Atlanta (2016) pulocker movie – Watch Atlanta (2016) full movie online free

Watch Atlanta (2016) full movie online free – I have to say that I found this show to be brilliant. Each episode was interesting and made me laugh a lot of times. The cast is amazing and made me love all the characters. The plot of the show was also really good. I had been looking for a show like this for a while now and I was really pleased when I discovered it. I was hooked and watched it in less than a week. It has fresh ideas and funny moments and characters. It’s way different than all the other shows that are running. If you’re looking for something that has comedy, sarcasm, drama but also somewhat criticizes some of our society’s aspects, you’ll love this show. I found it to be very original and I’ve recommended it to all of my friends. I’m really Looking forward to a second season.

Atlanta (2016) pulocker movie – Watch Atlanta (2016) full movie online free

Review Atlanta (2016) by ccorral419 – Some guys don’t get all the luck. Here it’s funny and entertaining

Looks like FX has once again found another island in the rough with their new show “Atlanta”. Creator, Writer and Actor Donald Glover (no relation to actor Danny Glover) is that guy who everything seems to happen to him and/or around him. Featuring a primarily cast of color, Brian Tyree Henry, Keith Stansfield and Zadie Beetz (each established actors) will surely become household names with this series. Like some of my other favorite FX shows (The Americans, AHS, FARGO, You’re the Worst), “Atlanta” is gritty, in-your-face and realistically captures a slice of life rarely shown on TV. “Atlanta” is an adult show about climbing the ranks into the rap scene, and surviving the neighborhood, that shouldn’t be missed.

Review Atlanta (2016) by Woldehanna – A TV Show unlike anything that is out there right now, Atlanta is captivating, hilarious, and down-to-earth. Donald Glover has created a scintillating show.

Atlanta, created and written by the multi-talented Donald Glover presents an intriguing, dynamic chemistry between an enigmatic Earn Marks (Donald Glover) and the stern, hostile, hood-driven city of Atlanta. A college drop out, Earn Marks seems to be living life at the bottom of a pit; a broke father, estranged by his parents and engaged with an absurd relationship with a girlfriend who mothers his daughter (unclear) – everything seems bleak. However, when news breaks out that his cousin Alfred ‘Paper Boi’ Miles (Brian Tyree Henry) is now the new hot rapper on the block, Earn drops everything he is doing to pursue the job of being Paper Boi’s manager.

Even after having watched 3 episodes of the TV show, I still find it tough to pinpoint exactly what genre this absurdly riveting series falls under. While it pushes towards the drama section, the show is ridden with comedic bits. From the cinematography, to the acting, to the script, so far I have nothing but praise for Atlanta. Moreover, I cannot understate the rounded quality of the characters, to which I cannot end this short review of Atlanta without mentioning Darius (Keith Stanfield).

The eccentric nature of Darius is precisely exemplified by the first meeting between Earn and Darius in Episode One (The Big Bang): Darius holding a plate of cookies, wearing a cooking robe and a bandanna, with a knife ready to attack in case of an intruder. Even though he is consistently under the influence of cannabis, from time to time, Darius exudes of intellectual and spiritual wisdom. As in Episode Two (Streets on Lock) when speaking about the violent altercation of the previous night, Darius explains “As humans we are always close to destruction, life is (selfish) but a series of close calls… I mean how would you know if you were alive, unless you are willing to die.”

The TV Show Atlanta is an avant-garde in the African-American film industry and seems to be following the same footsteps of top quality shows like Power and How to Get Away With Murder. Donald Glover has created a grabbing story which only begs for more.

Review Atlanta (2016) by Katkinsom – amazing show

A huge TV buff, I made an account just to start reviewing after I watched this show. It is all around perfect. It’s a dry humor, with very witty writing- but has me laughing all the way through. It’s a bit awkward when things get serious, but the serious parts are strongly acted and are very deep and moving.

I go from laughing hysterically one minute to teary eyed the next.

Atlanta is all around one of the best shows I’ve ever watched. Donald Glover strongly grasps the raw emotion of mental illness, family relationships, and what it’s like living in Atlanta.

This show can relate to all people, and is presented to show others the perspective of a young black man trying to make it in Atlantas rap scene.

Review Atlanta (2016) by Finestdeity – It’s good. Watch it! You won’t regret it.

It’s been a long time since a show has been able to suck me in with the pilot. The last show that was able to do that was Monk. Usually when I see a pilot I’m thinking, “That was okay I guess. But I don’t care what happens with them to keep watching.” It was very different with Atlanta. I wanted to see what happened with Earn and Paperboy. I want to keep seeing every week what happens with them.

It also feels very real. Although there’s a lot of humor involved and some things are exaggerated, I feel as if this material was created by someone who experienced these situations first hand. When it comes to showing the Black community on Television it usually feels fake and based on stereotypes. This doesn’t feel like that at all. That’s what I love the most.

If you’re not watching this you should be. It’s funny, the acting is realistic and believable, the writing is great. It’s hands down one of the best shows on television.

Review Atlanta (2016) by Loganruland – Welcome to Atlanta

As a fan of the rap/Hip hop culture, I’ve already been introduced to Donald Glover, aka Childish Gambino. Just seeing him in the preview for this show got me excited. The show is centered around a young man named Alfred ‘paper boy’ miles and his cousin Earn Marks. Alfred is an up and coming rapper from Atlanta that just released his first mix-tape and his cousin,earn, see’s he has potential. Being in the financial crisis he is, and having his knowledge, Earn sees an opportunity to make himself some money as ‘paper boy’s’ manager, all the while trying to get his cousin to the big leagues. As a show created by a rapper, about the rap scene, i don’t see anywhere the show could go wrong.

Review Atlanta (2016) by Charles Herold (cherold) – Good show, although it didn’t quite hold onto me

This is a very well written, well-acted show, and Donald Glover is absolutely phenomenal as its lead. It’s a show with many great moments.

It’s not, however, a series I plan to keep watching. In part, it’s because there’s too much quality television nowadays, making me insanely choosy. In part, it’s because as I age I become increasingly mindless and more and more spend my times watching action shows like The Strain over intelligent dramas like Rectify. In part, it’s because it falls somewhere in between shows which reflect my experience and shows that are so far outside my experience that I find them intriguingly alien, so that it’s neither familiar nor unfamiliar enough to hit that sweet spot.

If I watched more, I could probably really get into this, but as I say, there’s a lot of competition for my limited viewing time. But I’d say everyone should take a look at this one.

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