Annihilation (2018) putlocker – Watch Annihilation (2018) full movie online free

Watch Annihilation (2018) full movie online free – Annihilation. I’m trying to collect my thoughts. My heart is pounding really hard right now. I didn’t know what to expect beyond the very first trailer and boy I was surprised. It’s an instant classic movie that blends mystery, the unknown and the horror, pure horror. Of course the cinematography was A+ with striking visuals I have not seen before portrayed this way. Spectacular soundtrack that soothes your soul and then violently throws you into this world of fractals and pure wonder. Deeply impressed by this picture; it was something original in a sea of cliché horror flicks that never seem to hit the right spot.

Annihilation (2018) putlocker – Watch Annihilation (2018) full movie online free

Review Annihilation (2018) by dheerlein27 – A Mind-Bending Sci-Fi Masterpiece

Sometimes you see a good movie, sometimes you see a great movie, and sometimes you see a movie that has such sheer ambition and grandiosity that you can’t help but marvel at what the medium of film is able to accomplish. Annihilation generates so much wonder in a two-hour runtime that the it feels like its bursting at its seams. It makes every other movie that has come out in last several years feel diminutive in comparison. Natalie Portman yet again delivers a staggering performance, and one that manages to stand out against the engulfing nature of her environment. To give away anything deeper would rob you of some of the unbounded awe the film will give rise to, so I will stop there.

The world built in Annihilation is so rich, terrifying, and mystifying. In the middle of the film, I couldn’t help but think how I could spend another ten hours in that chair just exploring what else it had to share. I’m more than thankful I was able to even spend two hours there.

Review Annihilation (2018) by WubsTheBadger – A Must See

Alex Garland’s second directorial outing after the excellent Ex Machina, this brainy, metaphysical sci-fi is even more ambitious and more amazing. But its challenging conclusion could be a hard sell. Based on Jeff VanderMeer’s novel, Annihilation slightly resembles Andrei Tarkovsky’s Stalker (1979), a highly artistic masterpiece from a much braver time, when audiences were less likely to balk at ambiguity. Like Ridley Scott did in Blade Runner 2049, Garland combines unusual, imaginative visuals, ideas, and sounds with more traditional audience-aimed thrills — but he does so far more seamlessly than Scott. The film is less focused on climactic battles, instead heading toward a far more poetic, surreal ending. The shape of Annihilation is nothing short of brilliant, with a linear, minimalist starting point that consists of simple, straightforward images (like a lighthouse). It then opens up like a strange, exotic flower, following different offshoots to new, unexpected points in its unpredictable world. The movie is admirable for featuring five women (and no men) as the characters who embark on the journey; Portman’s performance especially makes it an emotional one. But given that the movie is sometimes creepy and perhaps even unsettling, it sets itself up as being more of a cult favorite — it’s closer to 2001: A Space Odyssey than to Star Wars — than a mainstream hit. Still, if you prefer your sci-fi deep, then you’re in for a treat.

Review Annihilation (2018) by leeronald2000 – Amazing, thought provoking film

Annihilation will be one of those love it or hate it movies. There is nothing spoon fed to you in this and for some that means being confused, lost, or turned off. For others like me it means considering possibilities, what’s next, and what does it mean. The story is slow but magical in building up the tension through the films visuals and in the light “terror”. I wasn’t completely able to put myself in the shoes of these women but I could image my reaction to some of what the characters were experiencing and then wondering why there wasn’t more panic, only to balance that with their scientific curiosity and awe. These weren’t teenagers overcome by zombies or slashers. These are trained professional scientists in the field study something beyond our science and understanding. I think the film comes together great with only a few holes here or there. And the ending is one that leaves you going….hmmm.

