Hichki putlockers – Watch Hichki full movie online free

Watch Hichki full movie online free – Finally after a long time we are getting to see a good content based movie which is actually about the upliftment of the deprived children of the society. I actually loved the children and how they are portrayed in the movie. It also has a message that education can be made interactive and fun at the same time. I just loved Rani’s acting and kudos to the makers who have thought of this interesting subject.

Hichki putlockers – Watch Hichki full movie online free

Hichki review by mishratushar-80633 – Movie ‘Hichki’ shows the way for teachers

Lessons that teachers must take today to sustain their jobs in the future With traditional mode of teaching or the ‘Guru-Shisya Parampara’ taking a backseat and the robotic way occupying the driving seat of education, significance of traditional teachers has now come into a big question. A robot, the new teacher, has endless patience for repetition, and never makes a student feel embarrassed for asking a question. The robot, for example, a language teacher in Finland is reportedly able to understand and speak 23 languages and is equipped with software that allows it to understand students’ requirements and encourage learning. Recognizing the student’s skill levels, it adjusts its questions, and also gives feedback to human teachers about a student’s possible problems. In the above context, this highly emotional movie ‘Hichki’ makes a significant point that so long as robots are unable to create a sense of discipline and devotion in a class or inculcate human values amongst students, for the time being at least, the human teachers’ jobs are safe. The challenge of a teacher is therefore to inculcate values, which lie beyond the domain of artificial intelligence and lays the foundation of student’s self-respect, self-discipline, and self-compassion. Sourced in the emotional intelligence of a human teacher; values are the means for self-regulating, self-controlling and self-disciplining the society. Rani Mukherjee here has credibly shown how development of followership qualities is important. Arjuna would not have won the Mahabharata war had he not been an ardent follower of Krishna. This movie shows how despite disabilities, a transformational teacher having faith in the adage ‘There is always a bad teacher and not a bad student’ can rejuvenate skills even amongst destitute, discarded and failed students and bring them back to the mainstream of development. It shows how element of trust or love of a teacher can get him trust or love of students and more importantly, how trusting others can help develop trust in your potentials. It also reaffirms the faith that adherence to ethical values ensures a glorious victory finally.

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Hichki review by Parameswaranrajendran – Rani’s one of the best

Finest Bollywood film which proving no need big actors such as Khan’s to pull the audience to watch the movie. All the way full of performance and content. 10/10 IMDB rating for this new effort from the team. This movie reminds me the Malaysian movie “Adiwira ku” which also potrayal the teacher that trying to give her best to bring up her student. In addition different is “tourette syndrome”.

Hichki review by Prafulla Srivastav – Worthy “Hichki” taken by Rani Mukerji for all Cinema Lovers

Direction: Sidharth P Malhotra failed to entertain the audience with his debutant movie We Are Family. However this time he come up back with worthy and different stuff for audience. Concept wise this movie is very close to Aamir Khan’s Taare Zameen Par. This movie is also deliver good social messages. This is the victory of director to entertain, engage and deliver some social message in single movie. Performance: Rani Mukerji is the Power house of this movie. The way she performed in this movie, that thing is really exceptional and can be done by her only especially when she has to act with Hichki in some embarrassment and difficult situation. There are many good small-small supporting roles played by Harsh Mayar (Aatish), Neeraj Kabi (Wadia) , Shivkumar Subramaniam ( Principal) and Supriya Pilgaonkar (Naina’s Mother).

Script: As this movie is based on Brad Cohen’s book Front of the Class. Hollywood has already made movie based on this book with same name in 2008. Now it is Bollywood’s turn. Showcasing whole journey of one person from childhood to the retirement, it is really great thing about the script. Script include many emotional and little moments which sail the movie one end to other end. Focus on teaching methodology and basic education issues are keys of robustness of the script.

