The Crown – When the Royal Crown over all

The Crown is Netflix’s first TV series, which was first aired in 2016, now goes to Season 2, the third season is in production and will be released shortly. Each season consists of 10 episodes, each with a duration of 50 minutes.

Based on actual events, The Crown revolves around the life of Queen Elizabeth II since her inauguration after her father, King George VI, died in 1952. King George VI was the son of King George V , which, according to the law, will not be transmitted to the throne. However, after his brother, the legitimate successor of the throne, King Edward decided to abdicate, so the throne belonged to George VI and Elizabeth, his eldest daughter, was destined to become The next Queen of the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth of the Commonwealth.

Royal life is something ordinary people like us are always curious. What do they eat? What are they wearing? What problems should they solve? What is their love story? Royal family is a hot topic not only in the UK but also in other countries. Of course, the film about royal life is also often received the attention of the audience. It should be said briefly that audiences should have at least a little bit of British political knowledge, so that they can watch the film in full.

Although based on actual events, The Crown is still a movie. We never know how much of a movie is true and how many percent is fiction. The main events during her time in the throne were, of course, the Suez Canal dispute, Donora’s scandal, or Philip’s adultery. But the main event of the incident What about the events of the Royal and the Government, we can only trust a part of what is on the screen. Always be a smart moviegoer, do not blindly believe all that is shown in front of you.

Focusing on the Royal life aspect should be the image of the film is extremely beautiful and elegant, the eyes look. Beautiful costumes, lavish jewelry, magnificent palaces, frames give viewers the feeling of being in a fairyland with princesses and princes. But as the film goes, the viewer understands that the look is just a cover. The lives of those who are bound by the imperial rule also have their burdens and obligations, and their own suffering.
Hoang Quyen is above all. Personal freedom or personal affection can not be compared to the crown placed on the Queen’s head. Every act, every statement of her must be in the name of the Royal and Royal. That’s why Elizabeth, from a girl who dreams of being a mother and exemplary wife, lives all her life for her family, but because of the burden and burden she carries on her shoulders, Elizabeth has to give up all of her that. Although it is the Queen, it does not mean that Elizabeth has the right to decide everything. Everything in the country is done by the Government, the Prime Minister and the Cabinet. She can only be silent and agree, or do nothing.

It can be said that putting Claire Foy in the role of Queen Elizabeth is an option can not be more correct. She exudes a noble and noble beauty of a Queen. Not too daring, but not too soft, everything stopped at a moderate level as Elizabeth’s role in British politics was at that time. Matt Smith as Prince Philip did not know what to say. The face and attitude of this character always seem to be uncomfortable, the body language often seems to be patriarchal, making viewers uncomfortable. My feelings about Philip were not so hated, but it was not a pleasure. The remaining characters are not really complaining, each has their own shining moments, as well as expressing their individuality in character, enough for the audience to remember their names. After Elizabeth, the next impression was for John Lithgow as British Prime Minister Winston Churchill and Pip Torrens as Tommy Lascelles – Queen’s secretary.

The music of the film is British classical, just enough to signal a moment of turning point or important events in the film. The Crown is a historical drama that does not have as much drama or drama as a crime film or action but draws viewers into each frame as well as enticing them into the next event of the film.

Beautiful pictures, good music, good storyline and a beautiful cast, impressive, if curious not know behind the curtain, the real life of the Royal, how can you immediately turn on Netflix And try on this TV series.

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