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Watch Death Wish (2018) online freeMy husband and I take turns choosing movies and this was his pick. I was not enthusiastic. And while the movie has no great moral lesson, it was well done and entertaining. Willis — who is in remarkable shape and looking fit and sassy — did a superb job with the main role. Donofrio was amazing as well. The screenplay was so well written, leaving multiple false red herrings among the real hints of things to come. I had to put my hands over my eye just a few times, not so much during the violent or gory scenes (there were a couple), but during the suspenseful parts. I loved the end — perfect.

Death Wish (2018) putlocker – Watch Death Wish (2018) online free

Review Death Wish (2018) by goerge Thompson – Very cheesy, somewhat entertaining.

I gotta say, Bruce Willis and Mike Epps are very unconvincing as doctors. What a laugh. There were a few scenes that were funny, but the action was sloppy, and the situations way too convenient. It was a cheesy and unrealistic movie that could’ve been done much better. Acting was OK and predictable based on past performances; the cast meets expectations in terms of acting. Eli Roth did a decent polish job on this, but the writing was weak.

The idea that finding an empty house to rob would be so complex was ridiculous. You need a valet to overhear someone’s going to be out for the night, and they snap a pic of the address for that specific house? Do they even know what’s in the house? The family didn’t look that wealthy… Seemed very contrived as a foundation for the entire movie. Robbers can just park in a neighborhood and watch the comings and goings, or just go in the middle of the day when everyone’s at school or work. Easy. And, really, the guy’s got no alarm at a home like that in a place like that? With all the crap on the news which is in your face the entire movie? Talking down to the audience throughout. It just felt like a movie for dumb people. Everything spoofed bite by bite.

Setup was too slow and dragged. I was hoping there would be more vigilante killings n greater catharsis. Death Wish fell short on action thrills and comeuppance. It didn’t have the satisfying conclusions from movies like The Count of Monte Cristo, or the thrills of vigilantism like Kick-Ass. I don’t know if that was Brian Gardfield’s fault, or Joe Carnahan’s, but the movie sucked more than it should’ve considering the cast and director.

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Review Death Wish (2018) by Dave McClain – We probably all need a good revenge flick every now and again. This one fits the bill pretty well.

“Death Wish” (R, 1:47) is an action crime drama (revenge thriller), a remake of the 1974 Charles Bronson movie (which was, in turn, based on a 1972 novel of the same name by Brian Garfield). With the raw, high-quality direction of Eli Roth – and Bruce Willis in the lead (and the fact that Bronson himself made five of these movies over a 20-year period) – I smell a new franchise for the erstwhile John McClane.

The name of the lead character, Paul Kersey, remains the same, but Willis doesn’t play an architect whose family was attacked (as Bronson did), but rather a trauma surgeon… whose family is attacked. After the obligatory (and effective) scenes of Dr. Kersey and his family (wife played by Oscar nominee Elisabeth Shue and high school-aged daughter played by Camilla Morrone), the aforementioned attack occurs, the result of a home invasion that takes place while Paul is working in the E.R. When his wife and daughter are brought in to his hospital, Paul reacts to the aftermath like most fathers would, accepting comfort from his brother (Emmy nominee Vincent D’Onofrio) and trusting in the professionalism of two cops (Dean Norris and Kimberly Elise), but Paul’s faith and patience with Chicago’s finest has its limits.

With no leads that he can pursue himself, and increasingly disgusted by the violence on the mean streets of Chicago, he hesitantly starts carrying a gun – his first gun – which he barely knows how to use. When Paul happens across a car-jacking in progress and takes action to stop it – and makes sure that the perps can never jack another car again – the incident is captured on video (natch), but Paul was wearing a hoody, so he becomes known around Chicago as “The Grim Reaper”. Chicago talk-radio personalities debate whether this mysterious vigilante is a good guy or a bad guy, even as he gets more aggressive in meting out justice. He becomes aware of some wrongs that need righted through the course of his regular duties at the hospital, which is how he also happens across leads that may give him the chance to avenge his wife and daughter – if he can do so before the police figure out who the Grim Reaper is.

“Death Wish” is a fairly entertaining revenge flick. As with all such movies, we enjoy living vicariously through the main character as we watch him do things that we would never do… but sometimes wish we could. Willis isn’t playing a superhuman here – just an ordinary guy in an extraordinary situation who gradually, reluctantly rises to the challenge of what he feels he must do. His character being a surgeon introduces an interesting dichotomy between saving lives and taking lives – and means Paul has the know-how to get away with his extracurricular activities. All this humanizes his character and makes him more relatable. While not crossing over into action movie camp, some of the circumstances and dialog feel contrived and unrealistic, but it’s still fun to watch.

Review Death Wish (2018) by preppy-3 – Not bad remake

Dr. Paul Kelsey (Bruce Willis) is a very successful trauma surgeon. He also has a loving wife (Elisabeth Shue) and daughter (Camila Morrone). His wife is killed and his daughter seriously wounded in a home invasion. When the police are unable to help he decides to take matters into his own hands and kill the monsters that attacked his family.

Pretty good redo of an old Charles Bronson movie. Willis is a better actor than Bronson so that helps. Also they cleverly work social media into the story. All the acting is good and it moves quickly enough…but director Eli Roth never could direct! There’s loud annoying rap music all throughout the movie. Also he uses split screen a few times. That’s not easy–a good director could make it work (Brian DePalma is a master at it)–but not here! It turns into a mishmash of scenes that seem to have nothing to do with each other. Also Roth throws up tons of blood and graphic gore to a truly ridiculous extreme. It got to the point where I was almost laughing at how OTT it was! So–all in all–a pretty good redo.

