Candy Jar 123movies – Watch Candy Jar full movie online free

Watch Candy Jar full movie online freeThis movie although makes no sense at times but overall was a pleasurable experience… you get to relive your teenage by the means of this movie… These two teans have been debating everyday since their kindergarden, and the beautiful story goes on….

Candy Jar 123movies – Watch Candy Jar full movie online free

Candy Jar review by adonis98-743-186503 – It’s Netflix alright?

Dueling high school debate champs who are at odds on just about everything forge ahead with ambitious plans to get into the colleges of their dreams. As i’ve said before Netflix is well known for making some terrific tv shows for example ‘Stranger Things’ and even some good films in general like ‘Gerald’s Game’ but most of their films are kind between hot garbage and a waste of time and ‘Candy Jar’ is no exception from an acting standpoint to even painful dozes of humor that doesn’t land not even once. The perfomances weren’t that great either not even from the well known actors like Helen Hunt and as for the story itself? It was pretty damn childish to be honest.

Candy Jar review by Niphredil12 – A cute coming of age story

This is a cute coming of age store about two very competitive teens in their senior year of high school. Bennett wants to get into Yale, Lona wants Harvard, and both are very good at debate. Their rivalry gets in their own way however and they must learn to work together… somehow.

This movie doesn’t try to be more than what it is, a cute story about teenagers falling in love, about growing up, about the pressures of getting into colleges. But rapid dialogue and cute chemistry make this very enjoyable and fun to watch.

Candy Jar review by richard-fieldhouse – Sweet high-school romcom set in the weird world of competitive debating

Lona and Bennett have been competing since kindergarten, maybe egged by their mothers who seem to have some issues that need to be resolved. And now college is beckoning them – Havard – or Yale – or not. Partly to look good on their CVs they are in the school debate club. But here everything gets very strange as competitive debating seems to have degenerated into a kind of bizarre speed talking contest in which points of evidence are made so fast that scarcely anyone understands.

Lona and Bennett are in some ways hugely similar and in others diametrically opposed so boy – girl, black – white, but both with single mothers, both geeks, bookworms, loners, and both very much attached to Kathy, a school counselor whose room is filled with the candy jars that give the film its title.

It’s an unusual idea but it makes the film fresh and different. For me, the nonsensical debating process was a bit of a distraction, but maybe the very fact that we don’t understand what they’re struggling to achieve, let alone the actual arguments they make, maybe that helps us focus on them and how they matter more.

Candy Jar review by Randyfreemire – Not worth the time to watch

My initial draw to this film was that these two characters would be debating with all the intense energy high schoolers are known for. That’s a real feat to pull off well, the split second timing and in and outs of the debate topic. Turns out that this kind of ‘debate’ is based on READING your research as fast as you can for 8 minutes, there was no real debate, very annoying to listen to, and there was no real demonstration of their brillian minds, we have to take that on faith. Huge disappointment, and gave very little for the film to run on.

Other than that, it’s your typical story of boy and girl that don’t like each other until they fall for each other, and over achievers that spend all their time studying, and realize what they’ve been missing out on their life. Wasn’t worth the time to watch. I think these actors had it in them to pull of real debates, but the creator / scriptwriters took the easy way out.

Candy Jar review by wx-04270 – Innacurate

I am a policy debater and when I saw the movie I was bitterly disappointed. Where are the double breaths? the card cutting? why’d the guy not run an afro pessimism k? they weren’t even that good at spreading! More of a generic love story than anything else, and its story line is extremely lacking. Anyway, for y’alls who want to do policy debate – go do it. It is extremely rewarding. Sidenote: going and qualifying to states != free ride to harvard; i mean c’mon where is my free ride Harvard?

Candy Jar review by Larrycothran – Very Engaging and Intriguing Movie

Candy Jar is like watching the pressure of a purpose driven life spill out of a young woman’s diary onto the screen and then draw you into story to the point you feel and experience what she is going through.

I started watching Candy Jar because Helen Hunt and Christina Hendricks were among the cast. That drew me in initially but the acting by Jacob Latimore and Sami Gayle kept me glued to the screen.

It’s a teen angst, high pressure to get into Ivy League school set up with a more subtle message in the overtones and in the finale. Light hearted, yet poignant as it seeps into your emotions and evokes feelings for and with Lona and Bennett.

My favorite movie this year so far.

Candy Jar review by Bederisofia – I’ve never appreciated a Netflix movie this much.

I just saw this movie on the most popular tab on my Netflix and it piqued my interest, and it looked like something I would enjoy. And did I enjoy it? Very much so.

Bennett is charming, Lona is strong. The tandem just works, even if they don’t (always) get along. They gave me the inspiration I never knew I needed for when I’m back in school. As a high-schooler in the same position as them, I loved the bursts of reality spread throughout the film. And I could relate with the anxiety, pressure, the expectations. Maybe that’s why some people didn’t enjoy Candy Jar as much as I did – they weren’t the target audience. Moreover, the rest of the characters were also incredibly lovable. Overall, I adore this and I would 10/10 watch it again.

Candy Jar review by Kaparz – Solid Rom Com with slightly odd messaging

I am not a huge consumer of teen romance movies, so I only really turned this movie on because it was there, but this movie sucked me in from the beginning.

Pros: I was rooting for the characters very early on, and I was rooting for them as a couple pretty much the whole time. I found them believable, and I found their conflict made sense. The humor is down to earth and not predictable. Uzo Aduba and Christina Hendricks both did a fantastic job with really layered characters, and I loved their plotline with their respective kids and with one another.

Cons: Most of the problem is in the last act, but I will attempt not to spoil.

The story wants us to root for characters who say some unkind things about the protagonists (and who don’t really interact with them).

The last part of the story feels like it relies on us not knowing how debate works (I don’t) and finding it a little weird.

It seems like the movie tries to sell us on the point that making arguments with “feelings” (I think someone actually says “feelings over facts”) is better than evidence, which is an odd point for the movie to want to make anyway, but it feels kind of deceptive since we never properly hear an argument given using evidence (because of the whole talking quickly thing). Ultimately, this plotline feels forced and has no real bearing on anything else.

Overall, though, this was a really enjoyable movie.

Watch if you’re in the mood for a rom com with genuinely good characters. Skip if you’re a fan of debate, or if you don’t want to watch a movie that doesn’t quite know what it’s trying to say.

Candy Jar review by BasicLogic – What’s the purpose of making this film?

This is a drive-you-nuts pointless film with two annoying and abnormal private high schoolers, one male and one female who started a debate club and simply couldn’t agree on anything with each other, and both would not back off from their two-member-only debate club for who should be the president of the club, who’s more entitled either by birth date or seniority at school. The main purpose was to falsify on their college application with a title of a club presidency.

From the very beginning, we just have these two people blah, blah and blah to disagree on everything, chewing up lot of candy from the candy jars on their private school consultant’s desk. We have so many phony and couldn’t-care-less people at school, and two blindly support their kid’s mothers.

We didn’t see anything about the education, the study, the….No, nothing but constantly arguing between these two brats. It’s just getting more and more annoying after awhile. This film is not about the generally normal kids in the public school system but two spoiled private high schoolers who never agreed on anything with each other. I just gave up sooner than later since I couldn’t care less. Netflix may have a lot of money to burn, but they seem to have lost, more like whatever scripts they got, they’d put them into production, no matter what.

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