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Watch Downsizing (2017) online free – I have seen that movie yesterday and went to the cinema with low expectation. I was not disappointed at all! Not sure what people expecting to be honest??? It was actually good movie. Good acting, good special effects and in my opinion quote good and deep story. I was emotional at the end. It made me thinking as well….I do not regret seeing the movie. That is the reason I had to write a little note….my message- go and see it yourself and then made your mind. I enjoyed it!

Downsizing (2017) pulocker – Watch Downsizing (2017) online free

Review Downsizing (2017) by vinicius_coutinho – Alexander Payne back to his best: social satire

I use to love Alexander Payne’s movies (maybe except by About Schmidt), mainly because they are acid in their critics or because they are touching, but what is common to all of them is the great sense of humor. In this movie, Payne goes back to to the social satire that worked so well on his earlier movies (mainly in Election), but here, he expands the scope of his criticism from the American way of life to environment, passing through immigration, consumerism, among other themes.

Trying to solve the overpopulation issue, a group of Norwegian scientists creates a way to shrink people to 13 centimeters in order to reduce the consume and the environmental impact that mankind is generating on Earth. ​In front of promise of better life, Paul Safranek (Matt Damon) and his wife Audrey (Kristen Wiig), an average couple, decide to leave behind their stressful life in Omaha and to be shrunk in order to live in miniature community and at the same time being able to have the glamorous life they could never afford in “real size world”. I must confess that this plot hasn’t attracted me at first and if this story was conducted by a less experienced or talented director this might have been a huge disaster.

The environmental matter that was supposed to be the main goal of shrink process is soon misrepresented and begins to be used as by average people, whom not having great expectations in real life see in this process a way to achieve their consumerism goals and finally being able to obtain all the material goods they couldn’t before (this is due to the fact that their money is multiplied thousands times at the miniature communities). The movie provokes rich debates on where we are heading to as society and if there would be still hope on human being, since it appears that no matter how, we are still trying to take advantage on others.

Review Downsizing (2017) by hrc-56192 – Much to think about

Is it better to live in the world with all its flaws or withdraw from it? Paul (Matt Damon) is on a philosophical journey he only gradually recognizes. His desire to downsize may have been precipitated in a midlife crisis.

Ngoc (Hong Chou) is a very versatile actress that can berate and cajole and steamrole nearly anyone. As a Vietnamese refugee (both the actress as a baby and the character smuggled in a TV container) she understands one lives or one dies and it is not something one can control.

Paul needs a kick in the butt and Ngoc is just the one to give him one when required.

The scientific flaws in Downsizing are rampant. The willingness to suspend disbelief is essential. I could see a Downsizing II, but I don’t know if it could answer the moral questions that Downsizing raises and forgets to answer.

Review Downsizing (2017) by Rarely Manic – Forget the damn trailer.

A wonderful, thought-provoking movie that is not your usual fare. This stayed with me long after the closing credits thanks, in no small part, to the utterly magnificent Hong Chau. Charming without being sugary, moving without being over-sentimental, funny without being side splitting or resorting to gross out gags. The film carries several messages that are not exactly subtle but relevant nevertheless. Wonderful special effects that fit in to the film without distracting from the story or becoming the centre piece and a musical score that also compliments. Christoph Waltz hits his usual gold standard with ease and Mat Damon plays the bumbling everyman to perfection. Films like this don’t come along very often as movie studios tend to play safe but this is one to watch for certain, even if you end up disagreeing with my review.

Review Downsizing (2017) by Grumphy – Nothing to look down at.

There seem to be people who care about people and people who don’t want to understand people. The latter are bigoted and small at the same time. They are blind for what they want and what they want is insignificant. So without much further ado.

The story is not about what you think it is about. If you haven’t seen it yet. Not going into detail because spoilers abound and this one is worth watching the first time without knowing nothing about the film. Helps to avoid unnecessary expectations which seems to trouble some of the viewers. Suffice to say the story is original, witty, funny and heart warming. If you’ve liked Alexander Payne’s earlier work, you will most definitely enjoy this one as well. Dialogue is borderline genius at times. If not.

