Game Over Man 123movies – Watch Game Over Man full movie online free

Watch Game Over Man full movie online freeWatched this purely because I tend to enjoy Adam Devine films. Watched it with my partner and the casting is fantastic and the film is ridiculously funny! I mean belly laughable! A great idea story plot, and the writing is genius in its own right! Hoping they do a second.

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Game Over Man 123movies – Watch Game Over Man full movie online free

Game Over Man review by ops-52535 – blood spattering fun

Well seems like netflix have put all inhibitions aside ,and have produced this gutwrenching,lama jama high violent action comedy. its a kinda grimsby brothers film but the violence are really the kind that only war-photographers experience in the battlefield,with blodybombs,headbombs,and lots of shooting,that will satisfy the blood gore loving film viewer. its a film not for the small children or the faint-hearted,the story are thin but hilarious,the acting just crazy, and allinall a piece worth a view. i will not give it a 10 cause the story is not good enough,but a 9 is given by me cause the originality and mix of sex-love and violence at all levels. does it sound like a comedy to you….well actually it is, it made me laugh quite a few times,so i can recommend this one.a good productio with a seldom used angle of comedy.

Game Over Man review by Jtindahouse – Workaholics on crack

I’m a big fan of the tv series ‘Workaholics’ and ‘Game Over, Man!’ is just like a feature length episode with an increased budget. So needless to say there was a good chance I was going to love it – and I did. The three leads play almost identical characters to that which they do in the show and I think it was a wise choice to go down that route. Changing it up would be messing with a successful formula for no reason.

The movie is simply a whole bunch of fun. It follows a very similar storyline to ‘Die Hard’ (the movie is very self-aware don’t worry) and just takes it down a heavily comedic route. Having said that, it is a very dark film in places. They were clearly given free reign to take things as far as they like and used that freedom to the full extent. In a number of ways I think it would be fair to say this is an even darker film than ‘Die Hard’.

The film is riddled with cameos and they’re all brilliantly executed. The dialogue is incredibly strong and almost no jokes fall flat throughout the run time. If you like ‘Workaholics’ you are unquestionably going to love this film, and even if you aren’t a fan of the show but enjoy comedy I think there’s still good chance you’ll enjoy because it’s different enough.

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Game Over Man review by Gregoryhorn – People are so salty!!

Holy crap! I was not expecting the major hate on this movie. This movie isn’t for everyone, however, for what it is, it’s hilarious. It made me squirm and laugh incredibly hard and at the end of the day it completed what I wanted out of a movie. You knew what was going to happen at the end, but you had no idea how it was going to get there. The action was awesome and some of the kill scenes were some of the most creative and funny I’ve seen to date. If your looking for some crazy in depth movie with major character development and amazing acting then look else where. If your looking for an action packed funny film and you don’t mind being a bit grossed out then this is for you.

Game Over Man review by Mtoomb – Funny (If a Little Standard) Action Comedy

If you like Workaholics, 21 Jump Street, or Office Christmas Party, then you’ll get a laugh from Game Over, Man. It’s clever, it’s gross, and it’s funny, but its not going to win any awards. If you’re looking for something to watch on a weekend evening (or hell, even a Sunday morning), then you can pick way, way worse movies.

The Workaholics guys are hilarious, and Die Hard is a great movie- so you add the two together and you’ve got Game Over, Man. There’s a lot of gay jokes, dick jokes, and graphic violence… but it’s done in a good self-depreciating style that the 3 leads pull off.

With this movie, like anything else, it’s all about your expectations. If you’re expecting movie magic, watch something else. If you just want to laugh and watch bumbling idiots do funny stuff, then give it 90 minutes of your life.


Game Over Man review by neener3707 – Silly, Bad, But Fun – Classic Workaholics Formula

Yes its a crappy movie, yes its dumb, yes it wasn’t 100% as funny as Workaholics, but its fun, enjoyable, and silly, and for any Workaholics fan, this is good, because its essentially feature length Workaholics episode. The story is basically a spoof of the essential story of Die Hard which is awesome because I’m a big fan of Die Hard and Workaholics, and they actually made a few Die Hard jokes in an early season of the show. So sorry, if you are not a fan of Workaholics, or you were looking for a different formula, then you will be disappointing. But for this fan here, I enjoyed it and had some good laughs, and that is whats important. Whats important in film is that you enjoy yourself, and while this wasn’t as outrageously funny as the show, I definitely had some solid laughs and had a goof time viewing this film.

