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Watch Blockers full movies online freeJust watched today. The movie was actually better than what the previews showed. Its nice seeing Cena playing in comedies. I thought it would be corny but was hilarious. Great cast. Packed house and laughter throughout the theater during the whole movie. Don’t let the low ratings fool you.

Blockers 123movies – Watch Blockers full movies online free

Blockers review by Dave McClain – very funny… and creative… and raunchy… and reflective of our times

“Blockers” (R, 1:42) is a comedy directed by Kay Cannon (writer and producer of the “Pitch Perfect” movies, but making her directorial debut here) and written by Brian Kehoe and Jim Kehoe (2005’s “Overachievers”). In one 12-hour period, the story has raunchy fun with both teenage and adult sexuality, with adult and high school relationships also providing comic fodder – parent and teen, teens with each other and parents among themselves – while being reflective of the times in which we live.

Lisa (Leslie Mann), Hunter (Ike Barinholtz) and Mitchell (John Cena) are connected with each other because of the close, long-time friendship of their daughters, Julie (Kathryn Newton), Sam (Gideon Aldon) and Kayla (Geraldine Viswanathan), now high school seniors. Lisa is a lonely single mom who is unusually close to her daughter, Hunter is divorced from his daughter’s mother and tries to be a fun and completely supportive absentee parent, while Mitchell is an overprotective, overly sentimental dad.

On the day of the high school prom, Julie tells her friends at lunch that she has decided to give her virginity to her boyfriend that night after the dance. Kayla quickly and enthusiastically embraces the idea for herself and her date. Sam is a bit more hesitant, seeming to have her mind on something else, but eventually decides to follow suit and – just like that – a “sex pact” is formed. Julie, Sam and Kayla and their dates gather at Sam’s house for some pre-prom pics, while their parents exchange pleasantries in Sam’s back yard. But things change after the kids leave, when an open computer reveals the girls’ plans for the evening. This sends Lisa, Hunter and Mitchell into a panic, leading them to chase their daughters around town, trying to keep them from doing what these three parents believe would be a big mistake.

“Blockers” is very funny… and crude and open-minded and empowering. The laughs come from the antics of these well-meaning, but clueless parents, the ridiculous situations they get themselves into, and sexual and gross-out humor involving the girls’ quest and their parents’… anti-quest. The story emphasizes the teens’ need to make their own decisions regarding their sexual behavior – and the parents’ need to come to terms with that – one way or another. Individual Movie Fans may not appreciate such a frank portrayal of teen sexuality and sexual autonomy, but it’s not exploitive and it is thought-provoking and even a little touching, while being humorous. (It’s funny enough for the laughter in a crowded auditorium to drown out some of the lines of dialog which follow an especially comical incident.) The characterizations of the adults are mainly one-dimensional (not entirely inappropriate, given that the three girls drive the plot), while the teenage characters are interesting and the actresses play them very well. Overall, this movie is fairly original and well-balanced and very entertaining.

Blockers review by SmashandNasty – Funny and raunchy and surprising

Our take: Wait for Netflix, you’ll enjoy the fast-forward feature. Post credit scene? No, but there is a scene at the beginning of the credits.

While overall it’s not a bad film, it’s probably not something that you need to go out of your way to watch in theaters. It surprisingly very well-balanced narrative. There weren’t any points where there was too much focus on the adults or too much focus on the younger generation. Beyond that though, even within the adult group and the younger group, every specific character was allotted equitable screen time. Everybody got a chance to have their own scenes, to develop as characters, and to forge their own relationships independent of the group dynamics. It’s not often that a movie with a three-person ensemble can share the love this well and this one did it with two ensembles of three.

It didn’t hurt that the cast was well-selected. Cena is finally coming into his own, following in the footsteps of fellow former-wrestler-turned-actor Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. Mann plays the perfect cool-mom and Barinholtz provides the perfect foil to the otherwise put-together parenting set. Their daughters and the respective high-school tropes they’re dating did pretty well as well.

While Blockers was an otherwise fine movie – there were a few extremely crude moments that we could have gone without, from full frontal nudity to projectile vomiting. Thankfully, most of the jarring scenes were contained in a 10-minute section that could be ignored. While we understand that it’s hard to make a movie about prom night without vomit, this film went overboard reminding us of the worst parts of Pitch Perfect 2.

Featuring: Very poignant commentary on the societal pressures of losing one’s virginity and the different ways young men and women are treated in that respect. We were worried that this film was going to misogynistic and sexist, so this came as a surprise.

Blockers review by James Wright – Top Drawer

This is one of the most consistent comedies of the last few years. There is a good balance of humour and heart, and it manages to be progressive, while also not being patronising. It’s not exactly revolutionary, but it is fun, and I would hold it up to any of the other top mainstream modern comedies.

Everyone is funny and gets a chance to shine, although John Cena is probably the standout as relative newcomer to playing a lead in a comedy. His timing, demeanour, and especially facial expressions (at one point in particular) shine and show that he could definitely carry his own weight in similar future projects. Most importantly, you don’t sit there and constantly think ‘that’s John Cena’, he embodies the role of a caring father and comes across as genuine throughout.

Overall I would recommend this comedy to basically anyone, as long as you aren’t particularly squeamish over sexual issues, but then that should be obvious from the start. For anyone else this is a great and enjoyable, mature and immature look at real life issues that should keep you entertained throughout.

