighed and made us laugh pretty well.

How I Met Your Mother review by stephh821 – best part of the show-Legendary Barney

Neil patrick harris is the best part of this show. he’s amazingly funny, and he has all of the best lines on the show. When it came out that he was gay that was even cooler, because here he playing this outrageous womanizer. It’s great. I can honestly say that when this show first came out, I thought it was just another show trying to do the Friends thing. But it very different. Much funnier. Although the parts when the dad is talking to the kids are kinda useless. But I guess that’s why there have been less and less of them. This show is one of the few shows that my husband and I even bother to watch on TV anymore. Hopefully it says around for a while.

How I Met Your Mother review by fireflame94Good but not Great

How I met your Mother is a show of variable quality with episodes ranging from hilarious to poor. For example Slap Bet, Stuff, Third Wheel and I’m not that Guy are episodes that actually have me constantly laughing with the laugh track, instead of sometimes.

Barney is the best character on the show. This is because he has actually been developing from sex-crazed nutcase to a more normal person with feelings, though he keeps them for the most part hidden. He is constantly funny with his laws, rules, bets and his perception of the world. Though every joke of his is a one-liner or built from a one-liner they are more hit than miss because of the strong delivery.

To contrast Robin and Ted are weak characters. Ted, though the narrator and main character, is simply a frustrating character. He is constantly annoying and though that can sometimes be funny for the most part it is just annoying to the viewer. The other problem with Ted is that though he has supposedly changed throughout the four years of the show so he can become the man who met their mother he really has changed very little as a person, though in season 3 there was some good development it was quickly thrown away.

Robin is just a character which really has very little grounding in reality. She has too many things which make her completely unrelatable to anybody. Though that is good for T.V. shows that position in this show is filled by Barney, who is simply a better rounded character and is also funny.

Marshall and Lily are solid characters. They have both had good and bad moments and don’t quite feel real or very interesting because of their stupid habits and cutesy relationship, though Marshall in particular is very funny with a mixture of one-liners and running gags.

All in all the show is a good sitcom, able to make me laugh now and then through any episode but simply has a lack of subtle jokes and very little development which handicap it from being a great show.

How I Met Your Mother review by pierce-declase – A legen…..dary show

Giving 10 stars to anything is a big thing, it means you absolutely love this show, which i did. Yes i am giving this TV series a 10/10. And ill tell you why.

How i met your mother means so many things to me, i can not say i was one of those people that watched the show when it first came out in 2005, but years down the road i started to watch it weekly. I’m glad i did. It really got me hooked on it.

We all know the story. Ted is explaining to his kids How he met there mother. Its about him on his journey to find his true love. Yes sounds a bit cheesy but this show has got everything. Every character brings there own traits, we have Ted, Marshall, Lilly, Robin and Barney. These five characters are the ones who will bring so much laughter, happiness, sadness, joy you name it everything, its amazing. Its literally like going on an emotional roller-coaster. The story is simple but yet brings so much to the show. You can’t help but love it.

The comedy is perfect, i think everyone can laugh at it. Its all different sides of humor its well balanced, also best thing about it, it’s used at appropriate times.

Over time the show keeps its comedy but then becomes a little bit more emotional. I really did enjoy it. Now this show has come to end. And i suggest who have not seen it or just watched episodes there and then. Please you will not regret it, watch this show. I have no doubt you will love it.

So i guess this is my review but also my good bye to this show. How I Met Your Mother thank you so much for everything, you bought joy, laughter, happiness, sadness and everything to me. I loved everything about it, specially all the characters, they have become inspirational beings in anyone’s life. The story is compelling with so many life lessons. All i can say thank you so much How I Met Your Mother i will miss you.

How I Met Your Mother review by dsa ca – Keep it original, keep it fresh

You will notice, when something comes on TV that has originality written over it. Because we have been bombarded with rehashed material, since the end of ‘Friends’ and ‘Seinfeld’, you can smell it when something is fresh and original. ’30 Rock’ is the show that dominates the comedy charts, but there one another show that has consistently cooked up original script and jokes for the last 5 seasons. ‘How I met your mother’ may not be on the must win list of the award ceremony, but it is definitely worth tuning in every Monday night for the ever dragging wait to let two kids in 2030 New York to know, How their Father met their Mother.

Started in 2005, the story started in similar fashion like the ever classic ‘The Wonder Years’. Ted Mosby starts narrating his now teenage kids in 2030, his life story in 2005 New York that eventually leads to him meeting the girl of his dream, i.e. the mother of these teenage kids. While the scenario is interesting, the story has to go beyond meeting your future wife, for the series to have a lifeline of at least five to seven seasons. That’s where the intellectual strength of the creator comes in and involves one of the most provocative and likable sitcom characters since; oh most definitely since ‘Seinfeld’. Though ‘Lily’, ‘Marshal’ and ‘Robin’ create a good mix along with ‘Ted’, it is ‘Barney’ playfully played by Neil Patrick Harris that lift the show several notches higher. His ‘Barney’ is so weird and a creep that his dark comedy creates a sense of shock amid all the 8.00 o’clock light comedies. Neil gives the character a suave edge, with the characters fetish love for wearing suites. He is the master who in almost every episode takes ‘Ted’ to a very Bachelor adventures that every guy would love to venture; albeit with better results each time. ‘Robin’ played by Cobie Smulders, is Teds first romantic flame. While, it is ‘Lily’ played by Alyson Hannigan of American Pie fame that keeps the female characters on the edge of dark humor.

Overall, a great cast that has not failed to entertain for the last 5 seasons and would continue to entertain us for a few more seasons. With no competition from other sitcoms it is a must for all you lovers of Seinfeld and Friends because the flavor is back with original materials to make us laugh. Hi fives everyone.

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