Music: As Yash Raj Films production house is famous for Blockbuster music however this movie has average music from Hitesh Sonik and Jasleen Royal. As movie is more focused about the script, not music so you can ignore this average music.

Last words: Don’t let down Bollywood for making such a special cinema. Go and enjoy it in cinema halls

Hichki review by BubbleBollywood – Rani’s seamless comeback!

‘Hichki’ marks the comeback of one of the finest actors we have in Bollywood, Rani Mukerji. ‘Hichki’ has two subjects as its fundamental plot – Tourette Syndrome and the imbalance in our education framework. Siddharth P Malhotra completes a great job by gelling these two things. He exceptionally well clarifies what Tourette Syndrome is, however the hichki in the film is that at a few spots when the film takes a decent force, the following scene just levels.

The greatest take away is that ‘there are no terrible students, just awful teachers’. I am certain that each individual watching this film will backpedal to his or her school days, and will in any event once recollect their educators, particularly the most loved instructor (we as a whole had one). There are not many movies that make your eyes soggy yet with a grin on the face and that is the thing that “Hichki” does.

Rani plays an extremely complex character and she nails it. Watch out for her tics in the film which will influence you to state “wah” for her execution. Neeraj Kabi’s character may be somewhat disillusioning as his despise towards the underprivileged children isn’t clarified well, yet the actor’s execution is first rate. The movie has a heap of exceptionally capable children, every single one has completed a fabulous activity, an extraordinary specify to Harsh Mayar and Sparsh Khanchandani. The film likewise stars Sachin Pilgaonkar, Supriya Pilgaonkar and Hussain Dalal, and they are great in their parts.

To sum it up, “Hichki” is a sweet, straightforward and a reviving film with Rani Mukerji!

Hichki review by bhukyanareshnayak-12878 – Rani ma’am Wow.

Rani ma’am, your really Rani in this film, great performance, I did’t think that u can perform in that character, but after watching movie I realized that your a fabulous actress u can do every character, perfect sink in every minute of movie. Adthya sir ur also apart of ur wife’s amazing performance I think. Maybe your trained her in your home too. All the character of this movie are tremendous. Best movie in present time. Thank u all guys for giving us such a good movie.

Hichki review by Curiouslyseekingmind – Rani has come back to show why she’s one of the best!

This movie is a must watch if we wanna bring about a change in our society and if we want to bring people from different classes together. It starts at a school because that’s where the first education of a child begins. We need more teachers and principals like Mr. Khan and Ms. Naina Mathur.

Ms. Mathur, as a teacher, brings out the best in her students by first understanding what each one is good at and making them realize their talent by themselves. She also proves to us that a disability can never stop you from pursuing your dreams, no matter how impossible they seem.

It was a delight from the moment it began right till the end. I recommend it to everyone. Naina’s enthusiasm and Rani’s acting skills make this film a pleasure to watch.

Hichki review by Ketan Gupta – Rani Mukherjee proves that she is here to stay!!!

As I have grown in an Indian society, I have witnessed a typical mindset to become an engineer, doctor or lawyer while pursuing education. If you are lucky, you come across a teacher / mentor who guides you what you want to do in life and not follow the herd. Hichki sets the right tone with well-intentioned message. Does it do justice to the script ? Let us find out …

Hichki tells the story of Naina Mathur (Rani Mukherjee), a school teacher who is suffering from Tourette’s syndrome. After getting rejected from multiple schools due to the disorder, she finally lands a job in a school where she takes up the challenge to educate bunch of students, who are considered misfits by the school management.

The subject of Tourette’s syndrome in itself is a bold subject and it takes guts to make a film out of it. Though his first film (We Are Family) was disappointing, Siddarth Malhotra turns this unusual subject into an interesting one. He definitely has been inspired from films like Taare Zameen Par, Freedom Writers, Dead Poet’s Society and Dangerous Minds where a teacher inspires students to follow their dream. Siddarth Malhotra also successfully conveys the distorted relationship between Naina and her father, who is ashamed of her daughter’s disorder. I firmly believe if you are suffering from a weakness, you automatically become strong by heart as if you have to overcome that weakness. Same situation was perfectly shown where Naina keeps smiling and does not give up despite the odds not being in her favor.