I noticed the extremely low Metacritic score, and all I have to say is come on….. This is suppose to be a stupid and silly comedy movie, not a masterpiece of cinema by Fellini or Kubrick. As a Workaholics fan, I enjoyed to see a movie length opportunity for these three guys, and I loved to spoofing of the essential story of Die Hard. It was a fun little movie and if people take it seriously, as if its serious cinema, the of course a critic will hate it, because its not serious, its silly and over the top, and that what I came here for, I did not come here for Gone With The Wind. Over all, this Workaholics fan enjoyed this film which is essentially a Workaholics episode, and I would highly recommend this to any fan of the show.

Game Over Man review by Jared_Andrews – Raunchy, Violent, Ridiculous, Hilarious

The guys from Workaholics star in Netflix’s version of a hard R action comedy. In this world, the trio still work together, this time as hotel housekeepers. As you would expect, they do their work half-heartedly with plenty of breaks to drink various rooms’s leftover champagne, use drugs and discuss inane million-dollar ideas.

One particular evening becomes more interesting than most when a group of criminals show up to take money from a rich celebrity by the name of, the Bae, who happens to be throwing a party at the hotel. The criminals are doing this because the Bae embezzled money from their company. Or his rich father did. Or something. It doesn’t really matter. They’re criminals. They’re here to steal something. You get the idea.

It’s a funny enough set up, though it’s a superficial one. We also see an inappropriate hotel manager, a diligent, eager-to-please female housekeeper and the Bae’s crew. They are weakly developed as characters, as is the case with virtually every character outside of the main three.

The plot is essentially the same way. One silly action sequence leads to the next without paying much mind to making anyone’s actions believable. It’s all excusable, since it clearly was not the movie’s focus. Everyone and everything is really only here to be funny. But the lack of character development and plot coherence puts a low ceiling on the movie’s potential.

Also capping the film’s ceiling are the random cameos that served no purpose other than for the audience to say, “oh, hey it’s that guy/that girl!” They’re pretty weak and pointless. Similarly, somewhere along the way, a character awkwardly comes out of the closet. I’m not sure if the moment is meant to be funny or moving, but it’s neither.

The movie succeeds in putting funny moments on screen in the way of in-your-face male nudity and plenty of crude sex jokes. It also gives us plenty of comic violence moments, some of which were gross in a funny way and others were just gross in a gross way. Other less hardcore moments of comedy come from the Workaholics trio’s charisma. The guys are undeniably funny in many scenes. Those moments make me wish the entire movie dialed itself down a few levels because a tamer version of the movie could have been a better one, and one that’s just as funny.

Ultimately, audiences should take this movie for what it is. It’s zany. It’s raunchy. It’s fun. If at any point you find yourself dissecting the plot, stop. That will do no good for anyone. Instead, watch this movie through an altered lens. I’m not suggesting that you should definitely take something that alters your perception before watching this movie, but I’m also not suggesting that you definitely should not do that.

In any case, watch this movie for a laugh. Save the drama and intellect for another movie.

Game Over Man review by cotabell-49322 – It doesn’t take itself seriously, so you better not

Essentially a blown up workaholics episode that is different enough for anyone to enjoy. It’s an action comedy but it’s really a comedy at the expense of action. Crude humor, male genatalia, and bloode and gore from start to finish and a surprisingly well thought out script to blend the previously mentioned. An above average comedy in today’s day and age and a great comedy for fans of the show.

Game Over Man review by orgone29 – What did you expect?

For those that gave this 1 star after sitting through less that a quarter of the film, your review hardly deserves any credence. For those yet to watch it, think back to “The Interview”, or “This Is The End” which also had Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg as Producers, and consider what you may see here. Over the top merging of bathroom humor and comedic gore. While they may not take all the credit for the style and content, I’m sure they had some pull. Will it make the awards circuit? No. But for those that enjoy the aforementioned style of entertainment, if not more extreme, you’re in for a good night. I think the story was also pretty well written, with some inventive situations. The long list of cameos will keep you busy as well.

Game Over Man review by Noshi – If you were a fan of Workaholics, you’ll love it.

I primer this by saying I love Workaholics and crude comedy. It’s not a genre for everyone.

This movie had everything I had been missing from the Workaholics crew since the series has ended. I wasn’t expecting it to be as good as it was and take the crude humor of Workaholics a step further.

One of the things I really enjoyed was the Mr. McGoo-ish/Three Stooges comedy, I kinda feel like this is a element that largely gone from comedy now days. They also used a fair amount of practical effects which was done pretty well.

Overall, it’s a mindless comedy with probably not a lot of payoff for the poeple that don’t like cruder comedies. I’m rating this a 8/10 because I think the score is way lower than it should be, the movie for what it is, is very funny and well directed.

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