Calibre 123movies – Watch Calibre full movie online free

Watch Calibre full movie online free – The film from the very beginning was a terrifying experience, the acting by the whole cast was incredible especially jack lowden, his performance really brought the film together along with the incredible cinematography and acting from the rest of the cast. The ending is totally unexpected and the plot twists throughout made it captivating to watch. Absolute incredible film. Dont let the rating fool you!

Calibre 123movies – Watch Calibre full movie online free

Calibre review by Nowego – Unexpected Gem

Before watching this movie I came here and read the one and only glowing review and looked at the voting and saw that out of 43 votes 46% had voted 10. Unfortunately, based on past experience, a high rating with that few votes and one glowing review are normally huge red flags for me on IMDb. Vote rigging has become a big problem on here and I very nearly dismissed this movie based on these red flags.

Happily I ignored the red flags and sat down to watch what I thought might be a waste of time and got a very nice surprise.

Just about everything about this movie was as close to perfect as you can get, some of the cinematography was simply awesome, it made me want to be there. There are always going to be flaws and holes in the plot, but this simple story only had a few minor ones that didn’t detract from the movie at all.

Tony Curran, I have seen many times before and I always expect good acting from him. Martin McCann, Jack Lowden, Ian Pirie and Kate Bracken did a really good job and their acting was of a very high standard along with the rest of the cast. All did a great job.

This movie tells a very real story with realism you only see in top end productions. It had me glued to the screen almost from start to finish, not many movies do that for me.

Highly recommended, but not for the squeamish. Even though there isn’t really any over the top on screen violence in the movie, I still felt it was pretty gruesome. I really felt for the two main protagonists in places, but felt the ending was right.

Easily a 9/10 for me, 100 minutes well spent.

Calibre review by Evemhayes – Felt compelled to write my first IMBD review….

This was an excellent movie. Tense and atmospheric from the start, you could sense from the beginning that something pretty dark was going to happen. I thought the acting was excellent from the entire cast especially the lead character. I really found myself feeling for these 2 characters and the very unenviable position they had found themselves in…. it was completely gripping and made for some uncomfortable viewing at times. I check all my Netflix choices on IMDB first yet have never actually left a review. Was surprised at the very average 6.6 rating so thought I’d do my bit to share what a fab film this is. If you like your movies tense, gripping & well acted go for it you won’t be disappointed.

Calibre review by ajith Varghese – Absolutely astounding!

Don’t believe any of the negative reviews here. As a long time follower of Thriller movies, I can assure you that this is one hell of a movie! It starts with a gruesome shock and follows up with a series of tense moments, with a story well told and directed. The actors did a great job in each of their roles.

The movies evolves around 2 friends who head out to a far-side village for hunting and land up in lots of trouble with the local, and eventually does something unpardonable to the extent that they know they’d never make it out alive if they don’t lie about the whole accident. This follows with a series of other blunders that just puts them right at the edge.

I’m going to say no more and kill you fun. If you love a genuine thriller with a story well told, directed and portrayed, this is one you should never miss! I’m giving it a 10/10 for the great performances, camera work, location, dialogues, and what not! GREAT MOVIE!

Calibre review by darren-west-713-990578 – Great British Success

Had the privilege of meeting cast/ director at Edinburgh film festival where the film premiered. Credit to everyone in producing a film with minimal budget by film standards these days.

Nine years in the making this deserves the credit and reviews based on the struggle had getting these films made for a budget at 2% of a Hollywood production.

This is a great edge of your seat film that keeps you engaged from the beginning. Well done on a great film and Ian Pirie is great. Surely it’s time he got screen time deserving of his talent. Find it on Netflix from 29th June.

Calibre review by tjpierce-45675 – Dying-Fish-Flopping-on-a-Beach Movie

Two city boys go amongst the rubes with hunting rifles and cocaine, and pay dearly for their lack of common sense. It start badly when the village roundheel hones in on them like a smart bomb, and things go downhill from there. It plays out like watching dying fish flopping about on a beach–their sour fate obvious from early on, and just about as interesting. Though beautifully shot and acted, there’s nary an unpredictable twist along the way, just lots of Scottish rural miserabilism. One more thing–the vegan “meat-is-violence” subtext is so omnipresent, I almost expected an end-title card that read: Funding from PETA.

Calibre review by Davidcarfagno – Glued

Highly recommend this movie. Typical Netflix surfing and ran into it and watched it late at night I couldn’t fall sleep. Plot was very realistic as many of the reviews said, and I feel like it could happen to any of us. That was the key for me in this. Very realistic. Also living in small towns it was a true depiction of what small-town community mentality can be like. They take care of their own.

Calibre review by suzy-7173 – Modern British Thriller

A modern British film – realistic, gritty and down to earth without any American glitz, glamour or special effects. Two lads go to Scotland for a hunting weekend and when something terrible happens, we see how they deal with it and the consequences of their actions. It’s a tense thriller that jumps right into the action from the start. It’s sad this is a requisite of most films today, as personally I would have preferred to know the main characters a little better before the hunting trip, The tension then slowly builds to a dramatic ending which I hadn’t predicted. It’s a simple set up without lots of crazy and pointless action and plots twists at every corner. Overall a film that works, is enjoyable to watch and makes you ask your best mate – what would you have done?

Calibre review by zack_gideon – Great thriller

This Netflix original is worth the watch. It really is a diamond in the rough in terms of low budget indie movies. I won’t go into too much detail but will just say the plot is original, the script is well paced and acted and the cinematography reminded me of Fargo. It’s dark and claustrophobic and does a great job of expressing that thru the muddy dark Scotland woods and small town feel.

