Happy putlockers – Watch Happy full movie online free

Watch Happy full movie online free – I have only seen the first couple episodes of this show and it is awesome. It is hilarious on many levels. The acting is great. The writing is great. The violent, over the top action is great. The story is great. Patten Oswald is perfect as the imaginary friend. Christopher Meloni, the main character, is going to be remembered for this role the rest of his acting career. He plays his character perfect. Honestly, this has to be one of the best shows on television. I can’t recall ever seeing another show like this, ever. Seriously. This is going to have a cult following for sure. Just watch the first episode and enjoy the ride into the absurdly, hilarious-violent-madness.

Happy putlockers – Watch Happy full movie online free

Happy review by stowevt024 – I had to call and ambulance…

…I was laughing so hard I could not catch my breath! I knew that Meloni had a humorous side to him after watching “Wet Hot American Summer”, however; after watching this first episode of “HAPPY!” I think that he should just do comedies from here on out. Meloni plays an ex disgraced cop who is apparently a hit man now, albeit a drug addled alcoholic one that has a heart prone to explode real soon, with a death wish. I do not want to give anything away but if you like dark, bloody comedies this is for you.

Happy review by  Silversundance – Something Refreshing and Different – suitable for most!

I normally like light hearted comedies and sci fi / fantasy type programmes. I don’t really like comic book based series or horror or gore or anything like that. However this has just enough of everything to satisfy everyone, but not so much that it would put off people like myself. It has just enough gore, just enough violence, just enough comedy, just enough drama, just enough sci-fi and fantasy and just enough comic book tales – combined with excellent acting, a great script and decent visuals – this makes this programme a great all rounder suitable for pretty much everyone.

It is weird and bonkers – after all it has a purple flying unicorn in it, but strangely compelling! You can’t help wanting to see how the story develops or wondering why things are as they are. As of episode 3, the backstories of the main characters begin to emerge and a few things start making sense, whilst others remain a complete mystery.

I am looking forward to seeing where this goes as it has the potential to be a winner.

Happy review by sleeping_tiger – Happy about the show

I watched the first episode. It’s dark, gritty, violent, and humorous show, with plot twists and mystery. The show’s pacing is good. It doesn’t jump around scenes as many modern shows do, thinking their audience suffers from ADHD, with need to overwhelm your brain with information or they risk losing your attention. There’s a small indication that the show will delve into the supernatural, but I could be wrong. Either way I enjoyed it and looking forward to future episodes.

Happy review by bigbrochris-89827 – a pretty nice first show

I had heard things good and bad about this show so I figured I would try it out and to my surprise I was happy no pun intended; that I watched it had loads of action laughs and even a little heart so far while as far as content goes its strong dirty and graphic ‘even some partial nudity and extreme violence and swearing galore it was a nice show for parents and older teens can’t wait to see more pieces and I for one adored happy the horse he was a hilarious riot.

Happy review by peterbarfield-555-487757 – Most enjoyed TV show in a while

There’s a lot of great stuff out there, but for me this show hit all the rights spots. Great acting bringing crazy characters alive in a madcap adventure. Hilarious and violent in equal measures. Just make sure you’ve seen Resevoir Dogs before watching E7 to get the excellently executes parody. I know there’s just the one graphic novel, but I really hope a second season can be developed as it was so much fun.

Happy review by Charles Richardson – Max Payne meets, Who framed Roger Rabbit with a bit of Drop Dead Fred

This is dark and gruesome and hilariously funny, I laughed so hard it hurt. If you love the dark ambience of Max Payne with the humour of Roger Rabbit and Drop Dead Fred , then you will love it, if not then you should go and organise your sock drawer. Truly brilliantly clever and entertainment series but don’t watch it with the kids or your local Vicar as it’s Saw level of violence and Monster ball sex scenes and yet it’s brilliant. It’s been a while since I saw something that made me laugh like this.

Happy review by maggot_14 – Utterly Fantastic

Very MINOR spoilers. Didn’t click the spoilers button because of how minor they really are.