Review Annihilation (2018) by Ubikcorp – Dazzling sci-fi puzzle with no easy answers

Annihilation is based on a novel of the same name by Jeff Vandermeer, a writer specialized in a literary sub-genre known as “weird fiction”. This book is the first from a trilogy; however, director-screenwriter Alex Garland (“Ex Machina”) wrote this adaptation before the next two books were even published. It follows the story of a Lena, a biologist with military background, whose life has been shattered by the disappearance of her soldier husband who had gone on a secret mission into an ecological disaster area presumably harboring an alien presence. Lena will be recruited as part of a scientific expedition into the unknown that will try to find some answers. As someone who have read the books, I appreciate the way the director has made this story his own, taking enough from the book to make the story recognizable, but at the same time making his own interpretations and connections, expanding on its themes and characters. There is much wonder, weirdness and visual poetry to be found in the beautiful and exceptionally well crafted film, and to my surprise there is also plenty body horror and sudden outbursts of gnaly monster action. The movie weaves different timelines in a very seamless way, with a combination of economy and elegance that is both eloquent and easy to follow; this makes it possible to introduce different layers of meaning within the narrative (psychological, scientific, philosophical), and to tackle big themes without becoming pretentious or obtuse. The film contains memorable dialogue not included in the original novel and the characters are much more fleshed out (the conversation between the biologist and the psychologist about the nature of self destruction is a highlight, and a pivotal moment). This is a project where you can clearly appreciate the simbiotic relationship between two highly imaginative thinkers (perhaps the best collaboration since Kubrick and Arthur C. Clarke in “2001: An Space Odyssey”). “Annihilation” represents the type of reflexive science fiction that ponders about our place in the cosmos, our intrinsic mutability, and the horrors this conjures; it amounts to a surreal, sciency phantasmagoria about desintegrating identity, deeply rooted in cosmic horror. And I have no words to describe that climax apart from saying it left me in complete awe. This is for sure a new sci-fi classic that consolidates Garland as one of the major sci-fi visionaries of our time.

Review Annihilation (2018) by LongLiveTheNewFlesh27 – A brilliant movie hidden in a mediocre movie

The only advice I can give to anybody going to see Annihilation is: stick with it. I definitely was close to checking out around the middle point, but quickly my interest was piqued and in the blink of an eye the movie turned into a profound, 2001 meets Under The Skin meets Predator surreal science fiction near- masterpiece.

The first half is so patiently mediocre that the second half almost feels like a completely different movie, making the movie a mixed bag but one that’s totally worth it. Some of the performances are great, some are okay, and at least one is noticeably bad. Natalie Portman turns in a great performance (she carries the entire film) and Jennifer Jason Leigh gives a reserved and underplayed angle to a well worn out archetype. The side characters however, like Gina Rodriguez and Tessa Thompson, are mostly annoying and sometimes border on being simply bad. Oscar Isaac is very good.

Most of the technical choices are good. The cinematography isn’t particularly flashy but it captures the world behind the shimmer in all of it’s messed up glory (the last twenty minutes are truly a thing to behold). The music choices are also a mixed bag. Soft strum guitar comes in at random intervals and doesn’t really work, but the dark, brooding thump of a certain synth track really gives you a sense of cosmic horror.

I don’t want to spoil anything, so I’m going to leave it at that. Go support this movie, even if it isn’t perfect. There are so many great things about it that they way outweigh the flaws.

Review Annihilation (2018) by neener3707 – A Very Unique Film – Enjoyed It Thoroughly

Though many will see the beginning as slow, but boys is continuing watching worth, I found this to be a very unique and refreshing film in the wake of super hero trash and remakes/sequels. You know the story already, if you don’t watch the trailer, and even the trailer doesn’t even scratch the surface of the mind being descent into the unknown. I found the pacing and structures of the film to be well made, as well as the direction, the soundtrack only enhanced the unique visuals ans scenes of intensity. While the story seems vague and predictable, but the film takes a hard right turn, blowing your mind. I can’t tell you how much I wanted to clap at the final twist.

I have a feeling many people won’t fully understand, as the film is highly sophisticated when it comes to scientific explanations about whats supposedly going on. You will have so many question while you watch the film. Te only real things a disliked was the opening and some of the sub-plots. I found the opening an odd choice by the director and expended different, and there were several sub-plots I found to be unnecessary. But these were just minor inconveniences and didn’t really take me out of the film experience.

I would highly recommend this.

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