Everything Sucks review – Watch Everything Sucks 123movies online free

Watch Everything Sucks 123movies online free – If you start watching this show don’t stop watching after the first episode, I swear it gets soooo much better. I’m obsessed with shows that are set in the 90s right now and I wasn’t sure this one was going to live up to my expectations, but I was so wrong! It had a lot of similarities to Freaks & Geeks which I loved and a great sound track. I’ve seen people saying that the acting wasn’t great but I thought the kids did amazing for being so young, and I can’t wait to see them improve in the next seasons hopefully. I really came to love all the characters by the end of the season, even though I wasn’t so sure of them in the first few episodes. The only thing I would want different in the show is that Kate should be the main character, Luke just isn’t as likeable as all the other characters and focussing on him more in the first few episodes almost made me stop watching. I think the actor did a good job but I just didn’t love his character. So if you can get past the first few episodes and some cheesy moments it is really a great show and I cant wait for season 2!

Everything Sucks review – Watch Everything Sucks 123movies online free

Everything Sucks review by Mellosmooth – Feel good coming of age

I loved this series. The acting left a little something to be desired but the stories and characters more than made up for it. The story lines were real and relatable and I really liked the fact that I kept waiting for something terrible to happen and it never did. Sure there was a little drama, attitude, angst, and heartbreak but I kept expecting someone to get in a car crash, or someone to get arrested or wind up dead as they always do but I was pleasantly surprised when each episode ended without some tragic, life-altering event. The series brought back a ton of memories of that time but I could definitely do without some of that awful 90s music – Spin Doctors music died for a reason. All around great series and just enjoyable to watch. Rooting BIG TIME for Mr. Messner and Sherry. Looking forward to many more seasons.

Everything Sucks review by DastardlyDude – 90’s Nostalgia with a mix of real life struggles done right

Being that I was born in the 80’s I can appropriately say this show sparked that flame of childhood reminiscence the right way. A good majority of our generation grew up with one parent in the house hold and this show managed to capture the trials and tribulations of that in two different aspects. Also being that High school is typically either one of the most cherished or hated times in a person’s life the transition of turning into an adult all while dealing with your emotions, relationships, puberty and sexuality deems that the title “Everything Sucks!” being fairly true at this age. ES! managed to encapsulate all that while growing up in a extremely small town very well. We all miss the 90’s, I’m just glad there are shows like this to at least make us feel like this time has yet to and will not be forgotten.

Everything Sucks review by Sonnabendsam – Rideout some cringe and its okay

This show has god awful acting from most of the cast, cringe inducing dialogue that will leave you uncomfortable, some of the characters will turn a total 180 on their established personalities, and it is frankly not that interesting at the beginning. YETTTTTTT It turned out to be very charming and heartwarming at times. It is rough to get through the beginning, but once it gets going it’s not too bad. It doesn’t play on nostalgia at all which is kind of nice for a change and treats it like its just like modern times. There is a great show hidden amongst this rather average Season 1 with room to grow for sure. It is average, but it won me over by the end somehow. Kind of looking forward to season two. THis show is not for everyone and I do understand if you give up on it and you wont miss out on much, but its worth a chance.

Everything Sucks review by jerrywhite-38928 – Sweet series, bad title

With a title like this you expect it to be about a bunch of disaffected and angry kids living in a world with clueless and mean adults But actually the kids in this story are nerdy and different, but pretty good kids after all. And the adults are pretty real too. One of the story lines is the lead female character (with great acting by Peyton Kennedy) discovering that she may be gay. I wouldn’t call it the biggest plot of the show, but it’s an important aspect. There are many storylines – the lead male (Jahi Di’Allo Winston) is dealing with his runaway dad. Both of these kids come from single parent homes and the parents also have an important plot line. Not to mention the big project that brings together the AV nerds and Drama kings and queens.

If I had one complaint it’s with the character Emaline. She flits from persona to persona that you never really know who she is. I think she is written as a foil to enable the other characters’ stories, but she doesn’t really have a story of her own. Also the ensemble of backing teen characters are pretty stock.

