Ridley Scott has planned for Blade Runner’s Blade Runner 2049

Director Ridley Scott had the idea for the next Blade Runner movie and was ready to go. Although he previously expressed his dissatisfaction with the reason why the Blade Runner 2049, again, did not achieve satisfactory sales. “It was extremely slow and long. I should have cut it half an hour, “Scott shared with Al Arabiya, but apparently he was ready to return to the film.

When asked about the next part, Scott responded with Digital Spy:

I want to. I think I have another story. I’ve got background ideas just waiting to develop, so there’s definitely a new story coming out.

Scott also shared with the Vulture about his contribution to the Blade Runner 2049 script.

Most of the script is I write. I spend a lot of time sitting with the scriptwriter and I do not count the work, because if so, I have to sit there with the tape recorder when we discuss. I can not do that with my wonderful writers. But I have to do that, to prove that I am part of this process, I have a lot of evidence, and I can not be ignored.

Trailer Blade Runner 2049:

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