Breaking In putlockers – Watch Breaking In full movie online free

Watch Breaking In full movie online freeBreaking In is a well-acted, well-directed thriller. The movie gets straight to the point with everything and is fast-paced, it is never boring and it is tense. It is predictable, but it is still worth watching once at least. Breaking In is the type of flick that only needs to be watched once, the male vs female onscreen violence is more graphic towards the end of the film and those scenes are uncomfortable to watch.

Breaking In putlockers – Watch Breaking In full movie online free

Breaking In review by Danny Blankenship – Tense suspense action like drama.

“Breaking In” is one of those movies as you watch you will be entertained and feel the drama and action it’s like a heart pounding game of cat and mouse hide and seek action of good against bad!

The story is pretty simple Shaun(Gabrielle Union) is a married woman who inherits her father’s old house only to have a big surprise in store as a trio of thugs have other plans of an invasion type thing!

The scenes of chase and hide and seek in the dark are chilling and thrilling and the drama is high as Shaun’s two kids a son and daughter are held hostage tied up and both have their mouths taped with duct tape.

Overall this picture is a real action thriller that entertains with courage, drama and thrilling and chilling action.

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Breaking In review by Nelson. – The Actors did their thing

I enjoyed the movie, but yes the story was a little lack luster. The Actors did a great job, as far as playing their characters. The writers could of gave more backround as far as the story goes. Overall the complaints or disappontment I hear lays with the story creator’s, so I closing I enjoyed the film very much, but there a lot of unanswer questions as far as the story goes…

Breaking In review by DarkVulcan29 – Gabrielle Union is a win.

A mother(Gabrielle Union) and her two kids go to her estranged late fathers house to settle things, but the evening doesn’t go has planned, when they are invaded by four robbers and her kids are held hostage while she is outside, and is told If she doesn’t do what they tell her, her kids will die, but she will go to measures out maneuver the robbers and hope to save her kids, but the question is will she?

A well made thriller, has a lot of moments that keep you on edge. Gabrielle Union plays an awesome tough and at time s vulnerable character. And Billy Burke has the leader of the robbers, he comes across has calm but you the audience can see there is madness in his eyes. And the guys playing the other robbers are also great. The actors playing the kids are great, but it’s Union that really carries the film.

A good way to spend 88 minutes.

Breaking In review by jwwalrath-227-85487 – Solid little thriller

This film is about a mother trying to protect her children from a group of thieves who are after her father’s hidden fortune. Yeah, it’s a familiar concept. If you’ve seen Panic Room or similar home invasion or robbery thrillers you’ll probably predict most of the film. The characters are all tropes as well. However, this is a very competently made film and I was entertained nonetheless.

Interestingly, the quality increases as the film goes on. The beginning is the most the formulaic and least interesting. (There is one bit of over-the-phone exposition that is so forced, it’s painful.) While the film is the most interesting and unpredictable at the very end.

The movie makes the wise choice of keeping things interesting by individualizing the crooks and having them have differing,and at times conflicting ways of handling things, rather than having them being an indiscernible group of generally evil people. The highlight of the film hands down is Billy Burke as the cunning, understated leader of the gang.

Though far from an original film, Breaking In is by no mean a waste of one’s time.

Breaking In review by Maruugaa – the people giving this bad reviews are snobs

The movie about someone saving their family members has been done to death? So has every other subject. It’s the storyline, script, and execution that make this good.

The movie is straight to the point. The violence in this movie is relevant to the storyline, and not excessive. Shaun’s (Gabrielle Union) main goal is getting her kids out of the house. She tries to reason with them. Tells them they can have the money: she doesn’t care. Just so long as they let Glover and Jaz out of the house. Violence is used only as a last resort.

I find the best movies are the ones where you can connect/empathize with even the bad guys, as you can with Sam’s character in this movie. He’s a thief, a criminal, but he’s not a murderer. He at least had some intention of doing the right thing in the movie.

Ajiona Alexus is a great actress. She nails the role of a teenage girl. I also saw her in Tyler Perry’s Acrimony, where she played a different type of character, and nailed that role, so she’s not one of those typecast actresses who can only play one role. I hope to see her in more movies.

Breaking In review by rockman182 – Breaking In (2018)

I do like whenever we get a home invasion/survival type film so I was kind of looking forward to Breaking In. The trailer didn’t really look that great but I was hoping for an enjoyable time. Add the fact that this film was directed by the same guy who made V For Vendetta and you would expect something good. Unfortunately, this film is actually quite bad on a few levels. There was certainly a better way to go about this film and although the film’s premise is simple the writer and director involved missed the opportunity with their execution.

The film is about a mother and her two children who drive up to her recently deceased father’s house. His house is in a fairly remote area and once there they realize that they are in the way of four criminals who want to rob the fortune in the house. The mother’s kids are locked in with the men, while she is outside and must find her way in to save her children from danger. The men definitely underestimate her ability to go the distance to save her family.