If you can get past the first couple of episodes annoyingness, it turns into a pleasant coming of age story with plenty of tearjerker moments along the way. Thumbs up.

Everything Sucks review by Mara – A beautifully written show with a perfect soundtrack!

This show hit all the right notes for me; it’s well written, it has beautifully portrayed friendships and relationships, great characters, and an amazing soundtrack! The 90s nostalgia comes not only from the beautiful sets but also from the awesome music accompanying each scene. The show portrays single parents in a great light, shows friendships/relationships in highschool in all of their hilariously dramatic glory, and has a lot of heartwarming scenes as well as funny ones. The episodes are 20 minutes long and the whole thing can be watched in one setting! I highly recommend it!

Everything Sucks review by OnlyNick – Ironically, Everything Sucks! Doesn’t Suck

For the review, scroll down to paragraph five. For the added bonus of my incoherent, gonzo-esque ramblings, start reading now.

Netflix releases their original series, (usually) all episodes, at midnight pacific time. When I binge on a new series I’m up exactly when it premieres. I live on the east coast so for me, ‘up’ means awake at 03:00. I don’t have the luxury of being apart of the secret society known as the ‘Netflix Media Center’. Neither do I know their classified handshake, nor possess the diamond-encrusted-Netflix-logo-pinky-finger ring each member is issued (folklore has it that Netflix founder Reed Hastings personally casts each ring in the basement of his medieval castle). So, I’m not privy to advanced streamed screenings of Netflix shows. Ironically, Netflix premieres for me are by ‘appointment TV’. Thus, my appointment is set for 3 a.m.

I’m less of a critic and more of a fan who likes to write, so I don’t mind paying for my streaming services. And, let’s face it, my writing skills are as questionable as my photography skills were when I was making TV magic many years ago (just ask any of the warm props I worked with). But I digress.

It’s now 3:00 am. It’s quiet, the kids are asleep, the wife’s somewhere else. Everything Sucks! has started. Beside me is my morning mocha (an addiction I’m not fond of). On my lap sits my HP-Mini (yes, laugh it up) where I am writing this. A few feet yonder is my work laptop, sitting on a spindly table that was bought for $1.00 at a yard sale in 1995 (how fitting!), streaming the show.

So, in short, this is not a rip-off of Stranger Things (thankfully). Whatever comparisons were/have been made are just asinine. Everything Sucks! is about a group of high school kids attending Boring High School in 1996. Boring is an actual city in Oregon (twinned with ‘Dull, Scotland’, and not too far away from ‘Happy Valley’…seriously, you can’t make this stuff up), with a population hovering close to 7500. I wanted to know the town’s reaction to the series, but my email to Netlfix’s PR rep for the show went without a response. Contacting the Boring CPO (Community Planning Organization) didn’t get me anywhere either. I guess that’s the difference between being a credible journalist and a hack like me.

Anyway, the series mainly focuses on Kate and Luke. Kate (Peyton Kennedy, impressive), a sophomore, thinks she’s a lesbian and is seriously crushing on a girl in her class. She struggles to fit in with pretty much everyone but not because of her (rumored) homosexuality. She’s nicknamed ‘Plutonium’ (as in stay-away-from) because her father, Ken (Patch Darragh), is the principal. Luke (the awesome Jahi Di’Allo Winston) is a freshman and has a serious crush on Kate. He earnestly strives to gain her interest and love, even knowing that the gossip about her sexual preference may be true. ‘A’ for effort, Luke.

They are both in the school’s AV club, along with a few other dweebs: McQuaid (Rio Mangini), wicked smart way beyond his years, sporting nerdy 90s clothes and a 90s-cool slicked-back coiffure. Tyler (Quinn Liebling), the squeaky-voiced comic relief of the group, lives with an alcoholic step father and struggles to read at a 5th grade level; and Leslie (Abi Brittle), is super religious and secretly crushing on Tyler, who can’t take the hint. Overseeing the group is the mellow Mr. Stargrove (series co-creator Ben York Jones – who was born to play this role by the look of it). Clearly, he’s the coolest, most unboring Boring High teacher.

