The reasons why “Sherlock Gnomes: Super Detective” became a thrilling movie

In the midst of the blockbuster storm that hit theaters in March, Paramount has blown a newfound humor for families through the Sherlock Gnomes. The book marks the return of the animated brand with the first part of Gnomeo and Juliet launching in 2011. In this second part, the story of Gnomeo Montague’s family life and Juliet Capulet will continue. when the couple moved to the beautiful capital city of England. Continuing to take care of the lush garden but now a sudden event occurs when the garden gods in the city suddenly disappear mysteriously. The couple has to rely on the help of the famous detective Sherlock Gnomes and his assistant Watson to look for garden gods back before next spring. Keep up the excellent voice cast from the first season with quality names like James McAvoy, Emily Blunt, and now superstar Johnny Depp starring Sherlock Gnomes, which promises to bring adventure. Lots of laughter and deep lessons touch the heart of the audience. Let’s take a look at the factors that make Sherlock Gnomes a great family movie that can not be missed in March.

Pictures of the new and lovely elves fit the baby

The key element of Sherlock Gnomes is to create a character that is so cute and lively. Under the “hands” of the production crew, the garden / clay goddesses are now more alive than ever on the big screen. The dwarves with tiny but strong bodies, tall red high-topped hats, and a variety of witty expressions unlike anyone promised to “chop off” not just babies but also children grown up.

It is said that the fate of bringing himself to the project Sherlock Gnomes is due to the introduction of the singer Elton John, but actor Johnny Depp also not forget to affirm his love for the dwarf gods. He said: “These are the most lovely and brightest garden gods I’ve ever known.”

The engagement of the notorious Sherlock Gnomes detective and arrogant, sweet Gnomeo couple with beautiful but stubborn Juliet, cool assistant Watson and the fun characters gathered in the garden like her. green frogs or the dwarf goddesses in humorous country promised to mark deep in the hearts of the audience.

An adventure to rescue family and friends full of lively and laughter

The story begins when the garden gods of Gnomeo and Juliet turn to a new garden to begin life in harmony after many friction, suddenly a mysterious disaster struck. The garden dwarfs together disappear, leaving the now-defunct garden to Gnomeo and Juliet, with the unexpected and timely appearance of the famed Sherlock Gnomes. A special rescue team was set up to embark on a journey to find relatives and friends.

Commenting on the second installment of the animated film, which he has inherited from the first, actor James McAvoy, voice actor for Gnomeo, said: “The film revolves around the world wide. The challenge is that the young couple must overcome. “According to actress A Quiet Place, Emily Blunt, who was responsible for the voice of Juliet’s red hat, said: It has expanded across London, and visitors will see a number of famous sites, including the Museum, the Palace, the Tower Bridge, and the character’s maturity believe.”

Indeed, during the journey to save the garden gods, lovely team with responsible Gnomeo, Juliet brave, Watson experienced and especially the great Sherlock Gnomes scout will have to overcome many challenges as Lost in the East was surrounded by a fictional army of lovely and “scary” or have to run when disguised as a squirrel and was chased by a dog chase. All these humorous scenes will surely conquer the audience, especially the children by humor, wit and humanities lessons are ingeniously ingenious.

The only animated feature block between the blockbuster action

Sherlock Gnomes debuted in late March, right in the middle of a storm of summer blockbuster. But confident with his new and unique, the only animated film in March still confidently conquered the tiara with filmmakers especially children and family when he owned a script. meaningful characters, lovely characters and voice actors all superstar not inferior to any action movie climax.

Highlighting family values, friendship with the humorous light transmission of animation, Sherlock Gnomes will be the perfect choice for families to give their children time to relax. Have fun and have fun lessons that are gentle and helpful. “In this movie there will be more adventures around the city of London, so it’s quite panoramic and Adventure, even more interesting. ”

In addition, with the participation of a brilliant team with director Kungfu Panda John Stevenson, music lovers are the duo Elton John and composer Bernie Taupin promises to boom room with his inspirational and energetic songs. Let’s take a look at this spicy and cheerful spice at the end of March with Sherlock Gnomes.

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