Ash vs Evil Dead 2015 putlocker – Watch Ash vs Evil Dead 2015 full movie online free

Watch Ash vs Evil Dead 2015 full movie online free – I was a huge fan of the movies as a teen. Loved the video game “Fistful of boomstick”. Going to the garden shed gave me chills. I heard about this show, and feared a cash grab rolling my eyes. I watched the show anticipating disappointment, and I feel quite the opposite. Even not knowing the originals, this show can stand up in it’s own right. This show has been given love and attention it deserves. I believe they are doing it justice in a well made revamp. I saw Bruce Campbell in something a couple of years ago, they still call me Bruce or something, i turned it off after 15mins, I nearly took it back to the video store and asked for my $2 back. I anticipated that here, but was delighted at what I’ve seen so far. The gore, the characters, the action, momentum. Ash the lovable blowhard. Bruce is a class act all the way. The story kicks off exactly the way it should. I think given a little time and word of mouth, this show could take off in a big way.

Ash vs Evil Dead 2015 putlocker – Watch Ash vs Evil Dead 2015 full movie online free

Review Ash vs Evil Dead 2015 by Mike G – Bring back the Old Days, Jump scare with a laugh on your face

I have to admit, i had high hopes for this show, only because Bruce Campbell “my favorite evil dead hero” is back. Usually, the pilot of nowadays shows fail to impress, they either succeed later or keep falling to their doom. The case is different for this one. The first episode was absolutely a blast. there was no unnecessary dialog, no boring characters, no bullshit. There is one clear fact about it. Evil is back and is not messing around or waiting. its coming with full weight. the episode is packed with amazing action, cheesy conversations and a lot of humor which is exactly what made the original movie a success. it will keep you entertain from start to finish, and leaving you wanting more. I’am looking forward to see the rest of the show. and i would recommend it to everyone.

Review Ash vs Evil Dead 2015 by Eatlights – Superb! Ash is back and firing on all cylinders GROOVY!

Was really hoping this was going to kick ass and it certainly does. It’s Evil Dead-tastic. Fans of the films will certainly not be disappointed, cheesy jokes, gore and chainsaw/shotgun action against the Dead-ites abounds. It feels like a natural extension of Evil Dead 2, with Ash gone to seed and feeling the miles as he straps on the shotgun to do battle again. Brilliant. With a massive amount of practical FX on the go and a real lo-fi feel to the whole affair it’s like a Saturday night VHS gore-fest all over again. The pacing, laughs and splatters come thick and fast, it just feels right and is pitched at just the right level for the nostalgia crowd and the horror fans alike. Winner!

Review Ash vs Evil Dead 2015 by WoodBangers Entertainment – perfect

Oh my god Ash vs Evil Dead is probably one of the best ideas to bring to TV Shows. We’re huge Sam Raimi fans and of course we love Evil Dead, the fact that they made a TV Series based on the movie and used original Ash; woot!

So we checked out Ash vs Evil Dead and were extremely happy with the outcome. It follows the Evil Dead movies as sort of an extension while at the same time the style kept in check, beautifully created. This is a TV Show that is for the true fans, and I think they nailed it Perfectly. I cannot wait to continue watching every episode and season that comes out, great stuff!.

I laughed so hard I almost cried in many parts as the show progression kept rocking from the beginning till the end. Highly recommended.

Review Ash vs Evil Dead 2015 by Original_Fire – The groovy fans of the original Evil Dead trilogy will love this!

Ash is back in action! It has been over 20 years since the last time Ash fought deadites and he has taken a long vacation until the evil has struck again and Ash is sprung back in action with his chainsaw and boomstick back in his possession. But this time, he is not fighting alone, he will bring friends with him to stop the evil once and for all (again).

I don’t have to wait for a whole season to pass the judgment on, because I have a high hope this series will be as good as the Evil Dead trilogy, or it can be even better. I cannot wait to watch the rest of the first season and the future seasons it may feature on TV. True, he may be an old man, but it does not mean he doesn’t have the same strength as he had one nearly 30 years ago because he will kick deadite’s butts!

