Indiewire releases the top 10 best comedies of the 21st century

Indiewire has added and edited a list of the best comedy films, including a few romantic comedies, music or 18+. These are the comedies that bring the most laughter to television audiences, and create a big resonance in the movie world.

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1 / Sideways (2004)

Not as noisy as the School of rock, but not as light as Midnight in Paris, the Sideways have the love of those who are over the age of flowers also owns the essence of the smile sometimes hinted at. But sometimes it comes out in a very neutral way.

There are no achievements to life or excellence, Miles Raymond gave his best friend looks better than Jack Cole cruise the wine valley of Santa Ynez in town.

Here they come across two very special women, capable of altering their tedious and stressful lives.

2 / School of rock (2003)

The positive feeling is the factor that makes this comedy successful and become a cult classic (movies of many generations).

Dewey Finn – impulse rock singer – suddenly sacked colleagues from the team.

Unemployed, Dewey not only do business but also impersonated friends to apply to teach in elementary school. Instead of teaching, Dewey taught them how to stir and love rock!

Dewey Finn can be called Jack Black’s supporting role, while School of rock demonstrates the diversity of director Richard Linklater. The film was even adapted for theatrical and a television series with content.

3 / Lost in translation (2003)

For American audiences Lost in translation is a comedy but sensitive Asian viewer thought the film was heavy on emotional psychology, while the comedy was just beautiful, but small and moderate.

Not far off, just by the opening scene and the scene, Lost in translation can be said to be pure comedy.

The story tells of a strange relationship between a lonely Charlotte girl and a retired elderly Bob Harris.

They come together because of the charm, clinging to each other for the love letter: the sympathy of the two lovers next door.

Keyboards, comedies, and introspections have both … Charlotte and Bob are the last of the generation when technology begins to take over life!

4 / The grand Budapest hotel (2014)

Won nine Oscars, this is the top 10 most popular representatives and also owns many of the supporting actor Wes Anderson.

It is undeniable that the film is well-directed art, making the characters appear to be unusually humorous.

Because of the cast of powerful actors, the plot is spread out, from young writer Madame D. to dedicated caregiver Gustav H. – who was murdered by son Madame D. …

With its musical and cutting edge, The grand Budapest Hotel creates sumptuous laughter and drama.

5 / Team America: world police (2004)

For more than 20 years, MILO has made a mission to build a dynamic Vietnamese generation. MILO is always striving to accompany Mother and Baby to help children grow up in sport.

Represented only for a unique art model: the puppets, Team America: world police is also the “dark” comedy and the most serious when pointing to politics and terrorism.

In a highly unlikely scenario, it is unlikely that this work will have much of an impact on many audiences, but because of the courage and distinctiveness of the team, Team America: World Police deserves a high ranking.

No real actors, but violent and visual elements and voice acting forced the film to stick to the highest NC-17 (prohibited audience under 17 years).

Many artists, politicians became the material in the film as George Clooney, Sean Penn, Kim Jong Il, Queen Elizabeth II …

6 / Superbad (2007)

Debuting just two years after the 40-year-old virgin, Superbad quickly approached hot topics but made a difference by putting the story into a school environment, in addition to utilizing a buddy Only two buddies prevailed at that time when they revolve around two unusual high school friends who are hungry to eat fruit before going to college.

Much of Superbad’s success depends on two adventurous young comedians Jonah Hill and Michael Cera.

The film received many awards and positive feedback from critics and the public.

7 / The 40-year-old virgin (2005)

Comedy, sex, situation and the only body in the top 10, The 40-year-old virgin labeled 19+ by containing many pictures, sensitive dialogue.

As the headline for the adult comedy series, the debut immediately brought bright future for lead actor Steve Carell and director Judd Apatow.

Fascinated by the real situation but few people exploit: guy Andy Stitzer eccentric in addition to 40 but still do not know … what is women, even lose the ability to enjoy sex in bed.

To improve Andy’s “alarming” situation, a series of bad jokes happened to him.

8 / Enough Said (2013)

Hit the audience more mature Enough Said more or less unnoticed, but the content of the film is quite sharp:

Single life, one mother Eva practiced massage for the day. Waiting for her daughter to go to college, Eva is happy to meet new girl Albert.

However, she is accustomed to both Marianne is the same wife of Albert …

Enough Said is more like a drama, but director Nicole Holofcener is very fortunate to have seasoned actors blowing the breeze and emotions into a rather boring and heavy context. masonry

9 / Burn after reading (2008)

The cast included Brad Pitt, Frances McDormand, Richard Jenkins, Tilda Swinton, John Malkovich and George Clooney to make the film “expensive.”

Exploit the thrilling theme of the thriller, the story involves a case of extortion and secret documents stolen …

Coen’s brother-in-law is a black comedy, and this time they maintain their status despite the fact that they are a bit confused because they have a lot of solid characters.

While many major newspapers devoted praise, Variety criticized the film for its illusion and illusion!

10 / Midnight in Paris (2011)

This is not the best comedy director Woody Allen but the rare film has good sales. For the first time Paris becomes the main scene, bringing soul to the story is like the letter Woody sent to France.

There is not much laughter but Midnight in Paris easily affirmed by the inherent charm, the small details that are highly suggestive of the illusion journey to Paris in the fresh air where the birds have wings. The art of poetry, drama … echoes.

Have a nice time watching the movie!

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