Gringo zmovies – Watch Gringo full movie online free

Watch Gringo full movie online freeI don’t know why some of the reviews are so bad for this movie. I found it to be a very enjoyable dramatic comedy. If you’re expecting side-splitting laughter, it’s not that kind of movie. There are some very funny moments though. Well worth a watch.

Gringo zmovies – Watch Gringo full movie online free

Gringo review by Chev Olek – Good Trailer. Bad Movie.

This movie has some good scenes. But it is definitely not good. David Oleyowo shows that he can also be pretty funny but this only has a few comedic scenes on it. Amanda Seyfried´s acting was pretty good as always but I think her character along with her boyfriend were not relevant for this film. Theron and Edgerton were good also. As usual, Hollywood movies show people from other countries (in this case, mexicans and the main character playing a nigerian) as poor, ignorant, criminals, unsuccessful, etc. If you get to know Mexico a little bit better, you´d be surprised that many mexicans are caucasian with blue or green eyes and millionaires or very successful. Some of the richest men in the world are mexican such as the owner of a well known mexican telephone company. Also, you can nottice how some ¨mexicans¨ speak with a Puerto Rican accent like Yul Vazquez (Seinfeld´s gay Bob) and the airline clerk. Definitely the movie trailer was way better than the film. I´d say, don´t waste your time.

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Gringo review by PurpleCrayon2014 – A Comedy That’s Funny AND Entertaining? No Way-Get Outta Here….

….but it is true-Gringo works on almost every level, fires almost every piston and scores almost every time.

Nash Edgerton really hits a home run with Gringo, although he tries to take a shortcut in rounding the bases.

A pleasure to see Joel Edgerton play a comedic role.

Charlize Theron should really study the character Elaine that she portrayed, because this role was spot on for her.

Oh yes, David Oyelowo-the role of Harold is one of the best characters he has ever performed. What a pleasure it was to see him in a comedic offering.

The writing was excellent-both story and screenplay and especially the dialogue.

Thandie Newton’s role was a waste of talent and could have been played by a local actress instead.

Sunny, presented by Amanda Seyfried, could not have been better played if it were just a cardboard cutout of the actress. Sunny could have been cut from the film and the story would not have skipped a beat.

Again, Harry Treadaway and his side story contributed nothing to entirety of the film and would not be missed if deleted.

The story tries to find an easy way out without 10 minutes remaining by making everything too convenient, and I can envision Nash Edgerton saying while drinking a slab: ‘Looks like we’re a few sandwiches short of a picnic, so let’s hit the frog and toad.’ Love those Aussies.

Overall this was a great outing for everyone.

Gringo review by MFL – An entertaining caper

This movie was unexpectedly funny and enjoyable. Charlize Theron was excellent and the bad ass vixen business woman. Oleyowo was actually funny and quick and I liked how his character was clever. Joel Edgerton was expertly hate-able as the bad guy. and oh my goodness Alan Ruck! God bless Alan Ruck for his roles as the wimpy naive guy. The side story with Amanda Seyfried was distracting because it felt forced into the storyline. Also taking a few points off for the gruesome violence, which was just a bit much at times. This movie isn’t discovering the cure for cancer or achieving world peace, but it delivers the necessary bang for your buck as entertainment. So if you would like to get lost in a lighthearted comedy for a couple of hours, this is the movie for you.

Gringo review by Takethispunch – Solid entertainment.

Mild-mannered U.S. businessman Harold Soyinka finds himself at the mercy of backstabbing colleagues, local drug lords and a black ops mercenary after traveling to Mexico. Crossing the line from law-abiding citizen to wanted criminal, Harold fights to survive an increasingly dangerous situation that raises the question — is he out of his depth or two steps ahead?

Gringo review by CANpatbuck3664 – Gringo is Uneven but They Compensate with Fun Performances and a Offbeat Main Charater

Gringo has a good setup and knows how to bob and weave to keep the audience off guard. Harold is a pretty pathetic protagonist but there was never a moment that I didn’t like him or want him to get through this. His friends are stereotypical jerks and his wife is bland so Harold (and Oyelowo) have to do the heavy lifting until the movie shifts. Once they get to Mexico, they bring in some new people and it really goes a long way to helping the movie bring the laughs. There are some subplots that seem like they don’t matter but they do a decent job bringing it all together in the end. The funniest scenes come from some of the darker places the movie goes (Harold’s behaviour during the negotiation had me giggling and when Mitch has to chase Harold has a funny payoff). I had one or two nitpicks (how did Harold learn how to use a gun?) but they largely kept things fresh and I really enjoyed where the movie ended up.

What caught me off guard about Gringo was how great David Oyelowo was playing Harold. I’ve only seen David in serious drama (his turn as Martin Luther King Jr. in Selma was excellent) but this was a complete departure from what I expect from him. He’s good at playing this well meaning yet sad sack character and he was able to make Harold sympathetic but have you laughing in almost every scene. Charlize Theron is a pro and did as much as she could with her character. Ditto for Joel Edgerton who did fine work with what he was given. The scene-stealer in the supporting cast was Sharlto Copley as Richard’s brother Mitch. I’m a big fan of Copley especially in comedies and he really worked well with David in their scenes together. Amanda Seyfried was a breath of fresh air in a toned-down role as Sunny. I also liked Yul Vasquez as Harold’s bodyguard Angel. Unfortunately, Thandie Newton is in a thankless role that gives her little to nothing to do.

