Derry Girls review – Watch Derry Girls 365movies free online

Watch Derry Girls 365movies free online – Derry Girls had the potential to be a fabulous show, however the forced accents, wooden acting and gags that barely raise a smile let alone a belly laugh it’s one unforgettably cringe inducing flop.

Derry Girls review – Watch Derry Girls 365movies free online

Derry Girls review by Tweekums – Very funny but not for the easily offended

One might not think that a city so divided that what you call it identifies which side of the divide you are would be the first choice of where to locate a comedy; especially if it was set at a time when there were troops on the streets and the threat of sectarian violence was very real but somehow ‘Derry Girls’ works. As anybody in the UK or Ireland would guess this follows a group of Catholic girls in the city of Derry in Northern Ireland (had they been protestant it would no doubt have been called ‘Londonderry Girls). The humour is such that people of whatever persuasion are likely to find it equally funny/offensive.

The girls who attend an all-girls school are Erin, Orla, Clare and Michelle; in the first episode they are joined by Michelle’s English cousin James who ends up going to the girls’ school as it is feared he wouldn’t survive at a boys’ school. Over the course of the six episodes of the first season they get up to various amusing situations; James trying to find somewhere to go to the toilet in a girls’ school; witnessing a possible miracle, which one of them knows was far from miraculous, getting stuck in the middle of an Orange Parade, and looking after visiting teenagers from Chernobyl amongst others.

I feel this may be a very Marmite series; viewers will either love it or hate it and few are likely to be merely indifferent. Yes, it is puerile at times but it was done in a way that I found hilarious. The characters, both young and old, are all pretty funny with the cast doing a great job making them believable even when the situation gets comically exaggerated. While we do see evidence of The Troubles for the most part it remains in the background as the characters get on with their lives as though such things were perfectly normal. Overall I’d say that this certainly won’t be for everybody but if you want a good laugh and aren’t easily offend it I’d recommend giving it a go… I can’t wait for the promised series two.

Derry Girls review by p-73118 – she is from derry

Erin (Saoirse-Monica Jackson) born in Derry so she pretty much have the accent, of course after studying in Arden School of Theatre she pretty much loose accent as all actors do if they want to be good actors with wide career, but nerveless she native 24 years old Derry Girl. Decent show, sometimes funny, sometimes boring but it life as we know it, life of Derry Girls.

Derry Girls review by agric_uto – I don’t often like sitcoms but…

This I do! Seen 4 episodes, plenty of hilarity, actors seem to be having a great time. Totally second the “Plankies…” review above. Not as slapstick as FatherTed but similar in some respects – if you like that you should like this. Could become a fecking classic.

Derry Girls review by jebediah-72668 – Deft writing and winning performances make this a quiet hit

A lot can happen in a 30 minute sit-com, and Derry Girls is no exception. The comedy performances, writing and production is spot-on, slo-mo and steadycam shots of mundane action backed with awesome 90’s choons (and Whigfield). I like it, maybe you will too. Notable episodes are #3 and #4, when our gang chase the dead-ringer of Erin’s dog, Toto, into church and to witness a miracle involving Our Sacred Lady investigated by a dashing Priest, and when the Children of Chernobyl visit Derry, which could take them out of the frying pan and into a different frying pan. Great cast, some pretty decent character-driven humour (including the older generations) and an interesting take on the setting and period make for a great formula, not too burdened by PC or a political agenda.

Derry Girls review by tr91

Derry Girls is one of the best new comedies I have seen on TV in recent times. There’s great chemistry between the lead characters who are all likable and have their own hilarious personal traits. The supporting cast are also excellent, Grandad Joe in particular I thought was very funny. I laughed a lot throughout the series and it also handled some sensitive subjects very well. I am glad that it’s already been confirmed we will have a series 2!

Derry Girls review by Begob – Can I be Jim?

Gang of idiot schoolgirls and a dumb boy get everything wrong, every time. In Derry. During war.

Plenty of laughs, and it felt like a synergy of Father Ted and Two Packets Of Crisps. Really liked all the characters, and lovely performances from the chubby anxious girl and the drawling diary reader. Pace keeps chopping along, and the music is peppy.

The writer has great instincts, but I guess it’s one of those gems that could be polished or tarnished with extra creative input.

Derry Girls review by Sjaneway – Excellent show

Have now watched all three episodes and simply think its wonderful writing and acting . I served in Derry 83-84 and can assure all , the humour of this show is spot on as with the acting , trust me , iv P checked more people in Derry than I care to recall however there humour never ceased to amaze me , specially the young ladies . Great show and wonderful people portrayed in difficult times.

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