This is the show much of the population needs. It’s a train wreck…but a great one. There are a few “1” star reviews. I want to rebuke some of the complaints they have had. First off, the acting. Christopher Meloni is terrific. He comes across great as an ex-cop who’s life is “swirling around in a toilet that will never flush.” Those that slam his acting, I don’t know what you would expect out of an actor portraying the character he’s acting out. He’s very believable as a man who’s his own worst enemy. Patton Oswald is this character in his everyday life. Its almost as if they wrote Happy to be played by Patton. The other characters do enough to not be awful. I don’t believe the budget was as such to add highly touted actors and actresses, but they are by no means the type of actors you’d see in a syfy original movie (Sharknado series anyone)

The CGI is fine for what it is. Happy is a real-life imaginary character or a little girl. He looks like a cartoon. What would you expect a little child to have as an imaginary friend?? Besides that, I can’t recall any noticeable CGI anyway.

The violence. Too much violence. *sigh* This is why I stated in the beginning this is the show much of the population needs. In a day and age where the PC has taken over our culture, and everything has to be love and peace and multiple genders and everyone is pure, this is a breath of fresh air. It’s a TV show for crying out loud. The “gore” is above average, but not insane. Much of it is done in a “comical” way. (using a fire extinguisher to finish off an enemy, yet treating the fire extinguisher as if its a male appendage and urinating it’s contents on the baddie).

As for the language… it’s colorful!! Another breath of fresh air. I think the box office results of Logan and Deadpool have shown that many viewers enjoy the language. It adds a sense of realism. MANY of us, if not almost all, curse in our everyday lives. If 4 guys just tried to kill you and an imaginary flying cartoon unicorn started talking to you, I’m sure “appropriate language” wouldn’t be coming out of your mouths.

As for the comedy: take a character from a 3 year old’s television show, and cross it with a character from a Quentin Tarantino film. What kind of comedy would you expect? Exactly what you get in this show. Not every joke is a home run, but they never are, that’s impossible. The comedy is fine and most times hits it’s mark and is rather amusing.

All in all, it’s a fun show, with a little bit of mystery, as well as some flat out weird crap!! Almost impossible not to enjoy if you have ever liked anything Rated R

Happy review by rcoulter-31439 – So far I’m HAPPY!

I still haven’t figured this one out, but here’s my guesses as to the plot. First, we have a depressed heroic ex-cop, who likes killing “bad guys.” Then we have an “imaginary” blue unicorn who claims to be his daughter’s imaginary friend, and tells him that his daughter has been kidnapped. So here’s my assessment — either 1. The horse is a real supernatural manifestation of his daughter, or 2. The horse is actually Sax’s imaginary manifestation of his desire to be a good man again (a hero if you will). But you might ask “how does the horse ‘know’ things in reality that Sax can’t see?” There’s the catch — either Happy is truly supernatural, or it’s just Nick’s training kicking in, and giving him instinctual insight he used to have before he “went dark”. That’s the main reason I like this show — which one is it — I can’t wait to find out! Somehow Nick probably knows he has a daughter, and through underground “hearsay”, he’s heard she’s in trouble, but he chose to ignore it. His brush with death created Happy to bring him to the realization he must help his child. That’s my guess, but you’ll have to watch to find out more.

Happy review by ali-najafyi – A fun show that doesn’t take itself seriously

Hmmm. How do you mix some mobster stereotype with comic book redeeming screw up bad-ass cop with funky and fun elements? This is the show. The protagonist played greatly by Christopher Meloni is a bad-ass ex-cop who doesn’t give an F. He is an assassin, finds out some important info that makes the all the mobsters want to kill him. He also sees an imaginary friend, which somehow helps him figure out new problems on the way. There are some shady stuff that main antagonists (which are acted superbly) are committing that this cop tries to stop in a comic book all out destruction manner. The story isn’t overcooked, dialogues are intentionally cheesy but funny and most importantly, the show doesn’t take itself seriously. All the characters all cliches (mobster with the Italian accent, creepy torturer, bad-ass ex-cop, angry ex-girlfriend) but surprisingly, the writers and director and actors manage to get it just write and make em fun! Enjoy.

Happy review by GameDux – Greatest Christmas Story Ever Told.

A heart-warming, life-affirming, tender tale of a father retracing his steps back to the grand road of fatherhood, an Equus Unicornis Volaticus breaking the walls of the aethereal, and an archetypal creature radiating primitive terror to children’s hearts. Full of optimism and positive emotions, a great opportunity for a coming-together of the family around the tv set. (…honestly…)

Meloni’s performance catapults him in the galaxy of the Thespian Gods, every blink, every grimace, every eyebrow movement a seminar of acting brilliance.

Happy! will make you more-than-happy (d’oh) if you are in the dark comedy genre. A greatly-executed creation, fortunate enough to have a leading man in phenomenal form who carries the show effortlessly on his atlantean shoulders.

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