While first half does have few moments, second half falls flat and writing takes a backseat. Also, the characters could have been better defined. Music is another disappoint and should have tuneful tracks. Nevertheless, the movie boast off some grand performance. Rani Mukherjee proves that she is here to stay. The “epitome of talent” returns to screen after 4 years and she sparkles the screen with outstanding performance. Watch for her when she tries to control her emotions at the corner of the school. I have been an admirer of Neeraj Kabi’s acting and surely I was not disappointed at all. The actor who gave memorable performances in Detective Byomkesh and Talwar, contributes immensely in Hichki.

Overall, Hichki is a good attempt to show that you can achieve success if you are with right people and at right time.

Hichki review by Boblipton – Teacher Overcomes Prejudice For Herself and Her Students

Who doesn’t like that show where the new teacher goes into the school and takes that classroom of despised losers from zeroes to heroes? Especially when the teacher labors under some sort of stigma, because all the greats in history have been unfairly stigmatized. We might be referring to Sidney Poitier in TO SIR WITH LOVE, who struggles with being Black, or Gabe Kaplan in WELCOME BACK, KOTTER, who struggles with John Travolta. Here, it’s Rani Mukerji, who struggles with suffering from Tourette’s syndrome with her class of slum children at a prestigious private school.

It’s an impressive performance in the middle of this plot which has now become standard, leading us to imagine that all that it takes to overcome fifteen years of an impoverished life and ten years of major disadvantage in schooling is one imaginative, loving and gifted teacher. It’s an appealing myth and even while my eyes mist up at the performances and story, my head says it’s a fairy tale.

Alas, we all too often want the fairy tale. Before the movie begins, the producers spend two screens of titles assuring the audiences that no animals were injured — the only animals in sight were two rats in a cage — and I was told that they were not making fun of the handicapped. Twice. Were they referred to people whose world-view was so restricted as never to have seen anyone with a physical problem like, apparently, every inhabitant of the large Indian city, to whom Miss Mukerji explains her condition?

Hichki review by Asharirfan – Hicki will help you to pass every exam in Life!

Hicki presents the right story with solid and realistic subect with solid performances and full of entertaining sequence with full of teachings of lesson to face biggest problems and weakness in life, the 1st half is all about the naina childhood life, her family problems, and many more but in every scenes she teach us something it doesn’t matter if it is a small thing, but sometimes the big problems can be solved in very few minutes just because of doing the right thing at right time, life doesn’t test you subject wise, it is a great message actually proved very decently in the movie, hichki manages to entertain us in all section except songs, the songs are very slow in the movie, but i love “Oye Hicki” and “Madamji Go easy”, the pranks scenes also done very brilliantly to keep the audience on the point, hicki gives the background of Naina and all student life very amazingly with balance nothing go too much, everything is just good, first half is slow and takes time to come at the point but second half teaches us everything to solve our life problems,Sidhart P Malhotra Direction is too amazing every shot captured all things very beautifully and focused. hicki also captured the scenes of slum areas and their people very lavishly. and the scene where the raw of peoples are standing to fill the water, amazing scene done very perfectly in the movie, Rani Mukherji is back and in the form again, she is the real naina mathur and female version of bred cohen, she acts very realistically and looks very real and beautiful in every frame of the movie! the Bunch of students all are amazing and looks true to their role, they live their characters.Neeraj Kabi is the awesome and the villian side of his character for students of 9f is amazing, Hichki full fill your premise, some scenes looks dragged but they are entertaining, i enjoyed the whole movie, its a good entertainer, and every student needs to watch this with friends, family and class fellows, hichki gives you everything which you expect from it!

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