Great job to the cast and the production staff. I love how Netflix can so easily get eyeballs on movies like this which I wouldn’t even have known existed. Definitely worth the watch if u like dark thrillers!

Calibre review by Rishabanilkumar – Solid. Gripping. Thriller.

Absolutely stunning piece of art. Keeps you glued to the screen for the first minute, from carefully building up the setting in a pretty isolated and gloomy village in surrounded by the woods to the life-changing decisions the main characters have to make which will have you contemplating each one of the butterfly effects. I saw the movie with two of my friends and each one of us had a different ending from each other, none of us could have really predicted what was going to happen.

Calibre review by esweet-154-191260 – Well shot with enough plot turns to make an often told story new.

Some of the gloomy north of England/Norwegian tales can become a little tired with overused dragging violin or cello strings, wet camera vantage’s and drone clips. This one doesn’t. The story has much more to give than it does in the 101 minutes it delivers but that candour keeps it fast paced and avoids the 13 episode drama series format. It lacks nothing. The cinematography is bang on and consistent, the dialogue is just right and there aren’t any missteps to moving us along. When things go wrong, the decisions made are believable. Each character remains consistently within character, there are enough familiar proven actor faces to plant the characters solidly on the screen and any new actors (new to me anyway) added even more to the story. It starts out typically, using a couple somewhat trite almost home movie camera angles with their departures from home, but quickly and possibly intentionally everything moves towards excellent camera work and editorial pacing for the duration. I propose the opening sequences were shot and flatly lit the way they were, purposefully. To dull down any apprehension or building tension. Like you bought your ticket, you have been seated, buckled in and are just plodding unwittingly up the clackety-clack first hill of the amusement ride. As we get a taste of the small destination community we are presented a decent suite of interesting characters and enough sub plot while our two main characters unfurl a little more, revealing more of themselves to help rationalize what lays ahead. All the while a fog of tension begins to hang in the air. It’s from here that the story takes its launch and the discomfort builds right up to the closing credits. I liked it, it’s a movie worth telling friends about. If you enjoy the Lava Fields, Missing, the Bridge, and the more commercial Broadchurch you will like this. It’s better paced than all of those.

Calibre review by Cheergal – Violence without reasons

There is a thought of memorable movies. They required to leave footprints in your heads. This one hardly did that.

Before leading to the fatal mistakes happened, the preludes were needed. The lack of depictions of two main characters made those cruel scenes rather abrupt and incoherent. There are common traits of psychopathic behaviors which would make senses of portraying those inhumanly responses.

This movie somewhat suggested the normality of human cruelty. It is misleading. The lack of processing of human minds killed supposedly well thought out story. The director intended to tell audience that circumstances drove characters into act cruelly. Nevertheless, that was too superficial without any insightful depths of criminal minds. Good thrillers usually have the prologue to the tragic events. Violent acts should not be injected abruptly without any explanations of characters. The storyline is innovative however its implements were lacked of reasoning.

Understated human minds might be the problem of this movie.

Calibre review by Shakercoola – “Aye for an eye”

Lifelong friends head to an isolated village in the Scottish Highlands for a weekend hunting trip. It turns out to be a tragic move. Calibre has some early predictability in theme, a hot shot in touch with his primitiveness, and a milder mannered thoughtful type unprepared for the elemental. Their city-type personas are bound to be marked for their contrast when they enter deep countryside and cut off communities. Early dialogue isn’t cinematic but trite, vapid and weak on meaning, and for backstory. Nevertheless, what follows when they arrive at the destination becomed intense, uncompromising and bleak. It takes the viewer into the darkness of human nature and survival instincts. Any film that successfully draws the viewer into a character’s domain of decision making so surely and combines it with tense drama and plausible events and nothing to distract it in the creativity and storytelling is a surefire triumph. Calibre is a film that will stay with you, whether you want it to or not.

Calibre review by Dansview – Terrifylingly Real

I tend to idealize small towns, and I hate when city elites characterize them as provincial and backward. But it’s probably true that if you throw in a bad local economy, boredom and some booze, the locals will turn on you in a heartbeat.

I felt the fear and anguish of our two protagonists more acutely than I have in almost any film. The setting and photography were at once inviting and forbidding. The casting makes you wonder if these are even actors. They are that believable.

I’ve often thought about how quickly your life can change. At any given moment something could happen that requires a quick moral decision and you might make the wrong one under pressure.

That’s what really got to me about this film. In the blink of an eye their mundane world is destroyed, and you can never go back.

Although there wasn’t much character development, we saw enough to know that one guy was the “alpha” leader and had always been so, and the other guy was the follower. In crisis we continue to be who we were before the crisis.

Excellent film for what it was. But I wish I would have skipped it. Now I have to live with the images. And yes it is actually quite violent.

Calibre review by Tabithaburnett – Bambi is protected by some strong-ass juju.

It’s a ballsy film. It tackles a drama plot that seems familiar but takes a different route with it. I just wasn’t sure how comfortable I felt with that new route. The Scottish scenery becomes a character in itself, haunting and beautiful bleak – it presents a wonderfully sinister canvas for DP Márk Györi to work with. I’m always pleasantly surprised by Jack Lowden – I think he’s an actor with a lot to give and his performance here is wonderful to watch. The drama heightens quickly, building paranoia into the film’s very essence. It’s not perfect. And it doesn’t quite manage to be different enough, but as a thriller it still works. And past a certain point it wasn’t predictable. In a genre that can sometimes be tiresomely trope-y, that’s something.

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