The AV club is battling with the overly-dramatic Drama Club. Scott Pocket (Connor Muhl) anchors the school-televised morning announcements along with Jessica Betts (Nicole McCullough); both are a-typical divas. The real pains-in-the-butt, however, are wannabe actors, and part-time couple, prima donna biatch Emaline (Sydney Sweeney – who you will grow to love as this series plays out) and primo uomo douchebag Oliver (a cunning Elijah Stevenson), who clearly missed his calling as a professional douchebag.

Everything Sucks! starts out kind of boring (lol!), but once the jitters work themselves out, and after we finally meet the entire awkward cast towards the end of the first episode, it becomes quite enjoyable. The series is more of a drama than a comedy; I’d say maybe a 60-40 split. I grew to like and care about the characters, even the douchebag. Peyton Kennedy (as Kate) plays her role with dignity and respect and one can hope that her performance inspires real-life LGBTQ youth to be comfortable in their skin. She delivers a powerful message with confidence. The entire cast delivers in style, and if you have a history like any of the characters they portray, you will get emotional. I did.

There’s a lot of 90s nostalgia, and a soundtrack that brings back fond memories. Oasis, Tori Amos, Spin Doctors, Space Hog. Each episode runs about 23 minutes, on average. It’s the perfect length. I was able to sit through the entire series without getting bored – which bodes well for Netflix because I am a part of the intended demographic (just barely, I graduated high school in 91). Ugh, I feel old.

The comedy is mainly smart, thankfully no slapstick or sight gags. At times I groaned at the jokes, but only because I remember laughing at them when I was a kid. Ugh, I was lame.

The shooting style is like that of Arrested Development – handheld, but not to the point of being nauseating. Tripod-cam would just feel out of sync for this show.

There are so many unanswered questions and the final scene in the season finale leaves the door wide open for another 10 episodes. I miss the show already.

Everything Sucks review by Bobbierse – Amazing show that shows diversity and representation!

As I was born in the early 2000s, I do not get any nostalgia from the 90s references this teen comedy floods you with, after the first couple of episodes the references die down and its unlikely for someone like me to notice them. Apart from that factor, I absolutely loved this show. It’s witty humour and teen angst is just enough to support the sensitive subjects it covers. With the main character Luke getting a crush on the Principal’s daughter, Kate, the story erupts with character and childhood. The struggle of teen relationships, sexuality and friendship brings to life this great story about two clubs binding together to create a movie to show the whole school. It may sound cliché, but the story will hook you in after the first episode to frustrate you with unanswered questions and a nerving cliff hanger by the last that will leave you wanting more.

Everything Sucks review by Picturetaker – Nostalgia hits ROCK BOTTOM! Enough please!

Everything Sucks is a strange thing but “Stranger Things of the 90’s” it is not. The only similarity is they’re both made by Netflix. Everything Sucks is basically if someone knocked off Stranger Things made it in the 90’s and filled it with a bunch of uncharasmatic kids and adults who can’t act, filmed it in what can only be described as film (perhaps a VHS camcorder?) and then has no real plot except nostalgic 90’s references and there you have it! You have a show called “Everything Sucks”. Which honestly sucks!

I honestly don’t even know how to review this show without sounding negative and comparing it to Stranger Things because I believe that’s what the creators of this show are trying replicate here and it’s such a big fail! The first time I tried watching it I made it to the beginning show credits and said “This is stupid” and pressed stop. I came back a few days later and made it all the way to the end of the first episode. They’re about 23 mins long by the way. It was full of 90s pop references and hit songs and that was about it. Literally! It was just some literal nerdy kids and a few others talking about pop culture the whole time episode after episode!

Whatever I have to say about this show doesn’t matter. You’ll likely watch it but then you may be like me and go “Yup this is not Stranger Things of the 90’s. It really does suck”. So my only advice if you’ve not seen Everything Sucks is don’t! Just watch Stranger Things again and don’t help this horrible show by watching it because this nostalgic nonsense needs to end. Nostalgia hits rock bottom!

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