Welcome back, Ash!

Review Ash vs Evil Dead 2015 by Gwdrmmer – Superb!

I’ve already watched the 1st episode 4 times. I feel like I have to watch it again. I’m willing to bet Sam Raimi has a lot up his sleeve for the episodes to come. It’s been a long wait and I wasn’t expecting a good of start that it did. I was very excited to watch it and they pulled no stops. It has lived up to and went far beyond what I was hoping. The most epic part of this episode is, Ash flying, like Superman to catch the chainsaw. Sam had said he didn’t think they could get nearly enough money to put together a new sequel. I’ll bet the people who could have got the money to back it are crying right now. In fact, I believe this series type endeavor they have started could have been the better way to go. This way, there’s always another episode coming and I wait on the edge of my seat for them. Acting, directing, screen writing…all across the board is superb. I don’t recall any movie or series to start out with such high recommendations. I mean, 9.5 out of 10? That’s unheard of on IMDb. Finally, there’s something on TV that is worth watching, which isn’t too likely these days. Yeah, it’s going to be a GROOVEY ride!

Review Ash vs Evil Dead 2015 by cariagb-it – Great return

I love that! All the old-style evil dead and Bruce. Good idea don’t add “innovation” but stay on the style of the trilogy, new “fans” need to understand, “old” fans will love it. I think is a big lesson for who make remake of old series or movies. Simplicity win in this case and in future if something wrong will happen i’m sure fans will support, because Ash didn’t betray himself. A big lesson learned too: where you hide your Necronomicon copy? Under the xxx mag and weed. This and many other gag are in line with the Ash character. The new fans don’t expect big effects, Ash don’t need that, especially in this series that finally Ash is more present in the scenes than before.

Review Ash vs Evil Dead 2015 by davidhorup-79995 – Really good show

I am a tad to cynical to laugh easily. I have seen many, many TV shows – and I laughed plenty watching the first episode. I have seen the Evil Dead movies as a younger person and I was concerned that this would not match my expectations. Wrong! Bruce is fantastic in the role of Ash (who else could play that role) and he has an excellent cast of colleagues. Such a good blend of humour and horror. Kudos to Sam Raimi, Bruce and all involved. Excellent entertainment. While being a horror buff in my younger days, I now prefer horror with a twist – and preferably humour as the twist. Hoping that the fun will continue for the rest of the season.

Review Ash vs Evil Dead 2015 by Brave-Traveler.asf – Incredible from a new fan

I wanted to write this review to appeal to someone like myself. This show appeals clearly to the targeted audience that followed the movies. I didn’t watch any of them but I heard such great acclaim for this show that I couldn’t refuse it no longer. Instead of watching the movies i reluctantly jumped back in. BEST CHOICE I MADE.

I’ve watched six episodes thus far and I’m not confused at all. Yes it would definitely be more enjoyable, though I can’t imagine how that’s possible, if I had the history of evil dead so I can be more informed. But this is the most fun I’ve had in a long time watching a series and Bruce Campbell can literally sell two left shoes. That man should run for president. This show is so funny I’ve been in tears rolling. I’ve read people complain about the length of the episodes (30 min)but I like it. It serves as non stop entertainment and no lagging. By the time an episode is over you immediately want more. It’s a highly addictive show and everything about it works. I love the 90’s style camera angles and although the first episode was a masterpiece, unlike some reviewers I didn’t find the quality dropping off. This show is such a great escape from reality. Spending a half hour with ash is the most fun you’ll have I promise. I can’t believe it took so long for this show to come to fruition. This show will be an instant hit and cult favorite. If you haven’t jumped on board do yourself a favor. There are so many one liners and so many moments of hilarity you will lose yourself in this show. That’s exactly what TV is for

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