Gabrielle Union is an often reliable actress who gives a solid performance in this film. She has no real fault in this and is believable as a mother who has to save her kids. Everything else is bad. We don’t really know anything about the strained relationship between Union’s character and her father. What went on with them? What was his connection the the robbers? Nothing is explained well and things are left badly vague. The film is short (88 minutes) yet some scenes move at a complete snails pace. We see characters just walk around and look at things for minutes on end.

The film could have even used thrilling moments but doesn’t utilize that either. The villains are cookie cutter and despite the premise of the film there seems to be nothing at stake. It’s a really disappointing effort all around. I wasn’t expecting a masterpiece but the stale and underwritten plot really dampens a film that should have been much better. This film is a bummer that wasn’t really worth the time. I do want to see Union at the center of better projects though.

Breaking In review by Mikelicari – Unbelievable, stupid story

The whole movie made little sense. It seems that the writers wanted to show how bad white people, and one hispanic, want to steal from rich black people. Who is the rich father, how did he get his money? Who are the bad guys? There is no character development. After a while, I was actually rooting for the bad guys because the family members kept making such stupid decisions. How many times do the family members gain their freedom only to keep returning to a house full of bad guys with guns? If compared to Get Out, a similar themed “black people are victims of white people” genre, I vastly prefer Get Out for its story telling, twists, great acting and original concept. None of these were in this film.

Breaking In review by Patrickdangersessoms – To Say That I’m Disappointed in Breaking In Would Imply I Expected Anything From It.

“Breaking In” is a film that cashes in on the old saying that there’s nothing stronger than a mother’s love for her children. Caught in an impossible situation, a mother (Gabrielle Union) is forced to not only fight for her life but the life of her children as well. Sounds like a compelling movie, right? Well, the problem is that the threats she is facing include a bleach blonde tweaker and an ex-con who can’t quite manage to grow a complete mustache. Needless to say, the mom is the most intimidating character in the entire film.

One of the most underrated principal in good storytelling is that a hero is only as good as their villain. We all love watching someone save the day, but the real icing on the cake is the bad guy. ‘Breaking In’ stumbles not because it has a bad premise or the leads aren’t very good. It’s because the bad guys are pretty pathetic. They’re lead by Billy Burke, who actually does a pretty good job as the brains of the operation. It’s just that his cohorts don’t exactly strike terror in the hearts of the audience. Even the psycho, Mexican stereotype who is quick to kill (played by Richard Cabral) hardly makes audiences bat an eye, even though his eyes are pretty crazy. The poor casting and scripting behind these characters sets ‘Breaking In’ up for failure early on because there will never be a grand moment of overcoming the undefeatable villains.

Luckily, the leads of ‘Breaking In’ actually do a pretty damn good job. Gabrielle Union manages to create an empathic connection with audiences early one in the film. She’s a natural as a mom just trying to get through a tough weekend with two whining kids. Her son (Seth Carr) is a tech geek who can’t help annoying his older sister (Ajiona Alexus) who keeps her nose buried in her phone texting boys. In a way these characters are stereotypes, but they never quite cross over into cliche. Instead, the audience is able to identify with them instantly, meaning that the film can get right to the heart of its story without a lot of development. This is both a good and a bad thing in the end.

As good as Union is in ‘Breaking In’ though, she never gets a chance to seem larger than life. There’s no hero’s journey for her. No moment where her resolve changes or she gathers herself to do the insane and take on the criminals holding her kids hostage. Her character simply is and that’s actually kind of boring. I’m sure that it’s meant to demonstrate the kind of courage and resolve that all mothers are supposed to have when it comes to defending their children, but that’s just an assumption and the byproduct of weak writing by Ryan Engle (who has had quite a year with ‘Commuter’ and ‘Rampage’). In fact, it shares a lot of similarities with ‘Commuter’ in its lack of story structure and character development.

Overall, ‘Breaking In’ isn’t much of a thriller because it never raises the stakes, only keeps them consistent. There’s very little in the form of escalation, and even when it tries to, director James McTeigue never takes the time to lay out the implications. Not only that, but there’s a real lack of visual flair to the film, which is odd considering McTeigue is so well known for it. Alas, this is a far cry from his epic revenge film, ‘V for Vendetta.’ Instead, it’s a lackluster attempt at a home invasion movie that never manages to make audiences too concerned for the main characters’ safety. The shots are all quick and never linger to raise suspense. ‘Breaking In’ feels very much like a rush to the finish line and even the anticlimactic ending isn’t long enough to let anything sink in before the credits start to roll.

Unfortunately, ‘Breaking In’ is just another disappointing attempt at trying to snag an audience with a lackluster mother’s day movie. To be perfectly fair, it did exceed my expectations, but considering how much I was dreading this flick, that isn’t saying much. It’s not a painful movie to watch like so many other action thrillers, but it never makes you feel anything at all. Instead, it just meanders along until the end and audiences are left asking “that’s it?”. I’m not mad that I saw this movie or even disappointed that I sat through it. Instead, I’m completely apathetic towards ‘Breaking In’. I nothing it.

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