Acting wise I’m not sure if Matt Damon was the best casting choice, because contrary to his profession (in the film) he can come across a little too stiff or wooden at times. the if it is intentional, perhaps a lesser star (not to say smaller) would’ve been better. And while being the biggest star, he is undeniably shadowed by his co stars. Then again Christopher Waltz just shines too bright. Wonder how many watts Waltz is? Sorry.

Visuals are charming. Camera work is solid and helps to forward the story, editing organic and smooth with little to complain about. Occasional issues with the scale ratios in comparison with actors/objects and the background are secondary and dismissible. Special effects are mostly very well done and explosions, funnily enough, are second to none.

Sound helps to carry the atmosphere and situations. Emotionally it’s not necessarily a roller-coaster, but it has its own spectrum that vibrates mostly in the humorous zone. Slightly damp or teary eyes are not improbable.

The film could’ve gone in so many directions, but I am really pleased with the route Payne took. Human relations are kind of his thing and I think that some of the negative reviews are really blown out of the proportions (see what I did there), just because they wanted it to be a different kind of film. I figure most people just wanted to see small people doing small people stuff and that would be fun because they’re small, but that is a very limited way of looking at things. Payne paints a bigger picture. I guess some are just too small to grasp that.

Review Downsizing (2017) by CANpatbuck3664 – Better Than I Thought it Was Going to Be

I didn’t circle the release date for Downsizing on my calendar. I thought the trailer looked cheesy and not being an Alexander Payne fan, I was willing to just wait for it to come out on Netflix. But I ended up going to see it anyway and I came away pleased with the movie. The first thing I want to talk about is that the movie covers more angles of the fallout of downsizing then you would think. Should these people have equal voting rights? Do they pay income tax? What happens to the areas that people vacate to downsize? Could you really leave your family and friends behind? They answer these questions and many more. This might make the movie seem boring but it was interesting to me. It gives you room to imagine how radical and shocking it would be for this process to suddenly come available.

Downsizing is billed as being heavily comedic, does the comedy work? I don’t think the movie is ever gut-busting funny, but I did find myself laughing here and there. Some of the gags they do with the difference in size are interesting and I was wasn’t groaning because anything fell flat.

Downsizing features good performances from both the main and supporting cast. Matt Damon is painted as the every-man with dreams of a better future and to his credit, he navigates the rough seas this movie puts him through to deliver a solid performance. Hong Chau is impressive as Ngoc Lan Tran. I bought into her relationship with Matt’s character more than some other reviewers did. This was also a difficult character but she made it work. I would mention though that while her accent is close to being authentic, I still would have dialed it back a little. That’s not her natural dialect and I could see some people being offended by it. Christoph Waltz is good, he’s better in the dramatic bits, I just don’t think he’s particularly funny. Kristen Wiig is fine, she’s in the movie less than you would think but she’s solid.

I get why people didn’t enjoy this movie. For one, the marketing is very misleading. The trailers are selling you a comedy with a heart. Downsizing has those moments, but it lacks any kind of consistency in tone. It jumps from goofy to extremely dark and back again. You can split this movie into parts. The first part is more like the trailer, its not slapstick comedy but it sets up these ideas and it tries not to get bogged down by giving you some levity. The next part is more of a commentary on our current economic system. In the final part, they transition to be an environmental message movie. This didn’t bother me as much as it did some of the other reviewers, but you have to hold the movie to task for promising one thing and then not delivering on it. It also makes the movie frustrating to view as it toys with your expectations.

A lot of people really love Alexander Payne’s previous movies. I’m not one of those people, I think he’s talented, but he doesn’t make movies that I particularly gravitate to (I’ve only seen Election and The Descendants but I still didn’t like them). But even knowing that, I still was pleasantly surprised by this. Sure, the movie is heavy-handed about what its trying to get across and the tone wanders like someone who is new to the Downsizing community. But it does have a lot of interesting ideas, there’s some good commentary on how things work in our world today and I enjoyed the performances enough to go along with the movie. I don’t think its a must-see movie in theatres but if you’re open to its message, I think seeing Downsizing on Blu-ray or Netflix would be absolutely worthwhile.

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