Blockers review by roblesar99 – A Hilarious, Heartfelt Surprise

I managed to see this last night at an advance screening and I am so glad I did because this is pound for pound, one of the best American comedies to be released this decade. The problem with most comedies (if they’re not already generic, overproduced, studio-mandated projects), is that the laughs taper off after the first hour or so as the film starts to bring its more dramatic elements to the forefront, usually (and unfortunately) to its own detriment. BLOCKERS doesn’t have that problem. Not only is it one of the most consistently funny films I have ever watched, jam-packed with absolutely hilarious lines and situations, but it manages to deliver an emotionally fulfilling tale in the process. Director Kay Cannon and co-writers Brian and Jim Kehoe take a brilliant premise and run with it, delivering a welcome feminist spin on the teenage sex comedy that ultimately (and refreshingly) ends on a sex-positive note. Furthermore, for an ensemble comedy, I was relieved to see that there wasn’t a single weak link across the entire cast. Everyone gets their moment in the spotlight. But for a film packed with consistently great performances across the board, BLOCKERS still features a MVP in Ike Barinholtz, who plays Hunter, one of the three main parents. Barinholtz is an absolute scene-stealer, armed with absolutely pitch-perfect delivery. It’s not hyperbole to suggest Barinholtz be nominated for an Oscar next year. The man deserves it.

But for all its gross-out gags and frank discussion about teenage sex and losing one’s virginity, the film never loses sight about what it’s trying to say. This is as much a film about three teenage girls finding their place in the world (seriously, the way one of the teenage characters is handled is pitch-perfect) as it as about parenthood and learning to let your children grow up. And while some might take this to be a sign that the film is confused about its potential audience, I found it to be a sign that it has wide appeal across the spectrum, as everyone from parents to their teenage children can find something to enjoy about it. The film isn’t perfect (the editing is a bit sloppy, and the conclusion between one of the teenage characters and her parent isn’t handled all that well), but when it comes to comedies, I can’t ask for more than to be entertained. And on that front, BLOCKERS delivered. I seriously haven’t laughed that hard at a big studio comedy in a long, long time. I (and everyone else in the theater, it seemed) had an absolute blast. Between this and GAME NIGHT, 2018 is shaping up to a great year for comedies.

Blockers review by Subxerogravity – Not as funny as I was hoping from a film with this title, but I love John Cena’s efforts in it.

John Cena goes what seems like completely out of character, playing a stay-at-home dad who raised a Tomboy and takes his job too seriously to keep her safe. I’m still waiting for Cena to do another action flick like the Marine (cross fingers, I herd he’s going to play Duke Nuke Em in a film adaption of the game),but man is he funny! He’s always the supporting character in these funny films, but he got to shine far more in this flick. This movie is saying to me he’s ready for the leading role in something like a remake of Jingle all the Way(What!? I loved Schwarzenegger in Jingle All the Way).

Cena had some great comedic actors helping him out, like Ike Barinholtz whose made a career at these supporting roles. He’s done it twice for Seth Rogen in the Neighbors movies and once for Amy Schumer in Snatched. Barinholtz plays a divorced dad who seems to be the voice of reason among the parents but is influenced to join them in the blocking mostly because he wants to be included in the group.

Than there’s Leslie Bibb, who is mostly a straight man in this comedy, which is ironic as she is the ring leader of the parents, an over barring single mother who’s not ready for her daughter to leave the flock.

Speaking of the daughters, that was the funniest part. I’ve seen many films about teenagers trying to loose their virginity, but it’s always rare when it’s a group of girls, and it helps that it was a very diverse group of girls coming at different points of view of what they are going to get out of the experience. It’s a stale concept done over and over again, but coming from women makes it smell fresh.

It’s not everything I would expect from a movie title that’s a picture of a rooster and the word Blockers, but it’s funny. Mostly thanks to a good a cast.

Blockers review by cruise01 – Stupid, hilarious, and fun with a likable cast.

Blockers is a raunchy sex comedy film about three parents played by (John Cena, Ike Barinholtz, and Leslie Mann) who accidently caught there teenage daughters messaging each other using emojis during there prom night. Only to catch that they are having a sex pact that night and are planning to get laid. They decide to track their kids to stop there sex pact from happening.

The pros about the film? It is funny and laugh out loud funny. Sure, they use jokes of parents being old enough to understand what teens street talk is now. Like the texting emoji’s. But seeing the three main casts trying to understand there kids messages and trying to figure it out. It was hilarious. You have John Cena, who is having trouble accepting his baby girl is all grown up. Who is freaking out that she is entering adulthood. He accidently mistakes his wife’s sexy panties for his daughters. He is nervous from every single thing that she does when she is not home. And her prom date being a guy with a man bun and deals with drugs does not make things better. Ike Barinholtz plays an understanding father and is happy for his daughter for the decisions she makes. But more important thing of all, he is trying to win her heart over again after his divorce with the wife. Leslie Mann plays a character that is having trouble accepting her daughter is wanting to be independent and trying to go to college that is further away from home.

The cast was great. Especially, the cast that plays the teens like Julie (Kathryn Newton), Kayla (Geraldine Viswanathan), and Sam (Gideon Adlon). They are teens that are wanting to explore and experience but at the same time. This prom night will be a learning curve experience that they will self discover who they want to be for the rest of there life.

The cons of the film? The film was fun and hilarious. But I feel like the jokes and humor in the movie may only be fresh for a one time viewing. It may not be that movie were it would be good the second time around. It is fun stupid humor. The humor won’t survive the second time.

Overall, Blockers is a good film. It is funny and hilarious. The cast is great. The plot and concept is fun about parents trying to stop there kids from a sex pact on prom night. But they learn from there kids that it is time to let go and let them take responsibility.

I recommend seeing this film if you enjoy raunchy comedy films.

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