[Review] Baby Daddy – Watch Baby Daddy 123movies online free

Watch Baby Daddy online free – I just love that show. Its fun, light and actors are amazing! Can not wait to see the new episodes. I’ve watched all the seasons over and over again and never get bored! Go on, guys! This show deserves 10 stars. I usually watch it anytime I’m at my home or just before bed, it’s helping me to relax and it makes my day better with a dose of happiness and laugh.


Review Baby Daddy – Watch Baby Daddy 123movies online free

Review Baby Daddy by champjohnson29 – Anticipating the Rest of the Season

In a world that is being overrun by reality TV, I really enjoyed this show. I saw a couple of billboards about it but didn’t make it a point to watch but I just watched it On Demand about fifteen minutes ago and found it very entertaining. While it wasn’t hysterically funny it had parts that I giggled and I’m certain that as the season progresses, the jokes will get funnier. I grew up when TGIF was popular. Shows like “Family Matters”, “Sabrina, The Teenage Witch”, “Step By Step”, “Full House”, and others shows came on. It was a great family time for my parents and my brother and I’m certain this is a great show for family.

I read a review saying that this show wasn’t “realistic” but when it comes to sitcoms like this they’re not supposed to be 100% realistic, they’re supposed to entertain. The point is to take be inspired by realistic events and exaggerate them for TV’s sake. I, personally, am happy that shows like are returning to TV. We need these family sitcoms to invade our TV screens once again so that we can have evenings, like in the past, to watch back to back shows that have values, yet make us laugh.

I say, save the “realistic” film and TV for those the drastically deep people trying to win Oscars. This is a great family show, with good actors who have great chemistry on screen. They were some elements that were introduced in the pilot that have me intrigued for more to come. Watch this show. You’ll enjoy it!

Review Baby Daddy by James Soulier – First episode review

I thought the first episode was very funny. I laughed the entire episode. The comedy reminds me of shows like Reba, 8 simple rules, some of ABC’s TGIF shows, that 70s show and many more. I think all those shows are super funny and really good. This show isn’t as good as the ones I just listed but that doesn’t mean its not good. My nephew will be born soon so to me this is a fun show about people trying to take care of a baby and they don’t know what to do. I can relate since I don’t know much about taking care of a baby. I will enjoy this show while waiting for my nephew to be born and while helping take care of him after he is. I think you should watch an episode or 2 and see if you like it.

Review Baby Daddy by randa05 – Love it!!!!

I love this show! It’s one of my new favorites. It’s a good family type sitcom, I watch it with my little brother all the time. These people saying it’s not as funny as New Girl and Raising Hope, etc. Well this is Abc Family. Emphasis on the family! I mean I love New Girl, but that it is a show with a lot more expletives, a lot more of comedy having to do with sex. I think it’s nice to see a show without all of that. You don’t have to curse and talk about sex to be funny. And I love the cast!! They are all great. And of course Danny, so darn cute! He is my favorite =)

This show is great!! All of y’all that don’t like it don’t have a good sense of humor.

Review Baby Daddy by Mike-DD – Show with an interesting role reversal premise

Usually, the women are the ones who get stuck with raising the kids when there’s an unexpected pregnancy. In this case, it’s a little like Three Men and a Baby made into a TV series, except the three men in this case are much younger.

As a series, I liked how the characters are allowed to develop, as much as can be developed for a sitcom. There are the usual young male antics – trying to impress dates, shameless flirting, hooking up left and right, etc. But there are also the parts where young daddy Ben fights for his daughter, makes sacrifices for her, pines after Chelsea, parts which make him more than a two-dimensional token dad.

The other characters also make it interesting: lovable best friend room- mate Tucker, simple-minded hockey player brother Danny, loud-mouthed mother Bonnie, and sweet intelligent Riley, the object of many men’s affection.

The acting is good for a show that does not depend usually heavily on physical comedy. Most of the time, each episode’s main plot is interesting enough on its own.

I hope this show continues its good run till Three Men and a Baby becomes Three Men and a Lady on TV.

Review Baby Daddy by Shopaholic35 – Similar to Two Guys and a Girl but then throw in a baby.

This show is really quite funny. Very similar to Two Guys and a Girl but then throw in a baby. Baby Daddy has filled a void in the comedy genre that has been missing since shows like Friends and Will & Grace ended. Don’t get me wrong I’m not saying this show is in the same league but I love that it meets the same criteria. Young singles living in New York who go about their day-to- day lives. Its comical, slightly stupid but totally realistic…well sort of

Love the cast too. They’re very endearing and charismatic. You can’t help but want to like them. Very impressed with their comedic timing as well. I hope they do continue to develop their story lines but I hope they don’t lose the charm of the show by making it too heavy.

Review Baby Daddy by Ava – Tis a Great Comedy!

I love love love this show. It’s set in NYC, and is one of the funniest shows out there. As a huge TV fan, I think this sitcom is what’s needed in these times of political/economic instability. Although it has been running for 5 seasons now, each episode is like a breath of fresh air, promising twenty minutes of non-stop laughter to anyone who tunes in.

I find it funnier than New Girl and Brooklyn Nine-Nine. The characters are all hilarious in their own right, and hold their own when it comes to comedic timing. I’m laughing non-stop throughout the entire twenty minutes. It reminds me of how Scrubs used to make me laugh in almost every scene.

The script is witty. I particularly enjoy the clever wordplay and rhymes that Bonnie and Tucker bust out. Their chemistry together is the recipe for laughter. I mean all the back-and-forth and physical comedy somehow ends up funny and not tacky at all—which is rare.

Everyone is good looking (even the guest stars) which, let’s face it, is always a plus. The baby is the differentiating factor between this and other sitcoms. And she is, simply put, a bowl of cuteness. I’m amazed at how the directors manage to include a scene with her in every episode. It must be tough to have a baby (now toddler) on set in each episode. But she seems to have a good temperament. And I hope she can get more airtime as the show develops.

All in all, I’m a huge fan of this show. I’d give it a 10 out of 10 and recommend it to anyone who just needs to have a good belly laugh after a long day at work.

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