Frequency 2016 putlocker – Watch Frequency online free

Watch Frequency online freeI missed this one when it came out and watched on Netflix and couldn’t stop watching as the story moved through the primary plot. I really liked the subplots for each individual episode creating a mini completion of that show. It has been a long time since I had to binge watch a series, the last one I remember was 24. I love the idea of ripples in the time continuum having effects which create different results of actions in another time. There are an infinite number of story lines that can be used to create different results in what we consider current events. When I watched the original movie, I thought it could make a good series. Hope it continues. It kept me on my seat the entire series.

Frequency 2016 putlocker – Watch Frequency online free

Review Frequency by Leighhi913 – Give this show a chance!

Since I was a big fan of the movie I also enjoyed the changes in the new television show. I will watch again next week. Love the two lead actors. There is a big mystery with who the daughter and father can trust. I loved the 1996 time period and I thought the makeup artists did a good job aging the police officers. I liked the idea she was still in her childhood home. She has never recovered from the loss of her father and now has the chance to get to know him all over again. I look forward to finding out what happened to her parent’s marriage. Their are similarities to the movie and Dennis Quaid is hard to beat but I hope viewers will give this show a shot. This is not time travel exactly but so interesting with the Ham radio. My favorite scene was when the daughter brought the radio to the hospital.

Review Frequency by DaveGiblet – Excellent cast and gripping story

Really enjoyed the movie (that this is based on) so was a bit dubious when I saw this on the Netflix listings.

Gave it a shot and what can I say… 3 episodes in and I’m hooked! The casting is brilliant, especially the female lead, and the script and story line are engaging and move on at a really good pace.

If you know the movie, you will think exactly what I thought – “How on Earth are they going to make a series out of this?”

Well so far so good. It’s covered most of the aspects of the original movie while bringing it’s own new edge and side stories.

I’m gonna go out on a limb and say that this is a potential future classic (think Fringe / X-Files etc).

Can’t wait for episode 4!

Review Frequency by Syrik – First/Second episode surprisingly good

Being from the CW I expected to only watch half of it before changing the channel. Happily surprised I watched the whole episode and enjoyed it. Not so happy that it’s a reboot…can’t anyone come up with an original story anymore? That aside the show is well cast and acted (though a 28 year old Homicide Detective is a tough pill to swallow, technically possible, but extremely unlikely). The first episode has some serious twists, usually the type of stuff that would develop over an entire season. Hopefully they didn’t put everything into the first episode and nothing into the rest of the season. It will be interesting to see if they can continue this caliber of a performance. Here’s hoping.

Second episode kept pace, though not quite as dramatic, but within expectations.

Review Frequency by yossarian100 – Great Show!

Solid performances and edge of your seat suspense.

Really pleased to discover they’re going to work the different layers of the time-lines. Doing that, they can blow this series wide open.

The photography is great and the music fits nicely. They stuck with the main characters for the first episode, instead of watering it down by spending more time with the secondary players.

This may end up being one of the best “about time” stories I’ve ever seen. I really, really enjoyed the first episode and I’m so looking forward to more.

I can’t recommend this highly enough.

Review Frequency by Davisnathan – Excellent So Far!

The original movie is one of my all time favorites—so my bar for this particular remake was set pretty high. I was NOT disappointed— Episode One was excellent!

Good acting, well developed characters, and a story pretty true to the original—-but with its own character and flavor. I really liked it a lot.

I hope the rest of the series is as good as Episode 1. You might want to be sure to watch it first if you missed the Pilot.

Again—-excellent in all regards and highly recommended! It does a pretty good job of setting up the story, grabbing your attention from the start—and putting a pretty good twist or two in the mix a well. I really liked the characters too—and that was what I was afraid of most since the original movie was so great a personal favorite!

Review Frequency by Nahuelcutrera – Very good!

I love this show, they took the original idea from the movie and they turn it into a great TV series, I really like how it’s grounded in reality, no nonsense. The actors are doing a great work, the characters feel very real, the policemen seem pretty much like real policemen, instead of the usual miracle workers we are use to see on TV. The suspense they create with the loose assassin it’s a palpable thing that keeps you wanting more every chapter, and the time paradoxes make the narrative even more interesting, I love it. Deserves all the support it can get, considering how easily networks shot down the shows nowadays, I really hope they don’t shot this one down.

Review Frequency by Britt – One of the best series I’ve seen.

Wow what a great series, I love it.

The first episode was so exciting. I’ve watched the whole season in 2 days. I think everybody is way too negative about this. Even after the plot twists i wanted to watch the rest of the episodes. This is one of the best series I’ve seen. A combination of tension, humor and love.

I really hope for a season 2, it is my favourite series!

Review Frequency by Smokeandtrain – Frequency is a high quality program and my wife and I recommend it!

My wife and I enjoyed the movie and were a little skeptical that a TV show could live up to the movie. We were wrong, the series is every bit as good as the movie if not better. We are eagerly looking forward to seeing the story line and the characters develop for the rest of this season and for the seasons to come. Thanks for a quality program, a rarity for this day and time.

The plot is gripping, the characters are believable and the transition between the past and the present is smooth. the only complaint that we have is that we wish the episodes were longer. The good thing is that we are left eagerly waiting for next Wednesday. Thanks CW for excellent TV.

Review Frequency by REPetzoldt – Best Time Travel show by Far

I don’t normally write reviews, but I wanted to share my feelings regarding this show. I love science fiction and i want to like sci fi shows. Timeless and DC Legends are both IMO cheesy. I can still enjoy them, but my enjoyment is limited. Frequency is brilliantly cast and written. My eyes are riveted to the screen wondering what will happen next. If the writers can keep doing an excellent job I have no doubt that the actors will bring their ideas to life. Congratulations CW on airing something of genius. As usual any new Sci Fi show I like I hear rumors that it won’t survive for a second season. Hopefully my review will encourage some to watch and others to continue. This show has potential for a great run.

Review Frequency by Cottandy – Unexpectably good remake.

First of all, it’s a fantasy, so expect a little bit more of a fairy tale here, not a serious science documentary. Not paying attention on little details from scientific point of view, it’s very good. But it’s not the most important part of the series. What you should really pay attention at is great atmosphere, rich palette of emotions, good actors, a little bit of pressure, not saying about interesting plot.

You can’t expect anything better from a remake. If you like the original movie, of course your expectations are high enough from the very start, but the series will reward you for giving it a chance and watching it.

Review Frequency by tomoconnor-16-944775 – Canceled?

I hate the fact that this show was not renewed for a 3rd season. This seems to happen to me a lot over the years, that a show that I like is canceled, similar to Fringe…my favorite TV show ever. I guess that I must have strange tastes, but I liked the concept, and I thought that it was well casted as well as written. Just another bummer for me!

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