Cobra Kai 123movies – Watch Cobra Kai full movie online free

Watch Cobra Kai full movie online free – When I first saw a Cobra Kai trailer I thought, that’s kind of neat but I bet it sucks. Boy was I wrong, it’s is incredible. Johnny Lawernce (William Zabka) may have just become my favorite anti-hero EVER. He is so good at playing a down on his luck dirt bag looking for redemption. The episodes don’t do anything to shock you to think “man that was silly” if anything they tell a great story. It takes the Karate Kid movie and spins it. I don’t laugh at a lot of show, even shows I really like, but Johnny had me laughing out loud a few times with his dry mean humor. If your a Karate Kid fan this is a must watch. If your not a Karate Kid fan this is a must watch. It’s such a good show, I can’t believe it’s done by youtube.

Cobra Kai 123movies – Watch Cobra Kai full movie online free

Cobra Kai review by Puscifer DoZo – Very smartly written & acted – highly recommended

I was a teen in the 80’s and enjoyed watching this film – as most guys my age did. I was a little skeptical when I saw that they were making a new series that takes place 30 years after the movie ended. But once I saw the trailers – I felt like they might be on to something. After watching several episodes – I can tell you that they nailed it. This is the best show out there – anywhere. It’s not over acted (or under acted). It’s not corny or stupid either. It’s the perfect match up of seriousness with a few goofs or references from the 80’s thrown in here & there. This revival could have been a disaster but it looks like they got the perfect combo of writers, directors & actors. It’s funny, because as a kid – I wanted to punch Johnny in the throat as hard as I could. But as a 40-something year old – I’m kinda rooting for him. Great job to the people responsible for making this happen – and of course it couldn’t have happened without Ralph & William. Thank you!

Cobra Kai review by AlbertV79 – A Fantastic Sequel in the Form of Series

The skepticism of the announcement of this sequel to the Karate Kid saga is truly gone. It is clear there is a bit of a role reversal as we now see mainly through the eyes of Karate Kid bad boy Johnny Lawrence, who seeks redemption by taking in a student in the form of Miguel Diaz, which in turns inspires him to re-open the Cobra Kai dojo. As for Daniel LaRusso, it i clear that while he is a successful businessman, he is practically consumed with arrogance and does whatever he can to ensure Johnny doesn’t succeed.

It is interesting to see the major changes in students Miguel from bullied to the arrogant fighter with Robby going from juvenile delinquent to a fighter with honor. Their backstories truly come into play in the series as well as finally learning more Johnny and his upbringing.

Like the original film, it is more than martial arts…it’s about relationships and redemption. If you liked the Karate Kid saga, then no doubt, you must see this series ASAP!

Cobra Kai review by AGood – William Zabka steals the show!

I have just this moment finished episode 10. I am literally on a massive high right now. This is probably the best TV series I have seen since I first watched Game of Thrones. This is literally TV at its most epic best.

The thing that makes this TV show is literally William Zabka. Why he has only been in Karate Kid and nothing much more is a mystery as this guy can act and has amazing screen presence and comedy timing.

This TV show was so good it literally makes me want to go out tomorrow and sign up for karate classes and learn Cobra Kai style.

I strongly recommend everyone watches this as this is way better than that stupid remake with Will Smiths son, better than all the sequels and to be honest better than the first Karate Kid movie was too.

William Zabka needs to be cast in other TV roles too. He is up there with the best for TV/movie Anti-hero’s; Snake Plisskan, Tyler Durdan and now after this Johnny Lawrence.

Cobra Kai review by nufc_no – Fantastically done and plenty of scope for future seasons

Unlike the resurrection of a lot of 80’s era classics, this is a fantastic project that has lived up to the legacy and well done to all involved from the Showrunners, to the writers, actors who have all done a fantastic job. Seen the first two episodes free and had a smile on my face the whole time. In terms of the plot it actually feels like a logical continuation as Johnny was not fully explored following first his defeat and then his treatment in the Car Park in the Prologue of KK3 at the hands of Kreese. The Pilot itself nicely touches on how these issues from the loss of the Bedrock of his life (Instructor role in a Karate Dojo) to his High School sweetheart to the devestating impact his mentor and de facto Father figure (Sensei Kreese) abusing him so horrifically have had on him throughout his life. I like how they set up one episode from Johnny’s perspective and the other from Daniel who still has demons to face concerning Kobra Kai.It is a great touch as well that the Showrunners have added the pressure both characters face in terms of family life. Lastly they have plenty of scope for future seasons which can be explored by characters such as Allie coming back on to the scene, plus Johhny’s original pals as assistant Instructors perhaps and of course Johnny hasn’t fully faced his Demons until Kreese reappears again. Daniel struggling without his mentor Mr Miyagi is tricky as Pat Morita passed away but I reckon some of the old characters like his Japanese GF from KK2 can perhaps be brought out to flesh out the philosophy of Sensei Daniel. Even the antagonist from KK3 who fought Daniel can be thrown in as a wild card!