Gringo is far from a flawless movie. Although there is the occasional funny bit in the beginning, the movie does take a while to get going. It was like waiting for a cold car to start, the movie sputtered for a while until it finally fired to life. The other problem I had was that I wanted something more from a few of the supporting characters. Harold is a character we learn about from all sides, but Elaine and Richard only get some thrown in exposition. They’re such BIG jerks with filthy mouths that I would have been more willing to buy them if I knew a little more about them. The cartel members don’t need to be deep but the joke with the boss is overdone. It’s the same thing with Harold’s wife Bonnie, the movie makes her arc obvious from the moment we meet her, and we know almost nothing about her other than she liberally wastes David’s money and she used to be heavy.

This was a movie that I found a lot of easy stuff to pick at but I came away happy that I saw Gringo. Just like most comedies, the movie is hit or miss and there were times where you had to be patient to see where it was going. The theatre I saw it in was largely empty and it was too bad that more people didn’t go see it. This is a dark comedy that has enough funny jokes to keep you entertained and enough surprises to justify a trip to the theatre. It’s also worth seeing for Oyelowo and Copley’s performances. It can get pretty dark at times and I think kids should probably avoid this. It might be gone from theatres by the time this review gets up, but I would recommend checking Gringo out on Blu-Ray or Netflix. I’d give Gringo a 7.5/10 rounding up to an 8/10.

Gringo review by Dantrajk – Light and funny movie.

I always ask for good entertainment from movies, unless a film is designed to deal with the basic principles of human understanding of life or some human secrets that are important to mankind or wants to change the course of history. Or so some serious things where the film would have to be put under careful analysis. So that the movie was for fun and he did it with me. It’s worth a look.

Gringo review by Harrison Tweed (Top Dawg) – Terrible writing/screenplay, bad editing and sub-par directing made this film miss the mark

The title says it all. When a stuntman turns director for his first full length feature film, Nash Edgerton is to blame for the final editing that could have made this film better, and had someone re-wrote the screenplay to be tighter, this film would have been a winner. The highlight of this film was David Oyelowo’s outstanding performance, but even that was overshadowed with the floppy acting by Joel Edgerton and Charlize Theron – of which had they had a better director, may have performed a little better. Good to see once when nothing else is on, but wouldn’t see it again. Predictable, slow paced and too long with some scenes that should have ended up on the cutting room floor. 7/10 from me.

Gringo review by Kapten Video – The movie with possibly the most colorful poster has arrived.

In Spanish-speaking countries, especially Americas, the slang word gringo means anybody who is not Hispanic or Latino.

In this case, the title refers to this black guy (David Oyelowo), a mild-mannered office worker who accompanies his bosses to Mexico. He finds himself in the middle of dangerous game involving local gangster, where the main prize is his life.

Essentially, “Gringo” is an action comedy, but it would be more precise to describe it as a mosaic picture of different players doing their own thang, which is more or less directly connected to the hapless man in the middle of all this.

Speaking about cast, we have Joel Edgerton, Charlize Theron, Amanda Seyfried, Sharlto Copley, Yul Vasquez, Diego Cataño, Rodrigo Corea, Thandie Newton, Carlos Corona, and Paris Jackson. Director Nash Edgerton is the brother of the star Joel, by the way.

“Gringo” certainly has an attractive trailer but I can’t say I cared that much about the movie itself.

There’s nothing majorly wrong with it but the amount of second-rate or just filler content is so high that standout characters and moments are hard to come by.

As a whole, the story feels like a work of a content creator who is perfectly able to write stuff on demand and by agreed criteria but hasn’t had a whole lot of creative juice flowing. (It’s actually authored by two men, Matthew Stone and Anthony Tambakis.)

To put it bluntly, everything is presentable but little of it feels inspired.

The lack of inspiration could be somewhat compensated by interesting characters but I could find only two that really fit that description. Also, both have a little amount of screen time.

One is played by Sharlto Copley of “District 9” and “Elysium”, who manages to bring out some depth and warmth in his mysterious character. The other is, to my surprise, Michael Jackson’s daughter Paris. She was just doing her movie debut but comes across as a pro, adding coolness and charm to otherwise very limited role.

All the others are not that memorable, or have little importance. Or in Edgerton’s and Theron’s case, they are just not doing all they could do.

These two are certainly the biggest stars here but feel like just doing their job, not really adding some screen magic. Edgerton especially feels like a wrong man for his role, he just doesn’t seem as evil as the character actually requires.

“Gringo” is watchable but instantly forgettable, lacking heart which is the worst that any self-respecting action comedy can do. Fans of the genre find some entertainment, the others feel mostly indifferent.

I know perfectly well the feeling of earnestly wishing to give one’s best but somehow not being able to do that, so I don’t want to batter the movie. It ain’t bad. But the result is just not that captivating.

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