Review Death Wish (2018) by Bkmotive – Possibly movie of the year! Brilliant direction/writing.

Bruce Willis is spectacular in this movie for several reasons. I really don’t know what else to say besides go watch this movie. I don’t think I’ve thought a movie was a 9/10 in a very long time… But this one definitely is!

The story/plot is great. Bruce Willis’ acting is spot on. The direction is great. The music/sound production was great. The visuals were perfect.

Nothing in this movie is over the top… So don’t worry if you’re one of those people who is not big on action movies due to that reason. I’m not even a fan of alot of action movies but this one was near perfect.

Bruce Willis is back baby! Can’t wait to see a second installment of this movie!

Review Death Wish (2018) by Freddy Schmitz – Don’t believe the Ideologues

First of all, don’t be surprised by the low score on Rotten Tomatoes and other sides. Most of these so-called “movie critics” are just anti-gun advocates pushing their agenda under the guise of a movie review.

This is a well directed remake of a vigilante movie from the 70s starring Charles Bronson. The director Elit Roth strikes the right chord by setting this simple but powerful story in modern day Chicago. The tone and message remain largely the same which I consider a big plus because it’s a sign of respect to the original.

This is an above average r-rated action movie with decent performances, nice cinematography, good pacing and a fitting soundtrack. If you like Bruce Willis or the original “Death Wish” go check it out. Don’t be scared off by negative reviews.

Review Death Wish (2018) by RforFilm – Death Wish is bland, boring, uneven, and says nothing. This movie has it’s own death wish

A movie about a gun-wielding vigilante? Perhaps not the best movie to put out with the recent mass shootings…or maybe if it at least had something to say about that and the state of gun use in modern America. To back up a bit, today’s movie is the remake of Death Wish. That movie too was about Charles Bronson as a vigilante who kills common crooks with a pistol. While we have a lot of these movies (I guess the people that make these movies have never seen Hobo With a Shotgun), the original movie did come at a time in which urban crime rates were at a dangerous level, especially in New York.

For the sake of fairness, I won’t criticize the movie for coming out at a bad time, as that doesn’t really go with the context of the film’s story. All that matters is whether Death Wish is entertaining or even trying update it’s themes in a more controversial period. There are a lot of ways this could have gone and even has Eli Roth in the director’s chair. Alas, taking the timing out of the way, Death Wish isn’t just a bad remake, but stands on it’s own as a poor movie in every way.

Chicago surgeon Paul Kersey (played by Bruce Willis) seems to have a nice life; a loving wife whose about to become a doctor Lucy (played by Elisabeth Shue), a college bound daughter Jordan (played by Camila Morrone) and a supportive brother Frank (played by Vincent D’Onofrio). On his birthday, Paul is forced to come to work, canceling his family’s plans to go out. Lucy and Jordan intend to surprise him with a small birthday dinner, but thieves break in and everything goes wrong. Paul is horrified to discover that the thieves killed his wife, injured his daughter into a coma, and managed to steel from his safe.

Police detective Kevin Raines (played by Dean Norris) does his best, but can’t seem to find any clue to who the thieves are. Paul eventually tries to walk the streets himself to find his assailants. This leads him to acquiring a gun and taking on several criminals, making him a vigilante that the media dubs “Grim Reaper”. This creates a lot of controversy with the public, as some see him as a hero while others seem him as violating the law.

I guess we can start with the fact that Death Wish is just your standard revenge thriller. In fact, while watching it, I couldn’t believe just how by the book the plot was. I won’t spoil it, but you are not in for surprises. In fact, I kept thinking that had this had more jokes, this could easily pass for a parody of a revenge thriller. Now I’ve always liked Bruce Willis, but this is another sleepwalk performance. You do get what you expect, but this is a lot like his lower tier action movies. At least with Die Hard, you get the sense he was an average cop. In Sixth Sense, he was a tormented psychologist. In Death Wish, he’s just Bruce Willis. To his credit, everyone else seems to be giving a “I don’t care” performance.

So this is where I blame Eli Roth. Whether you like his gritty horror movies, he’s a director who still has a visual voice. Death Wish has the distinct of a Styrofoam cup; bland and something you see a hundred of. I would have at least thought the action would be gritty. But no, the gritty elements (the surgeries and healing) have little to do with the overall story.

I’ll give this two used targets out of ten. Death Wish lives up to it’s title; it doesn’t care about anything and is willing to die even without care. If this doesn’t care about offering something entertaining, then why should I or anyone else? Either coming out now, five years earlier or two years later, there would have never been a good time for this Death Wish. Just kill it and move on to something better.

Review Death Wish (2018) by avenged-87088 – Everything I wanted it to be

I went in expecting some good old fashioned revenge without any of the pc bs, and that’s exactly what I got. While not necessarily for everyone, this movie is a great example of why you should just ignore movie critics. Obviously not a deep or groundbreaking masterpiece, but it’s a truly fun ride that really satisfies. I’m very happy I ended up seeing it, and the cast was pretty great, too. With a little more realism and a little less ambition, this was what I wanted but never got from Law Abiding Citizen. Nice to finally have that. It’s just unfortunate that this movie gets trashed by critics because of their terrible politics. Thankfully, it’s just good fun.

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