Cobra Kai review by amazon-1806 – Crane Kicked it out of the park

Fantastic refreshing show. Feels like a genuine continuation of the movies with Daniel and Johnny both been plucked out of the 80s and dropped into the 21st Century. The writers have not tried to make everything politically correct which really helps to keep it fresh (Unlike Star Wars – The Last Jedi). Johnny has some brilliant one-liners which whilst really offensive add to the comedic value.

Daniel and Johnny have several layers of complexity and clearly are missing something from their lives which will be good to see develop. The new characters also add to the enjoyment. They are total opposites to the school kids in the movies. Within a few episodes you can see these develop as well.

The writers have given fans what they want without giving the story away (Again something which Star Wars – The Last Jedi) couldn’t get right.

Living in the UK we don’t get YouTube Red but was able to purchase each episode individually. Well worth the extra cost. Can’t wait for the next season.

Cobra Kai review by Felipemc – Absurdly Good

The answer has finally come to the age old question of “How can you introduce nuance into a cut-and-dry good-vs-evil 80’s classic” and it comes in the form of COBRA KAI. While there are many a homage to the film(s) that spawned it, Cobra Kai makes its own name for itself by (gasp) being very well written, and introducing depth to the degree that neither Johnny nor Daniel-San is really “the good guy” or “the bad guy”. They both make poor decisions, both are dealing with the traumas of their youth (which, in Danny’s case, comes down to Johnny himself in many ways), and they both pass on the positive and negative experiences to their children and/or students in various ways. Danny is often motivated by petty revenge and unable to see any good in Johnny and his Cobras (and not entirely for no reason), and Johnny may be saving himself from….himself and his past and giving his students confidence, but also seems to be making them somewhat into monsters. The show is able to balance all this thematically and do so with poignancy and humor. Unlike, say, an hour-and-a-half long movie, the show is able to burn much more slowly and spend time with its characters and their pasts to provide a tremendous amount of depth. This might even be the thing that makes Youtube Red worth paying for. I’m legitimately hyped for season 2, what the hell. (While I won’t spoil the last-minute sting in the final episode, needless to say it’s a biggie).

Really watch it, you’ll be suprised. Hawk is indeed ourguy.

Cobra Kai review by Goticomalvado – This was a pleasant surprise

Im biased, Karate kid was one of those flawed jewels as a kid of the 80s, it had a simplistic plot about love, good and evil and in some ways it was like Rocky a sleeper hit among fighting movies. Today i can barely watch it, but it was a cool film, the first one i guess.

This series got to me, even after watching all those trailers and telling me, nahhh, lighting wont hit the bottle, this can be a recipe for disaster.

But I guess Youtube made a wise bet. The series is in many ways better than the first film. It uses nostalgia in the right way, without looking cheap of forced. The characters are now in a gray area, there have flaws like every human being and it shows them without going for a overly dramatic approach. Comedy is effective without being contrived. It jokes a lot with the more sensitized political climate in our days without being overly edgy or leaning for the opposite side. It balances all together. I was surprised for the quality of what is happening here.

My only fear is that it gets cancelled due to the lack of content in youtube Red. Lets hope some of the higher ups at Google take notice and dont cancel it, or try to dilute its humor and creative decisions for a more bland product in the future. If you are a fan of the Karate Kid, here it goes, this is for you. Too bad Pat Morita wasn’t alive for this.

Cobra Kai review by OccuIt_Detective – Cobra Kai hits hard and shows no mercy as a true follow-up to The Karate Kid.

There have been numerous attempts at sequels and reboots and trying to recapture the magic the original Karate Kid created over thirty years ago… And they were not worthy of trophies. Cobra Kai, however, comes flying at us and hits all the right marks.

The very first leaves us with a feeling that the Cobra Kai bully (Johnny) wasn’t as mean as he was made out to be. He had moments that left us wondering all this time. Now, those questions are answered, and in the most satisfying of ways. This time around, the tables have been turned and the story is just as much Johnny’s as it is Daniel’s. The nostalgic call-backs to the original are worked in so precisely perfect, and the new additions to the cast reflect this generation and the world we currently are dealing with.

The series is the very definition of Bad-ass. I honestly cannot think of how it could be improved upon. When it’s funny, it’s hilarious. When it’s sad, it can be absolutely heartbreaking. It’s made me want to go back and watch the original, and then return to the series for a second viewing. I couldn’t recommend it enough, to older fans or to the newer generation. Honestly, I would have paid to see this on the big screen, it’s that good!

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